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Download our printable billing templates and invoice makers for free. Create invoices and bills by filling in blank forms, print out with single click of mouse.

If you use the UIS edition, there are advanced options you can use to improve the printing experience, in addition to all those provided by Excel.

It is fair to say that Microsoft Excel has extensive options for controlling the printed result of a spreadsheet - most of them could be found on the Page Setup dialog box, but with a UIS-enabled template, you have more that are applied to only invoicing forms - i.e. they will not affect your general worksheets.

All templates here are printable. The following are the top 10 we picked up for you to test how we control invoice printing experience in various ways.

Print Shop Bill Sample

Print Shop Bill Sample

Some cells, such as "Date Requested" and "Date needed", are not defined in the default template. These are additional fields called custom fields in Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software).

Simple Template with Printable Watermark

Simple Format with Printable Background Image

Adding a background image or watermark can be an attractive and appealing enhancement, especially for business documents like invoices. This Simple Invoice Template with Printable Background Watermark demonstrates how to accomplish this in Microsoft Excel.

Tax Invoice for Printing Shop

Tax Receipt for Print Shop

On the bottom of the invoice form, Subtotal, Tax 1, Tax 2, Total and Total Due are calculated automatically using Excel formulas. The tax rates and tax names, payments, shipping and handing fee, are all editable.

Invoice and Packing List on Separate Worksheet

Invoice and Packing Slip on Separate Worksheet

This template differs from our existing packing slip template in that we put the packing slip (waybill) in a separate worksheet, but within same Excel template as the invoice form. The advantages of this approach is that - you don't have open another template for the purpose of printing a packing slip (like what we implemented in c3010 and cn010), or you don't have to always print an invoice and a packing list together (like c4078). Since we place the packing list form in a separated worksheet, we can define its own "Print_Area", and print the number of copies as needed - for example, print one invoice, and then print 2 copies of packing list.

Auto Repair Invoice Template

Blank Vehicle Repair Invoice

This template is region-neutral so you can easily adopt it to create garage auto invoices no matter where your business is, for example U.S. or Australia. Be sure to install Invoice Manager for Excel to enhance the template with advanced item-lookup-features.

Service VAT Invoice Template

Service VAT Invoice Format

Service VAT Invoice Template is an Excel format VAT invoice template designed mainly for United Kingdom (UK) businesses, including fields designed for VAT such as VAT Registration No., a VAT column and a VAT Rate column.

Professional Tax Invoice Template for Furniture

Professional Tax Billing Form for Furniture

If you're looking for a general bill form with the furniture theme, there is the one: c5100 Editable Bill Sample for Furniture and Appliances.

Auto Repair Invoicing Sample (2)

Blank Vehicle Repair Invoice (2)

There are other sample formats online too, such as Word, HTML or PDF, but Excel is our favorite here at The auto invoicing example given here demonstrating just one advantage of using Microsoft Excel based form designs. By using a drop-down list box instead of a manually editable text field, you can draft an invoice much easy than before.

Custom Price Precision and Scale

How to Modify the Standard Fields
  1. Click "Customers" on the "Invoice" ribbon tab.
  2. Click "Custom Field".
  3. Click "Advanced...".
  4. Click "Backup Database" to backup your database. This ensures you can easily return to a working database in case something goes wrong during the modifications.
  5. Choose "Customers" from the "Database table" list.
  6. Click to select the "Account Balance" field.
  7. Modify the field definition, so that the Precision section shows "12", and the "Scale" section shows "4". The field type "decimal" is not modifiable.
  8. Click "OK". This modifies the "AccountBalance" field to be "Decimal (12,4).
  9. Repeat the steps from 5 to 8 for all the fields shown on the table.

Commercial Invoice for Export in Excel

Commercial Invoice in Excel

However before using the commercial invoice template to create your first commercial invoice, there are some one-time job you should do, that is to enter your own company information and replace the default logo image. Before you can do this type of customization, you have to firstly unprotect the invoice form, and then switch to design mode.

Advanced Sample - Print One Invoice in Two Different Formats

Advanced Sample - Vary Print Results with Two Print Buttons

Designed for vacuum repair shop, this template implements two print buttons - "print with claim" and "Print no claim". Both print the same invoice but the first button attaches a "claim" portion to the bottom of the invoice.

Debit Note Template

Debit Note Form

You can think that a debit note is a document used by a purchaser to inform a vendor of the quantity and dollar amount of goods being returned, and requesting that the dollar amount be returned to the purchaser. A debit note is often used to return goods on credit. The vendor then issues a credit note to the purchaser indicating that the goods have been received, and that the purchaser will not have to pay for them.

Printable Receipt Template for Pet Boarding

Printable Invoice Template for Pet Grooming

For generic pet sitting service receipt, visit c5135 Pet Sitting Invoice Sample. The template c5135 was released on Sunday, January 21, 2018, at that time our Invoice Manager still didn't support showing image dynamically. Starting from version 7.11, a new Excel formula was introduced by Invoice Manager, which was "DisplayImage".

Five Price Levels (Sales, Amount)

Form with 5 Price Levels

With this customization applied, the "invoice form with 5 price levels (sales)" invoice template here on allows you to define 5 prices for each product. When creating an invoice, Invoice Manager for Excel shows both base and discounted price per item on invoice form whenever you choose a product. For each customer, you can assign it a discount level, ranging from 1 to 5. When you pick up a customer, Invoice Manager for Excel will apply the correct price based on the discount level of the customer.

Invoice with Previous Balance (Sales)

Invoice Forwarding Outstanding Balance

With Invoice Manager for Excel installed, the invoice template is no longer a simple invoice creator, but becomes a fully featured invoicing system with the ability to manager customers, products, invoices and payments. The data is stored in a database, which is a better way than a pure-Excel way for manipulating large amount of data. So how does Invoice Manager for Excel create the link between the Excel invoice form and the backend database? Specifically, when you retrieve a customer from the backend database, how does Invoice Manager for Excel know where to place the value of each field? The secret lies in field names and cell names. Invoice Manager for Excel adheres to a simple rule to create the relationship between the database and the Excel invoice form. For example, when you load the data of a customer from database, the value stored in the "AccountBalance" field is filled into the cell named "oknAccountBalance". However exceptions exist, as some cell names and field names don't adhere to this rule. A detailed list on the exceptions can be found in the Cell Name Reference document included in Invoice Manager for Excel, which you can download and try for free.

Invoice with Previous Balance (Service)

Invoice Forwarding Outstanding Balance

This is a service invoice version of Invoice with Previous Balance (Sales). It differs from the original version by moving all shipping-related fields out of the printable invoice.

Pet Sitting Invoice Sample

Pet Sitting Invoice Sample

We've already published several form designs that are specialized for pet services. For example, c3013 Pet Food Store Invoice Template and c4123 Dog Walking Invoice Template. This template differs from the previously published ones in that it is based on c5014 service invoice template with fixed items. For a template that shows pet photo on receipts, see Printable Receipt Template for Pet Boarding.

Printable House Rent Receipt Template

Printable House Rent Receipt Format

This image is not visible when you are editing or creating receipts, but will appear when you print a hard copy using printer, or generate PDF receipts using Invoice Manager for Excel.

Grout Pump Service Work Order and Invoice

Concrete Pumping Work Order and Invoice

The taxing system of this invoice template targets Hawaii. The business has two taxes that should be applied to different jobs (commercial -vs- private), -- one is 4% the other is 4.712%. However, the boss sometimes doesn't charge tax on some of the jobs (Check Avalara for more information -- be sure to consult your local tax agency for authoritative tax rates applied to your business type).

Business Invoice for Netherlands

Business Invoice for Netherlands

The purpose of the modifications is to make the template suitable for Netherlands-based business, according to the requirements detailed at c6009 Netherlands Sales Invoice Template.