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Bill Format with Modern Design

Invoicing Template with Modern Design

The logo image on the top-left corner, which shows our web site name "" in an image created by using the Word Art feature of Excel. This is a placeholder image that you should replace with your own design. If you are one of those professional graphic designers / photographers that also like Excel, you make also like to replace the default background image with your own modern designs.

Creative Invoice Sample

Creative Invoice Sample

Being imaginative is important to be creative. This free creative invoice template in Excel spreadsheet and PDF format adds a cartoon image of a thinking head (the creative man) as the background (i.e. watermark).

Designer Invoice Template (Red)

Designer Invoice Template (Red)

One of the major problems with invoicing is that many of the tools available make it difficult for a company to customize the invoice. There may be a set range of templates available, but these don't always work for everyone. Fortunately, an invoice template in Excel spreadsheet does not have these issues because it offers excellent customization for invoice template design (quotes, too), so you have the functionality to get creative with your invoice. Why not take some inspiration from some of the beautiful designs? You can simply download our templates from here on, use them as the starting points of your own design for invoices / proposals / quotes. To make some sample of customizations, we provide c4029 Designer Invoice Template / Designer Billing Form (Blue) and c4030 Designer Invoice Template / Designer Billing Form (Gray). The customized versions, c4029 and c4030, have the exactly same form layout and database fields as Designer Invoice Template (Red) - the only thing changed is the color schema.

Designer Invoicing Format with Bamboo Chinese Painting

Designer Bill Template with Bamboo Chinese Painting

The bamboo Chinese painting picture is added as a background image which covers the whole printable form. While the form itself is still in the gray color theme, the image is in green and set to 25% opacity. This level of opacity makes sure the foreground text (black) visible even when it is on the visible background.

Software Development Invoice Sample

Software Development Billing Form

The whole sheet adopts a "Blue" color theme. With Excel's new themed color management, you can easily change it by firstly switch to Design Mode, and then go to the "Page Layout" tab. Play with the options inside the "Themes" group, such as "Themes", "Colors", "Fonts" and "Effects". You may find it is so easy to change the look and feel of the entire form with just a few mouse clicks.

Designer Billing Format (Blue)

Designer Billing Form (Blue)

Each of our templates comes with two Excel spreadsheet formats - one that could be used without the installation of Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software), and the another that should use with Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software). A fillable PDF template is also downloadable.

Designer Invoice Template (Gray)

Designer Billing Form (Gray)

Designer Invoice Template (Gray) or Designer Billing Form (Gray) not only could be used as a web design invoicing form, graphic design invoicing form, web hosting invoicing form, website development invoicing fpr, or freelance design invoicing sample, others such as consultants and contractors could also use it. If you prefer blue design, Designer Billing Sample (Blue) or Designer Billing Form (Blue) is the designer bill format you may like.

Itemized Graphic Design Invoice

Itemized Graphic Design Format

So this template (Itemized Graphic Design Invoice / Itemized Graphic Design Format) is just another style for you to choose. As always the template works well with Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software), which is our invoicing app that runs inside Microsoft Excel and connects an Excel spreadsheet template with a backend database, thus providing all the invoicing features required by a small business. For example, if you want to retrieve an old invoice created for a customer but have forgot the name, phone number etc., and what you know now is only part of the address of the customer. Without Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software), searching from a bunch of Excel spreadsheet files, PDF files or Microsoft Word files to find invoices belong to that customer, could be real challenge. On the other hand, if you have Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software) installed, it is as simple as several mouse clicks and typing several key letters on the search bar.

Excel Quotation Template

Excel Quotation Template

On the bottom of the form, you'll find the usual "Subtotal", "Discount" and "Total" fields. There is also the "Last Balance" field and the "Total Due" cell. The "Last Balance" cell has its field name set to "oknAccountBalance", which is filled whenever you fill in the quotation form / estimation form with an existing client by using the on-sheet picker button, you by enter the client# into the "Customer#" cell (also located outside of the printable quotation form, at $U$2). See Invoice with Previous Balance (Sales) and Invoice with Previous Balance (Service) for more information on how to show previous balance on the form. The "Total Due" is the sum of the previous account balance and the total of the current quotation.

Excel Payment Voucher Template

Payment Voucher Template

Excel Payment Voucher Template is a editable sample voucher template created from Payment Voucher Template (Golden Shop). It differs from the original voucher template in that this sample Excel voucher template is suitable for general business.

Work Invoice in Excel

Work Billing Template in Excel

The word art feature is an interesting and useful feature available in Microsoft Office programs such as Word, Excel and Power Point. The basic usage of word art is described at Insert WordArt document on Microsoft's web site. With word art, you can create fancy text effects with just a few mouse clicks. Programs like Adobe Photoshop is able to create beautiful arts of word too, the advantages of using Office's built-in word art feature are obvious - it is simple, and the result is easily editable within Excel and Word itself.

General Quote Template for Excel

General Quote Format in Excel Spreadsheet Format

Since the line totals are manually editable, i.e. not calculated from hours and rate or quantity and unit price, it is more like a general invoice template.

Building Construction Bill Format

Building Construction Bill Format

Unlike our popular c4046 Construction Invoice Template, this format has only 3 fields in the middle section, i.e. "Contact person", "Date" and "Terms".

Job Estimate Template for Excel

Job Estimate in Excel Format

This job and work estimate template in Excel spreadsheet format is a design based on c4009 Service Proposal and Quote. With this blank sample template, we move in the "ESTIMATE#" cell and the "Item#" column.

Donation Receipt Template for Excel

Donation Receipt Format for Excel

This general donation receipt template in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format (".xlsx") includes fields for charity / organization name, address, contact information, donor name, several lines of description, an amount field, a handwriting signature field.

Labor Invoicing Sample

Labor Invoicing Sample

This Excel labor invoice template calculates line totals from hours and hourly rates. There are many other samples here on that could be used for invoicing parts, labors and services. For example, Invoice Template Labor Excel Spreadsheet, Contract Labor Invoice Template and Excel Job Invoice Template collect the top 10 invoice templates in our database that are closely related to labor invoicing; for specific implementations, there are samples like Handyman Invoice Template, Engineering Service Invoice Template, Welding and Fabrication Service Invoice Template, Freelance Invoice Template, etc. Still not find your desired invoice template? We've developed a search box for you to find and download invoice template with template# or name.

Babysitting Invoice (Happy Kids on Earth Style)

Babysitting Invoice (Happy Kids on Earth Style)

This Babysitting Invoice (Happy Kids on Earth Style) template is a revised version of our Daycare Invoice Template (c5080) which you can download for free. Here at we are committed to provide you with free Excel invoice templates that you can use directly or use as a basic template for further customizations.

Simple Sample - Decimal Precision of Product Prices

Simple Invoicing Sample - Decimal Precision of Product Prices

As you can see from this simple invoice template sample, it is pretty easy to customize the billing form with the help of Excel of Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software). Although not as big and complicated as some accounting and billing systems, such as QuickBooks, Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software) does provide its unique features that help you to create beautiful and professional invoice (see the PDF version too), receipt and statement.

Hong Kong Service Invoice Template

Hong Kong Service Invoice Template

As you can see from the above formula, it now uses "oknDiscountedSubtotal" to calculate "oknTaxableSubtotal". This means all invoiced items are seen as taxable, no matter whether the "Taxable" option is checked or not on the "Product Edit" window.

Simple Sample - Customer Name on Product Report

Simple Invoicing Sample - Customer Name on Product Report

On the other hand, the main content of the "Product" report is retrieved from the invoice body database table, adding the fields of the invoice header table to the invoice body table will create many redundant data, as they must be repeated for each item. One exception though - the definition of invoice body items must include the invoice# (InvoiceID) field, since it is the primary key of the invoice header table that identifies each uniquely.