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Vendor Invoice Template for California

Vendor Invoice Template for California

On the vendor information section on top of the form, note a line of "Federal Tax I.D. Number" is added. This could be FEIN or SS#. In the "Bill To" section, we reuse the original "Client#" and titled it with "DOR Number". If you have both customer# and DOR authorization number to be included on your invoices, simply add a custom field for the DOR number to the "Invoice Header" database table. See How to add custom fields to "Invoice Header" database table for detailed tutorials.

Hourly Service Billing Sample

Hourly Service Billing Statement

To create Hourly Service Billing Template from c4001 Template with 4 Columns, we moved out the Shipping Address section because this is a service billing template, and then change the column headings from Quantity and Unit Price to Hours and Rate. It is a basic sample on how we customize the invoicing templates here on As long as you follow the guidelines detailed in the Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software) documents, all templates customized in this way will work with Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software) without problem. One last word, however, always protect the Invoice worksheet once you have done your customization. This prevents unexpected modifications to the format and layout of the template.

Electrician Service Invoice

Electrician Bill Format

This enables advanced features to this pure-Excel template, such as easily searchable customers, products and invoices. UIS is able to turn the Excel template to be a fully featured electrician invoicing and billing software. Feel free to download and try UIS. It is fully functional within the trial period. After the trial period, simply purchase a license key to unlock the trail version.

Net 30 Invoice Sample

Invoice Sample with Net 30 Payment Term

However if you always use the same payment term, it is easier to just fix the value. There are two options for you to archive this. First, you can apply a default value to the field. Secondly, you can use an Excel formula to fill the payment term field. Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software) will not overwrite field values that should are filled with Excel formulas.

Artist Receipt

Artist Bill of Sale

This template is not an itemized layout, as it provides only one field for you to write down the amount of money involved in the sale. This is sometimes referred as project-based. On the form body section you should describe the art or service as detailed as possible. For example, if it's artwork you should include the dimensions, media and title, whether or not it is framed etc. You may also need to write down the commission details of the transaction.

One Column Consulting Invoice Sample

One Column Consulting Invoice Form

The 3 lines of "Job Location" fields are now defined as custom fields. The fields are added to the "Invoice Header" database table. See How to use custom field to learn more.

Editable Bill Sample for Furniture and Appliances

Fillable Billing Template for Furniture and Appliances

Like the original form design, all columns on this form, including "Product#", "Description", "Unit Price" and "Quantity" are manually fillable / editable on creating invoices, except the "Line total" cells which are calculated using a group of Excel formulas. All line totals are rounded to 2 decimals after the point, which is suitable for many countries / regions around the world like United States, United Kingdom and Australia etc. And by default, the "Unit Price" field, although is formatted to show 2 decimals after the point, you can in fact enter up to 4 digits after the point by simply apply an Excel numbering format to the cells.

Simple Sample - Default Value

Simple Sample - Editable Default Value

A default value is the value assigned to a field or cell. The value of the cell must be changeable / editable, but if it is not changed or edited, the default value appears on invoice and save to database.

Junk Removal Bill Sample

Trash Removal Invoice

This junk removal invoice template features a carton image as a background on the bottom of the sheet. It shows a dustman picking up a bag of rubbish and putting it into a trash can. It is suitable for both freelancers and small businesses in this industry.

Service Credit Note Template

Service Credit Memo Template

The result template of this customization can be downloaded for free here on If you are interesting in the implementation details on how to create this customized service credit note template, read on.

Clothing Store (Manufacturer) Invoice with Size Breakdown

Clothing Store (Manufacturer) Format with Size Breakdown

Clothing Store (Manufacturer) Invoice Format with Size Breakdown has other two columns that designed specifically for clothing store and manufacturers that are "Style #and Color". The actual usage of these fields could vary from business and business, but general speaking, they allow you to further detail the items and products you are selling.

Payment Voucher Template for B5 Paper

Payment Voucher Template for B5 Paper

Step 5: Inspect the preview image. On the vertical direction, without scaling one page height is enough to print the original form. On the horizontal direction, the width is not enough - by default it is able to print 4 columns only, but our payment voucher has 5 columns.

Invoice with Date Column

Template with Date Column

Moving cell or cells, or even an entire column, is easy and quick as Excel provides handy tools for you. To do this, you simply unprotect the Invoice form, and then select all the cells you want to move, and then push your mouse key on the border of the selected area, and then without releasing the mouse key move it to the new location where you want to place the cells. Several of the templates here on have more detailed instructions included, such as this sample of proforma invoice template.

Simple Invoice Sample - Sales Rep Name on Product Report

Simple Invoicing Sample - Sales Rep Name on Product Report

The default product report does not include sales representative name. This simple tutorial on customization demonstrates how to add the sales rep name to the product report by using custom fields.

Excel Quotation Template

Excel Quotation Format with Special Discounting Model

"Unit Price" is a manually editable field. "Line Total" is also a calculated field, which looks like this (again, "_?" indicates line numbers):

Excel Payment Voucher Template

Excel Payment Voucher Template

Note that there is a default Logo image on the top of form, which you must replace with your own logo image. To do this, unprotect the Invoice worksheet, and then switch to design mode.

Work Invoice in Excel

Work Billing Template in Excel

The columns are titled with "Hours" and "Hourly Rate". However we didn't change the underlying database field names. So in the underlying database, which could be either Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL Server, the corresponding fields are still "Quantity" and "Unit Price". Nearly all invoice templates created for hours worked take the same approach. The purpose of this is to simplify database design. Likewise, the field titled with "Work Description" is in face the "Notes" field in the underlying database.

General Quote Template for Excel

General Quote Format in Excel Spreadsheet Format

Since the line totals are manually editable, i.e. not calculated from hours and rate or quantity and unit price, it is more like a general invoice template.