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Vendor Invoice Template for California

Vendor Invoice Template for California

The "Signature" line on the bottom of the form is not a custom field. It is there for handwriting signature. This means anything you type into the field will not be saved to the backend Access (or Microsoft SQL Server) database.

Hourly Service Billing Sample

Hourly Service Billing Statement

While all the invoicing templates online here on is has the final common source - the default template shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software), our invoicing software that is able to turns a pure Excel-formatted spreadsheet template into a complete invoicing program, the direct source of this design, Hourly Service Billing Template (or Hourly Service Billing Form) is actually based on c4001 Billing Template with 4 Columns.

Electrician Service Invoice

Electrician Bill Format

A customer may not remember your exact business name, but it is unlikely they forget what services they received. An invoice that clearly expresses your services surely encourages them to pay on time.

Net 30 Invoice Sample

Net 30 Invoice Sample
  1. Push down the "Design Mode" button on the ribbon tab.
  2. Fill the following formula into the cell named "oknPaymentTerm":
    ="Net 30"
  3. By filling this simple formula into the cell, Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software) will no longer write to this cell. This means the cell is read-only, and the value will always be "Net 30".
  4. Exit design mode by clicking the "Design Mode" button again.
  5. Save the invoice template.

Artist Receipt

Artist Receipt

The template features an artist (painter) image on the left-top of the form. It belongs to our invoice template for art sale. Prefer to use your own image, for example if you are not a freelance painter, but a musician? No problem. You can easily delete it and add your own image by switching the template into design mode.

Editable Bill Sample for Furniture and Appliances

Fillable Billing Template for Furniture and Appliances

Unlike Microsoft Word (".doc" or ".docx" format), the background image / watermark we added to an Excel file (".xls" or ".xlsx" format) does not show in the edit mode. Instead, it shows only on the printed document, or the PDF format editable bill sample for furniture and appliances.

Simple Sample - Default Value

Simple Sample - Editable Default Value

The third category includes all the other fields on the sheet. These fields are filled with a default value of an empty text string, or numeric value zero. By assign an empty text string or zero values to these fields, the "Clear & New" button makes the form clean, so that it is ready for you to create next invoice. What if we want to assign a non-empty text to the one of the fields?

Junk Removal Bill Sample

Trash Removal Invoice

Note that the "Discount" implemented on the bottom of the form is manually editable. It is an amount value, but not percentage. For this reason, the "Total" is calculated using the formula like this:

Clothing Store (Manufacturer) Invoice with Size Breakdown

Clothing Store (Manufacturer) Format with Size Breakdown

If you need to set "Lock" property yourself on designing an invoice template (to prevent Excel from showing a warning on the cells that have formulas when the spreadsheet is protected), first you have to switch the template into design mode by clicking the "Design Mode" button on the "Invoice" worksheet, and then drag your mouse to select all the cells which you want to set the "lock" property for. And then, right-click one of the selected cells and then choose "Format Cells". On the "Protection" tab, check or uncheck the "lock" property to make the cells editable / not editable when the spreadsheet is protected.

Payment Voucher Template for B5 Paper

Payment Voucher Format for B5 Paper

Like the original template, this new design does not use the customer account feature - that is, when run with Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software), it does not distinguish between customers, and thus not keep customer accounting / bookkeeping data. We simply assign a letter "A" automatically to the field "oknWhoID" (database field "CustomerID" in both the "Customer" and "Invoice Header" database tables), so that Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software) will not create a new customer account. With this voucher format, The "Name" and "Address" field on the printable form is always manually entered (See all our editable invoicing templates).

Invoice with Date Column

Template with Date Column

With Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software), which you can download and try the fully functional trial version for free, it is much easier to use custom fields. The previous standalone utility program, Database Designer, was no longer available. The feature of the Database Designer program was added to Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software) program itself, and database definition file is no longer required. For example, let's say you want to add the Date column to the Invoice Body database table. You first open the Invoice Edit window of any invoice, and then double-click an invoice item to open the detail window of the invoicing item, and then go to the "Custom Fields" tab. Next, click the Add Field button to open the "Add New Custom Field" window. Specify the name of the field ("DateCompleted" in this example because we want to use this field to detail when the service or job was performed / completed - you cannot name a field with the word "date" because it is a keyword used by the underlying database engine), and then select "Date" from the Type list. The "Default value", "Caption" and "Notes" fields are optional on this window. Note that if you are adding a new field that is Text type, you have to also fill in the Size field; and if you are adding a Decimal field, you have to fill in Precision and Scale too. Once the new field "Date" is added to the Invoice Body database table, all you have to do is to name the field. To do this, simply enter the name of each cell on the column "oknDateCompleted_1", "oknDateCompleted_2", and so on, from top to bottom.

Simple Invoice Sample - Sales Rep Name on Product Report

Simple Invoicing Sample - Sales Rep Name on Product Report

The default product report does not include sales representative name. This simple tutorial on customization demonstrates how to add the sales rep name to the product report by using custom fields.

Excel Quotation Template

Excel Quotation Format with Special Discounting Model

"Unit Price" is a manually editable field. "Line Total" is also a calculated field, which looks like this (again, "_?" indicates line numbers):

The "LESS" is also a manually editable field, which is designed as a percentage value.

Excel Payment Voucher Template

Excel Payment Voucher Template

The original voucher template, Payment Voucher Template (Golden Shop), has a custom field Weight defined in both the Product and Invoice Body database tables. With this general purpose Excel Payment Voucher Template, removed the Weight custom field from it and made it a general purpose voucher template.

Work Invoice in Excel

Work Invoice in Excel

This sample template also adds the line of "United States Federal Tax I.D." to the bottom of worker information. We also formatted several fields to show the US Dollar currency symbol, such as "Subtotal", "Tax" and "Total".

General Quote Template for Excel

General Quote Format in Excel Spreadsheet Format

This general purpose price quote template in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format is a slightly modified version of the General Estimate Template. With this form design all fields and columns are manually editable, except the subtotal, tax and total fields that are calculated using Excel formulas.

Job Estimate Template for Excel

Job Estimate in Excel Format

For this reason, the "ESTIMATE#" support all the features assigned to the "Invoice#" cell by Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software). For example, if you click "Save To DB" or "Save Invoice", a sequential, progressive and unique estimate# is generated automatically if the "Estimate#" cell is left blank (see our gallery page at Excel Invoice Template Automatic Invoice Numbering). With pure-Excel spreadsheet solutions, this automatic numbering is not possible without using macros. To display / retrieve an existing estimate or quote, you can simply enter the estimate# into the cell. With the support from Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software), the pure-Excel spreadsheet template is not only printable, but also enables features that could be hardly to implement with pure-Excel estimating and quoting software apps.