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Customer Invoice Template

Customer Billing Form

Similar to c4003 "Invoice Template with Summary on Top", this customer invoice template has that section moved to top. We've also made other layout changes to this template so that you have more choice for the invoices sent to your customers.

Attorney Billing Form

legal billing statement

This attorney billing form provides an easy to create legal billing statement. It features with United States Dollar currency symbol, no-tax (configurable), 12 lines of details, bank details, and of course the "Bill To" section.

Billing Summary Template

Billing Summary Template

The usual "Bill To" section is now renamed to "Agency". The labels in this section include "Account Number", "Name", "Department", "Contact or Operator", "Vehicle Number" - the later 3 fields are custom fields that are not defined in the default Access database file shipped with Uniform Invoice Software.

Contractor Billing Format

Contractor Invoicing Layout

The two custom fields added to this template, "Service Amount" and "Expense Amount", calculate the sum amount of each section. These two fields are also added to the "Sales Report", with the name "oknRsServiceAmount" and "oknRsExpenseAmount".

Independent Contractor Invoice

Independent Contractor Billing Format

As a freelancer, independent contractor, sub-contractors, or any self-employed person offering services to others like actors, you need to create invoices to get payments in time. Creating invoices using Independent Contractor Invoice Template is as easy as fill in a blank paper form.

Photography Invoicing Template (General)

Photography Billing Format (General)

Whether you are doing, graphic design, contract-based event photography, family portraits or wedding photography this invoice will work for your business. The "Description of Service Provided" section allows you to detail any information that are related to your service, such as project type, picture settings, film developing, and insurance. Because of this, this template layout is consider as "general", meaning it should could be used by any photographers and photography studios. If your photography business focuses on image printing, there is another layout here on that you may like to have a look, at Photography Receipt Template (Detail) or Photography Receipt Format (Detail).

Book Store Invoice Template

Book Store Billing Form

Note: This billing format was originally published on as C7-003.

Discounts could vary by product. Some invoices may have products at 40% discounts, others at 50%, for example.

Tutoring Invoice Template

Tutor Billing Format

On the top of the tutoring bill template / receipt template, you'll first see a logo image that you should replace with your own logo image. If you have Uniform Invoice Software installed, which is our invoicing software app that helps you tracking your invoices / receipts and payments, replacing the logo image could be easily done by simply clicking "Replace Logo Image" button on Excel "Invoice" ribbon tab.

Clothing Store (Manufacturer) Invoice Template with Item Pickup Buttons

Clothing Store (Manufacturer) Invoice Template with Item Pickup Buttons

This invoicing template for clothing stores or manufacturers is a variant of cm003 Clothing Store (Manufacturer) Invoice Template with Size Breakdown. It differs from the original edition in that this variant adds back the buttons that you can click to pick up customer, shipping address, sales representative and payment term.

UIS V5.11 Standard Invoice Template and Shortcut Keys

Standard Invoice Format and Shortcut Keys for UIS Version 5.11

If you are using a template that does not have buttons on the sheet, but want to add the buttons, follow the steps below.

Bill Format for landscaping Service

Invoicing Template for Landscaping Service

With the installation of Uniform Invoice Software, you can also create PDF invoices for your landscaping (lawn caring) services and email it to your clients with a few mouse clicks.

Transportation Invoice

Transportation Bill Format

This transportation bill sample / invoice template in Excel ".xlsx" format helps you prepare transportation invoice, trucking invoice, carrier invoice and shipping invoice. It also could be used by taxi / limousine service business.

Auto Repair Invoicing Sample (2)

Blank Vehicle Repair Invoice (2)

If you are interesting in the Uniform Invoice Software (UIS) version of our templates, don't worry - adding the drop-down list to the Excel spreadsheet will not break UIS. UIS welcomes any customizations and designs you could make with Microsoft Excel, as long as you adhere to the guidance described in the "Creating and Customizing Invoice Template" document included in UIS. This customized format, like all the other templates available here on, are just examples of how to customize the default sales invoicing sample shipped with UIS - a generic format that is suitable for many business types. So to speak, offers not only general invoice online, but also special formats that are suitable for different business types. Invoices are the important part in business and trading, so make sure your forms meet your business requirements.

Business Invoice Template

Business Invoicing Form

This template is based on c5115 billing invoice template. It has exactly the same number of fields as the original one, but with a different form layout. Like the standard one shipped with Uniform Invoice Software, these are general-purpose templates.

Past Due Invoice Template

Past Due Invoice Template

When an invoice is past due, you send a past due letter for collection. If the client has new purchases you can also include the overdue amount / previous balance in the new invoice to show the total amount due. This blank overdue invoice template is printable with A4 paper.

Consulting Invoice Template (2nd Sample of Customization)

Consulting (2nd Sample)

Every business is different, so your consulting invoices should be. As detailed in this sample, changing the color palette in Excel could quickly give the original consulting invoice template a different look and feel.