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Automotive Sample Invoice Template

Invoice for Auto Parts

This auto parts invoice / automotive sample invoice template is the sample invoice template shipped with Excel Invoice Manager that demonstrating the use of custom fields.

Spare Parts Sales Invoice

Spare Parts Sales Invoice Template

This form design has two taxes by default, "GST" and "PST". To change the tax types, names and rates, click the "Settings" button on the "Invoice" ribbon tab, and then go to the "Taxes" tab.

Parts and Labor Invoicing Format

Parts and Labor Billing Format for Excel

The tax calculation methods differs completely from the default invoice template shipped with Uniform Invoice Software, where two taxes (if two taxes are all applied / enabled for the template) are all applied to all the items listed on the template. Since this design breaks the assumption of the locations of tax cells, you cannot adjust the number of taxes using the features on the "Taxes" tab on "Settings" window inside Uniform Invoice Software. On the other hand, Uniform Invoice Software will have no problem to help you adjust the tax names and rates for you.

Auto Repair Invoice Template

Blank Vehicle Repair Invoice

Auto Repair Invoice Template is a free blank auto repair invoice form that allows you to create auto repair invoices with easy and quick. The auto repair invoice form includes fields for vehicle information.

Auto Repair Service Invoice with Car Lift Background Image

Auto Repair Service Bill with Car Lift Background Image

In the effort to provide you with free customized invoicing templates that are specific to different small business, published several blank bill forms that are suitable for auto repair or car mechanics service. For example, Auto Repair Invoicing Sample, which has the same layout as the version published for Excel Invoice Manager on, i.e. Auto Repair Invoicing Template, and the version published on our company web site, i.e. Automotive Repair Invoicing Sample. There is also a revised template published here for the original auto repair bill format, at Blank Vehicle Repair Invoice (2), which added a drop-down list for the field of vehicle model. The Sample for Automotive Invoicing is a special auto service invoice format that was originally shipped with Excel Invoice Manager as a sample on how to customizing an template.

Auto Repair Invoicing Sample (2)

Blank Vehicle Repair Invoice (2)

Auto Repair Invoice Template (2) is a sample on customizing Auto Repair Invoice Template (1). This sample adds a drop-down list box to the original design, allowing to select car model from a list, instead of typing in manually.

Invoicing Sample for Cosmetics Shops

Billing Template for Cosmetics Shops

With Uniform Invoice Software installed, there are several ways you can pick items on creating invoices.

The second way to quickly fill in items into the invoice or bill is that you can enter the product# (this could be your SKU# or barcode retrieved with a scanner) into the "Product ID" field, which is put outside the printable form.

Retainer Invoice Template

Retainer Invoicing Sample

This retainer billing sample is a revisited version of c6023 advance payment invoice template. The two templates have the same number of fields on the sheet, but with different form layout. Check the screen shots of both forms to find the details. For basic customization samples, visit basic invoice templates.

Service Invoice with Discount Amount

Service Billing Form with Discount Amount

Service Invoice with Discount Amount (c4024) is a customization sample and variant of Service Invoice with Discount Percentage (c4005). The modifications to the original Excel service invoice template is that the discount percentage field is now redefined as an amount field.

This free invoice template is a service invoice template, meaning that there is no fields defined for shipping address information.

UIS V5.11 Standard Invoice Template and Shortcut Keys

UIS V5.11 Standard Invoice Template and Shortcut Keys
  • Backup your invoice template.
  • Open it as usual.
  • Switch to design mode by clicking the "Design Mode" button on the "Invoice" ribbon tab.
  • Go to Excel "Insert" ribbon.
  • Click "Text Box" in the "Text" group, and click the location on the sheet where you want to put the button. Excel creates a new text box on the sheet, and put the control in text edit mode.
  • Enter the button caption text, such as "Customers".
  • Click the corner of the text box. This exits text edit mode, and selects the text box itself.
  • Go to the "Format" ribbon tab (This tab shows only when the shape object is selected).
  • In the "Shape Styles" group, click the "More" down-arrow on the preset style list to show the list of all preset theme fill effects. Choose one of the feel effect from the list. For example, with the default template shipped with UIS, we choose "Subtle effect - Black, Dark 1" - the forth one on the left-most column. By assign the text box a proper background, the text box now looks like a button.
  • Name the text box by entering the name in the name box located on the left-end of Excel formula bar. For example, the text box labeled as "Customers" should be named "oknCmdCustomer".
  • Now right-click the control and choose "Assign Macro".
  • Enter the following macro command.
  • Repeat the above steps to add all the other buttons. See table below for button names and captions.
  • Once done, exit design mode by clicking the "Design Mode" button again on the "Invoice" ribbon tab.
  • Save the template by clicking the Save button on Excel quick access toolbar.