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We started design professional and original Excel templates / invoice generators since 2005, at the time when our invoicing program was named Excel Invoice Manager. Now the program was renamed to Uniform Invoice Software, and it is still our daily work to offer you the best formats that are suitable for sales companies, service companies, consultants, freelancers, sole traders, limited companies, contractors and small business owners. Impress your clients that are invoiced with our newly released designs!

Search and Download Free Invoice Template

Use the search tool to find the format and layout that meets the style of your business and brand. Or browse by category, country / region, number of columns and feature gallery.



150 Templates
The templates that contain a Shipping Address section.


152 Templates
Invoice forms for hours and rate, project, freelaner etc.


17 Templates
Service invoicing formats built for consultants.


16 Templates
Pro forma invoice forms designed for international trade.


28 Templates
Download your favorite receipt template here.


18 Templates
Special templates created from the default invoice sample.

Country / Region

Most of our invoicing designs are not bound to specific country / region / currency / taxing system. This culture-neutral feature means you can easily customize the template by using the tools provided by Uniform Invoice Software and Microsoft Excel. However we do have samples that are closely related to a specific country or region. Here are some examples.

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Our free templates are also indexed by the number of columns on the detail section.

Customizing a Template

Assuming you have downloaded and installed Uniform Invoice Software, it is easy to customize a template. The following documents are part of the help files of Uniform Invoice Software.

Before Using

Replace the default logo image, set your company and taxing information.



The basic rules and techniques of customizing a template with Excel and UIS.


Tutorial on Creating an Invoice

Assuming you have already installed Uniform Invoice Software, this quick start tutorial demonstrates how to create an invoice.

Excel Invoice Software

Looking for invoicing software apps built with the customized templates integrated as default template in Uniform Invoice Software? Visit here.