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A value-added tax (VAT), known in some countries as a goods and services tax (GST), is a type of general consumption tax that is collected incrementally, ... As of 2016, 166 of the world's approximately 193 countries employ a VAT, including all OECD members except the United States, which uses a sales tax system instead (Source: Here on we designed a number of VAT invoice templates with different layouts, currencies and languages.

For more information on country or region-specific tax invoice templates visit tax invoice templates, where you can find sample templates for different countries / regions and links to authoritative resource that explains the invoicing requirements of each region.

Here are our templates closely related to VAT Invoice Template - 20 Results Found.

Service VAT Invoice Template

Service VAT Invoice Template

An updated version is available here on, which implements a drop-down list for the VAT Rate column. See Invoice Template VAT UK to download it.

VAT Sales Invoicing Sample - Price Excluding Tax

VAT Sales Invoicing Sample - Price Excluding Tax

This free VAT invoicing sample is a variant of c6007 VAT Sales Invoicing - Price Including Tax. It has basically the same layout as the original sales template, except the unit price in this template excludes taxes.

Invoice Template VAT UK

Invoice Template VAT UK

When invoicing your customer, you pick a service item in the detail section as usual by clicking the on-sheet picker button or the static rectangle button below the "Product ID" label. And then, you click the cell below "VAT Rate", which shows a drop-down button when the cell is activated. Click the drop down button to pick a proper rate.

Moving cells and controls, formatting cells with UK based currency symbol

Invoicing Template in Euros

Invoicing Format in Euros

This template has one single tax named "VAT" set by default. To change the tax name or rate using Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software), which is our invoicing software program that enhances any Excel invoicing template here on InvoicingTemplate to be a complete invoicing system, first click the "Settings" button on the "Invoice" ribbon tab, go to the "Taxes" tab and then choose the number of taxes applied to this form, the names of the taxes, and the rates of the taxes. You can also enable options like "Tax invoice total including shipping cost" etc. Make sure you click the "Apply" button after modifying the taxing options, otherwise the template layout won't be changed according to the options you choose. If you accept the changes after verifying the form, click the "Save" button on Excel quick access tool bar to make the changes persistent. For more customization samples on VAT, visit VAT invoicing templates. Also refer to VAT invoicing rules on EU Taxation and customs union / European Commission.

Simple Sales Invoice for Australia

Simple Sales Invoice for Australia

Note that the familiar "Thank you for your business" line was removed from the bottom of the sheet. If you look at the printed invoice, there is a fine print on the bottom of the form that says "GOODS REMAIN PROPERTY OF BusinessName PTY UNTIL PAID IN FULL. CREDITCARD PAYMENTS SUBJECT TO A 1½% SURCHARGE (VISA OR MASTERCARD)". This message is added to the page footer.

Croatian Invoice Template

Croatian Billing Form

As detailed at c5140 Spanish Invoice Template, Invoice Manager for Excel identifies objects by using names. This enables you to assign new captions and text labels to buttons and Excel cells. For more detailed instructions on customizing, visit Customize Invoice Template.

Personal Invoice Template for UK

Personal Invoice Form in Excel for UK

This template is created based on c6011 Sales Invoice Template with Discount Percentage Column. Download and try this template for free if you are invoicing as an individual person.

Freight Invoice

Freight Invoice Template

For this reason, this form is also a VAT invoice sample. Compared to c6002, this template has a newly designed color theme and a new heading. The company information of your freight business is now right-aligned. The two important fields, "Invoice Date" and "Invoice#", are now colored and boxed.

Australian GST Invoice Template

Australian GST Invoice Template
  • the identity of the supplier, such as the business name at the top
  • the Australian business number (ABN) of the supplier at the top, near the supplier's identity
  • the date of issue of the tax invoice at the top, on the right hand side
  • that the document is intended as a tax invoice, such as including the words 'tax invoice' at the top
  • an invoice number shown prominently alongside the words 'tax invoice'
  • the purchaser's identity such as a name or ABN, for goods or services costing $1,000 or more
  • a unit description of each good or service supplied, including quantities - it is optional to include item numbers, and
  • the GST exclusive price, the GST amount and the GST inclusive price for each item, together with the totals for these, vertically in the bottom right hand corner.

Sales Invoicing Format for Germany

Sales Invoicing Format for Germany

As one of the member countries of the EU (European Union), the rules on German VAT registrations, returns and compliance are based on European Union EU VAT Directives which German has transposed into its VAT Act. This free invoicing sample in Excel and PDF format follows the German VAT compliance rules. It charges MwSt VAT tax at 19% by default.

Service Billing Template for Germany

Service Invoicing Template for Germany

This free service invoicing form in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and PDF format for German is a variant of c4098 sales invoicing template for Germany. This sample differs from the original version in that it has all the shipping fields moved out of the printable form.

Consultant VAT Invoice for U.K. Limited Company

Consultant VAT Invoice Format for UK Limited Company

As the U.K. government web site shows, only VAT-registered businesses, like a limited company, can issue VAT invoices and a VAT invoice must include certain information in order to be valid. Most transactions requires a full VAT invoice; but you can use a modified invoice for retail supplies over £250; or a simplified invoice for retails supplies under £250 - and for other supplies from 1 January 2013. This c4079 Consultant VAT Invoice for U.K. Limited Company is able to create full invoice for service businesses. Another template here on Invoicing Template, Hourly Service Invoice Template (UK Currency), does not show the VAT registration number field on the top of invoice, but you can easily add it once the spreadsheet is unprotected (click the "Design Mode" button on "Invoice" worksheet). Still looking for more UK invoicing templates? You can search our Excel invoice templates, or visit the U.K. invoice templates collection.

This templates assumes all items are charged at the same VAT rate.

VAT Service Invoice Template - Price Including Tax

VAT Service Invoicing Template - Price Including Tax

VAT Service Invoicing Sample - Price Including Tax (c6013) is a direct variant of c6007 VAT Sales Invoicing Form - Price Including Tax. It differs from the original free invoicing Sample in that it the shipping address section is now labeled with Service Location.

VAT Service Invoice Template - Price Excluding Tax

VAT Service Invoicing Template - Price Excluding Tax

The VAT service invoice template helps you to create invoices associated with both professional and non-professional services: legal, medical or accounting, freelance work, consulting, handyman work, housecleaning and babysitting, landscaping and gardening, auto repairs, catering, child care, pet care, tutoring, and other services. It is a simple, easy to use, free Excel invoice template that can be customized to fit your specific circumstance. If you work as an independent contractor or own a small company that performs a specialized service, the odds are that you will need to learn how to write an invoice for services rendered to acquire your due payment. This VAT invoice template could be a handy tool for you to get the job done. If you are a UK-based business, has another VAT service invoice template for you at Service VAT Invoice Template.

Greece VAT Invoice Template

Greece VAT Invoice Template

As a member state of European Union (EU), invoicing in Greece broadly conform to the obligations of the EU VAT Directive and its VAT invoice requirements. This invoice template meets the requirements and have all the major text labels translated to Greek.

Irish Sales VAT Invoice Template

Irish Sales VAT Billing Form

As Irish Revenue states: Persons who issue invoices and credit notes, and persons to whom these documents are issued, should ensure that the documents accurately represent the transactions to which they refer. Failure to do so may have serious consequences for all parties concerned...... An accountable person who supplies taxable goods or services (other than construction services supplied under a relevant contract) is obliged to issue a VAT invoice. Value-Added Tax is a tax on consumer spending. It is collected by VAT-registered traders on their supplies of goods and services effected within the State, for consideration, to their customers. Generally, each such trader in the chain of supply from manufacturer through to retailer charges VAT on his or her sales and is entitled to deduct from this amount the VAT paid on his or her purchases. The effect of offsetting VAT on purchases against VAT on sales is to impose the tax on the added value at each stage of production – hence Value-Added Tax. For the final consumer, not being VAT-registered, VAT simply forms part of the purchase price.

Restaurant Dining Invoice Template (VAT)

Restaurant Dining Receipt Format (VAT)

It's a common practice to provide an invoice, receipt or payment voucher in the restaurant, cafe, fast food, coffee shop and other food businesses. Restaurant Dining Invoice Template offers a sample layout that helps you create and print the document with easy.

Advanced Sample - Macro-Enabled Invoicing Template

Advanced Sample - Macro-Enabled Invoicing Template

Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software) supports all the Excel file formats, including the traditional ".xls" and ".xla" formats, and the new ".xlsx" (Excel XML-based file format), ".xlsm" (Excel XML-based and macro-enabled file format), and ".xlsb" (Excel Binary (or BIFF12) file format). ".xlsx" are now the most widely used workbook file format. Feel free to see our Invoice Template ".xlsx" topic page.

Five Price Percentage Levels (Service, Custom Column)

Form with 5 Price Levels

Just like the other service invoice templates available here on, this invoice form with 5 price percentage levels (service, cosmetic) was created from the sales invoice template by moving all the shipping fields out of the printable area. The printable area is the white area on the center of the "Invoice" worksheet, which is section that is printed when you execute the "Print" command in Excel. It is also the section that is extracted when you execute the "Extract" command in Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software).

VAT Invoicing Sample with 2 Separate Rates

VAT Invoicing Sample with 2 Separate Rates

VAT Invoice Template with 2 Separate Rates was originally published on as a sample on customizing the default template included in Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software) and a sample on using custom fields. It applies one of the defined VAT rates to each product / item depending on its tax category.