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Spare Parts Sales Invoice

Spare Parts Sales Invoice Template

The file# on the top of the form, and the "Discount" column on the detail table, are all custom fields that are not defined the standard database shipped with Uniform Invoice Software.

Sales Invoicing Template

Sales Invoice Form

On the bottom of the invoice form, Subtotal, Tax 1, Tax 2, Total and Total Due are calculated automatically using Excel formulas. The tax rates and tax names, payments, shipping and handing fee, are all editable.

Five Price Percentage Levels (Sales)

Form with 5 Price Levels

This is a variant of 5 Price Levels (Sales, Amount) invoice template. It differs from the original template in that it uses percentage values in the price fields.

Netherland Sales Invoice Template

Netherland Sales Invoice Template

This template was originally published on at Holland Clothing (Wear) Company Invoicing Format and Invoicing Design for Holland Clothing (Wear) Company or Shop. The documents on include further customization information regarding this template, so if you are interested in this template feel free to take a look at those documents. It is also featured on, at Invoice Design for Holland Clothing.

Wholesale Produce Distributor Invoice

Wholesale Produce Distributor Invoice

Next to that are the "Bill To" and "Ship To" sections. Next to that, the cell named "oknShipVia" is changed to an integral numeric indicating the number of days between the invoice date and the shipping date. For example, if you enter "3" in the "oknShipVia" cell, and the invoice date is July-5-2017, the shipping date will be July-8-2017, which is calculated automatically using the following Excel formula:

So in this form design the "Payment Term" cell accepts an integral numeric value only.

Subscription Invoice Template (Sales)

Subscription Invoice Template (Sales)

By default, the Start Month and End Month show dates in the format "Month Name / Year". For example, if you enter a date value "12/1/2014", the text shown on the cell will be "Dec/14". If you right-click the cell, and then choose Format Cells to open the Format Cells dialog box of Microsoft Excel, on the Number tab you can find the format codes of the Start Month and End Month cells " [$-409]mmm/yy;@". You can easily change the date format by using the Format Cells dialog box. Date values are not easy to work with. If you would like to try a date picker for Excel that pops up whenever a date value is needed, try our date picker for Excel at Excel Date Picker, or at Pop-up Excel Calendar - Date Picker for Excel.

Lightweight Sales Invoice Template

Lightweight Sales Billing Form

The lightweight Sales Invoice Template does not include a default logo image, and the column borders on the invoice detail section are also removed to simplify the invoice layout.

Sample Sales Invoice Template: Using Handwriting Signature

Sales Template with Signature

Since we've already added the handwriting signature image to the printable form, you don't have to add another ActiveX image control in order to use your own signature image. In order to use this sample sales invoice template, what you need to do is to replace our sample signature image with your own image, just like what you'll do with the default logo image.

Invoicing Template with Watermark of New York

Invoicing Format with Watermark of New York

The added image of the New York City is inserted into the form header section so that it is not visible when you are creating invoice - i.e. editing the Excel form. The New York watermark is visible on the printed version (see the screenshots below), as well as on the PDF invoice generated with Uniform Invoice Software, which you can send to your customer electronically with email (see invoice template to email for more samples on this topic).

Invoice Design for Personal Trainer or Fitness Instructor

Billing Format for Personal Trainer or Fitness Instructor

The template is able to produce invoices without Uniform Invoice Software. In this case, it is able to do auto calculations for you with Excel formulas.