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General Waybill

General Packing Slip

A waybill is sometimes referred to as a bill of lading, also known as packing slip, delivery note, shipping list, or a packing list. Its primary purpose is to provide information about a shipment. It may also act as a receipt for the payment or rendering of shipping services. Download this free general waybill / packing slip template in Microsoft Excel or PDF format.

Standard Invoice Template in Greek

Standard Invoice Template in Greek

This template is translated directly from the standard invoice format shipped with Invoice Manager setup program. The text within the range "Print_Area" is translated using an online tool. All the other button captions and regular program windows (such as the "Settings" window) are still in English.

The following table shows all the text that are translated.

Korean Invoice Template

Korean Bill

This template translates the text labels into Korean. The base is the standard invoice template shipped with Invoice Manager installer program. All text inside the printable area is translated.

Denmark Invoice Template

Danish Bill

Install this Denmark Invoice Template with Invoice Manager for Excel to turn it into a fully featured Danish invoicing tool.

With this sample template, we translate text inside the printable form into Danish using an online tool. Visit Denmark VAT Guide for Businesses, Bookkeeping, accounts and invoices and eInvoicing in Denmark for more information. The following chart shows the text translated.

Arabic Invoice Template

Arabic Bill

Unlike c5073 United Arab Emirates Invoice Template that keeps English text on the invoice sheet, this Arabic Invoice Template (c5163) translates the text inside the printable area into Arabic.

Esperanto Invoice

Esperanto Invoice

Have you ever wanted to create your invoices in Esperanto? Install this Esperanto Invoice Template in Excel spreadsheet format to easily turn our Invoicing program (i.e. Invoice Manager) to Esperanto invoicing software.

General Service Invoice

General Service Bill

The "Amount" column is calculated automatically using Excel formulas from the "Quantity" and "Unit Price" columns. As you can see "Quantity" and "Unit Price" are the general column headings we used with many template here on If you wish, you can easily change them to "Hours" and "Rate". For more samples on this topic, visit free invoice template for hours and rate.

Limousine Service Invoice

Limousine Service Invoice

While we've already published billing templates for shipping service, such as shipping invoice template, this one is built specially for limo services.

Bill Format for Quilting Service

Bill Format for Quilting Service

The first two custom fields are "Batting Backing Allowance" and "Tag Color", which are all defined as text fields. Most other custom fields above the invoice detail section are defined as decimal values. The values in this section are formatted with two colors - the green values are in Inch, and red values are in Feet. Only the values in the "Quit Size" section are editable (quit width and height), all the other values - Quilt Area, Binding, Batting and Backing, are all calculated automatically using Excel.

Environmental Consulting Invoice Template

Environmental Consulting Invoice Template

This bill form for environmental consulting companies / firms is a service invoice template. It features an "Attention" section near the "Bill To" section, and also a custom field for showing "Previous Balance" on current invoice.

Construction Proposal Template

Construction Estimate Form

The construction proposal template offers an intuitive blank form for you to fill in the details of your contract or proposal. It can be used by a subcontractor or a supplier. The form does not calculate totals, giving you the ability of filling in figures manually.

Invoicing Template for Roofing Service

Bill Format for Roofing Service

Download this Excel and PDF roofing invoicing template for free. Designed for roofing / ceiling service providers, such as a cooperated company or a contractor / freelancer. With simple customizations, this sample could also be used as an estimate or contract form.

Service VAT Invoice Template

Service VAT Invoice Format

The VAT invoice template has a special VAT Rate column placed outside of the printable VAT invoice form (See more customizations on printing at printable invoice template). This column allows you to adjust the VAT rate for each item that is being sold. Since it is placed outside of the printable VAT invoice form, it will not be included on the printed copy of your VAT invoices.