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An invoice (template) that calculates total is helpful in that it is not necessary to do that manually. This simplifies creation of invoices and void mistakes.

Our templates include formulas that calculate total and taxes. For example the default template shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software) uses the formula like this:

=ROUND(oknSubTotal + oknShippingCost + IF(oknTaxType=0, 0, IF(oknTaxType=1, oknTax1, oknTax1+oknTax2)), 2)

And, uses this formula for calculating total due:


However, as shown with many samples here on, the formulas could be modified to meet your business requirements, for example to include discount.

Here are our templates closely related to Invoice That Calculates Total.

Simple Sample - Manually Fillable Line-totals

Simple Invoicing Format - Manually Fillable Line-totals

We've already seen sample on how to moving fields to create a new invoicing format in this serial of simple invoice templates. Such as with c4049 Simple Invoice Template - Moving Item# Column, we moved out the entire Item# column to create a new layout. Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software) is flexible enough to support this type customizations. By adjusting / customizing the formulas, it is also possible to define (or re-define) the relationship between cells.

Simple Sample - Total Quantity on Sales Report

Simple Format - Total Quantity on Sales Report

Simple Tax Invoice Sample with Tax Rate List (c4062), which is featured on our simple invoices gallery, is a bill sample where we added a drop down list to the form to let you choose USA state name. The template updates tax rate automatically according to the state name you choose.

Proforma invoice format that helps selling across boards

Proforma invoice form that helps selling across boards

This is a pro forma invoice template is a revisited version of c7010 Proforma Invoice Format in Excel. It has exactly the same number of fields and layout as the original one, but added an earth image with planes flying around.

Advanced Sample - Invoiced Total in English Words

Advanced Sample - Invoiced Total in English Words

As a business document, an invoice sent by a business to a client to denote an obligation to pay for goods or services. One of the most important fields is the total amount to pay. This sample invoicing template shows you how to show the invoiced total in English words.

Simple Sample - Using Currency Symbol

Simple Billing Format - Using Currency Symbol

The default template and database file shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software) is currency-neutral. This means it assumes the template and database uses on currency, but it does not have a specific currency set. It also means that with the default implementation, our invoicing software program does not do any currency conversation or similar jobs.

Blank Service Invoicing Template

Blank Service Billing Form

Use this Blank Service Invoice Template to standardize your invoices and generate professional invoices quickly. The downloadable template in Excel format calculates totals and taxes automatically so that you don't have to do that manually.

Labor Invoicing Sample

Labor Billing Format for Excel

This labor billing format for Excel is in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet "xlsx" format. A PDF format is also generated using Excel, including the document for this template. If you have Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software) installed, the invoicing software app is able to create PDF invoice automatically and send to your clients with simple mouse clicks.

VAT Sales Invoice Template - Price Including Tax

VAT Sales Invoice Template - Price Including Tax

This VAT invoicing template, VAT Sales Invoice Template - Price Including Tax, was originally publish on, at VAT Invoice Template - Price Including Tax, and also our company web site, Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software), Excel Date Picker - Uniform Software LTD, at VAT Invoice (Price including Tax).

Simple Sample - Discount Percentage Field

Simple Invoicing Template - Adding Discount Percentage Field

The implementation of c4051 Simple Invoice Template - Discount Amount Field adds the discount amount field on the bottom of the form at J35 and K35. In this new sample, we'll add percentage fields on the same row but before the discount amount fields, at G35 and H35.

Netherlands Sales Invoice Template 2

Netherlands Sales Invoice Template 2

Note that this Netherland sales invoicing template is designed to offer only one tax on the form. As detailed at EU regulations concerning invoices, the following statements are required for VAT purposes:

Excel Quotation Template

Excel Quotation Format with Special Discounting Model

The template includes 9 columns. The first two columns are titled with "PACKAGE", under which two columns allows you to enter number of packages, and the package type that is implemented as a drop-down list with 3 options - "BOX", "S.BOX" and "GUDDI". Followed are the columns "BOX No.", "Description", "Per", "Quantity", "Unit Price", "Line Total" and "LESS".

Simple Welding Invoice Template

Simple Welding Invoicing Form

Like most other templates here on, Simple Welding Bill Template has a default logo image on the top of the invoice worksheet. This is a placeholder for your own logo image. To do this, you first have to unprotect the Invoice worksheet, and then switch the spreadsheet into design mode.

Proforma (3rd Sample of Customization)

Proforma (3rd Sample of Customization)

With the first and second samples on customizing the basic proforma invoice template, we learnt how to unprotect the Invoice worksheet and how to modify Excel color palette to change the color theme of an existing template, as well as how to enter your own company information, including replacing the default logo image. This is the 3rd sample on how to create a new design for pro forma invoice template, focused on creating a drop-down list using the data validation feature of Microsoft Excel.

Multiple Tax Rates on One Invoice

Multiple Tax Types on One Invoice

This template was originally published on as C5-016, and here on there were already customized layouts created based on C5-016, such as c5034 Mixed Tax Rates (5 Columns), and c5035 Mixed Tax Rates in an Invoice (7 Columns). For more samples and formats related to taxing, visit tax invoice template.