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So you are looking for Excel inventory software, or billing software with inventory management features? With Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software), inventory tracking could be easily done.

  • View current inventory levels by clicking the "products" button on the "Invoice" ribbon tab. This provides easy access to the quantities of various products currently in stock. The whole list can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet file by clicking the "Export" command on the "Product" window.
  • Check stock alerts by clicking the "Stock Alert" button on the "Products" window. This applies a filter to the inventory list to show only those products whose in stock quantities are under "low limit". The "low limit" could be set for each product separately on the "Product Edit" window. Set a "low limit" to zero to remove stock warning for the specific product.
  • Update in-stock quantity whenever you invoice clients. The quantity of each invoiced item is subtracted from the in-stock quantity automatically.
  • You can even take your inventory tracking to the cloud, by using MS SQL Server database running online, so you and your employees can update and access your inventory from multiple locations, without having to email spreadsheets back and forth. You can even check quantities and stock alerts on your mobile Windows devices. See Online Invoicing Sample for a detailed tutorial.

For now Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software) does not take purchase orders. If you purchase from vendors, you can either update the in stock quantity manually by using the "Product Edit" window, or use a separate Excel form, and enter negative quantity so that effectively the invoiced quantity will be added to inventory.

Excel Inventory Software is a sub-topic of Billing Software Excel Free Download . Here are our templates closely related to Excel Inventory Software.

Excel Quotation Template

Excel Quotation Format with Special Discounting Model

The discounting calculations in this template is built specially for a real business. It may not be suitable for you, but it is a good sample on how to customize the invoice template shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software). For more samples on quotations and estimations, visit Estimate Templates.

Software Development Invoice Sample

Software Development Invoice Sample

Designed for computer programming freelancers, development teams and small businesses, this software development invoice template in Excel spreadsheet format helps you create invoices and bills that are not only professional, but also cool.

Excel Payment Voucher Template

Payment Voucher Template

The voucher# field is a must-filled-in field. It should be filled with a unique (and usually consecutive) value. If you use Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software), the voucher# could be generated automatically by clicking the "Save To DB" button.

Work Invoice in Excel

Work Billing Template in Excel

This work invoice template in Excel is designed for freelance workers who charges on an hourly basis. It has a word art logo that shows "WORK INVOICE", a "Work Description" section near the "Bill To" fields, and 4 columns that calculate totals using Excel formulas.

General Quote Template for Excel

General Quote Format in Excel Spreadsheet Format

This general purpose price quote template in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format is a slightly modified version of the General Estimate Template. With this form design all fields and columns are manually editable, except the subtotal, tax and total fields that are calculated using Excel formulas.

Job Estimate Template for Excel

Job Estimate Template for Excel

On the top of the blank estimate form you see the service business name. Next to it is the highlighted "ESTIMATE#" and "ESTIMATE DATE" fields. These fields are essentially the "Invoice#" and "Invoice Date" cells that appear on most free invoice templates here on

Donation Receipt Template for Excel

Donation Receipt Format for Excel

Secondly, the receipt should include the donor's name, this is necessary in order to be legally valid. Although not required, we've placed the "Phone#", "Mobile#" fields on the top of the section outside the printable area. In case you want to include these information on the PDF donation receipt or printed receipt, you can easily move them into the "Donor" section.

The receipt must also declare whether the donor received goods in return for the donation.

Labor Invoicing Sample

Labor Billing Format for Excel

This Excel labor invoice template calculates line totals from hours and hourly rates. There are many other samples here on that could be used for invoicing parts, labors and services. For example, Invoice Template Labor Excel Spreadsheet, Contract Labor Invoice Template and Excel Job Invoice Template collect the top 10 invoice templates in our database that are closely related to labor invoicing; for specific implementations, there are samples like Handyman Invoice Template, Engineering Service Invoice Template, Welding and Fabrication Service Invoice Template, Freelance Invoice Template, etc. Still not find your desired invoice template? We've developed a search box for you to find and download invoice template with template# or name.

Packing List Template

Packing List Template

Packing Slip Form was created by modifying the default sales invoice template that shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software); you can still customize it to meet your business requirements and corporate style. It is easy to do with Microsoft Excel. For example, to change the background / pattern of a text label, you can just right-click the cell and then choose Format Cells, and then choose the background or pattern from the dialog box.

Simple Sales Invoicing Sample

Simple Sales Invoicing Sample

This template has 4 columns on the invoice detail section - Description, Quantity, Unit Price and Amount. Basically this invoicing templates offers the same number of fields / cells on the invoice form as the default template shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software). However this template has very different look and feel. This is archived by moving the fields, setting fonts and colors - all tools are provided by Microsoft Excel. Simple Sales Invoicing Template, or Simple Sales Invoicing Form, helps you create professional invoices for your business by simply filling in a blank form. You can also use this simple sales invoicing template as a basic and starting point, customize the layout, look and feel of your invoices to add professionalism to your business. Don't waste time creating manual invoices for goods and services when you can easily use a pre-designed template.