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Download our printable billing templates and invoice makers for free. Create invoices and bills by filling in blank forms, print out with single click of mouse.

If you use the UIS edition, there are advanced options you can use to improve the printing experience, in addition to all those provided by Excel.

It is fair to say that Microsoft Excel has extensive options for controlling the printed result of a spreadsheet - most of them could be found on the Page Setup dialog box, but with a UIS-enabled template, you have more that are applied to only invoicing forms - i.e. they will not affect your general worksheets.

All templates here are printable. The following are the top 10 we picked up for you to test how we control invoice printing experience in various ways.

Print Shop Bill Sample

Print Shop Billing Format

As a service bill format, this template for Print Shop does not contains the Shipping To section. This section is moved out of the printable invoice form, i.e. the section identified by the Print_Area name.

Simple Template with Printable Watermark

Simple Format with Printable Background Image

Unlike invoice templates in Microsoft Word format, where images or text symbols set as watermark are printable (See printable invoice templates).

Tax Invoice for Printing Shop

Tax Receipt for Print Shop

Although we at names this invoice template as a service invoice template, it actually includes a shipping information - but unlike most other templates designed by us at, the shipping information section is moved to the invoice body section and titled with "Delivery to". This is not a usual design but we hope this gives you an inspiration on how the invoice template can be customized.

Invoice and Packing List on Separate Worksheet

Invoice and Packing Slip on Separate Worksheet

In this sample, we use Invoice and Packing List on Same Form (c4078) as the basic invoice template, move the packing list to a separate form. The main steps are illustrated below.

Tutorial for Adding New Line to Template

Tutorial for Adding New Line to Invoice Form

First, all cells that need to be saved to database must be correctly named, including those put into hidden columns. Secondly, you have to modify the Excel formulas that calculate totals and taxes. Finally, if you find many lines, you have to adjust the page breaks if the template should be printed using multiple pages.

Invoicing Sample for Cosmetics Shops

Billing Template for Cosmetics Shops

The itemized detail section in the sample invoicing template allows you to list the products a customer purchased, for example "Dermactin-TS Collagen Gel Patches", "Dermactin-TS Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream" etc. Whether you are a reseller or wholesaler, you can use the "Products" database table to manage your product / inventory. By default Uniform Invoice Software connects with Access database (you don't have to install Microsoft Access in order to just use the database), but Enterprise edition of Uniform Invoice Software supports SQL Server database too. For SQL Server, you can even run it online and access your data anywhere around the world via an Internet connection.

Simple Lightweight Service Invoice

Simple Lightweight Service Billing Format

This Simple Lightweight Service Billing Format is designed with the "simple" and "lightweight" principle in mind. It uses only black font color, no logo image (should be printed on company letter-head paper). It's clean and ink-saving invoice design.

Lumber Company Invoice

Lumber Company Invoice Template

For a sample of general tax invoice template for New Zealand, visit c4038 New Zealand Tax Invoice Template.

The "Quantity (LM)" column was calculated using Excel array formula, like this:

Bill Format for Painting Service

Bill Format for Painting Service

While the title of the current template is set to "INVOICE", you can easily modify it to be a work order by moving out cells like "Total Due" and "Paid" to the area out of the printable invoicing form.

Excel Quotation Template

Excel Quotation Template

The template includes 9 columns. The first two columns are titled with "PACKAGE", under which two columns allows you to enter number of packages, and the package type that is implemented as a drop-down list with 3 options - "BOX", "S.BOX" and "GUDDI". Followed are the columns "BOX No.", "Description", "Per", "Quantity", "Unit Price", "Line Total" and "LESS".

Bill Format for Computer Repair Service

Invoicing Template for Computer Repair Service

The "Bill To" section includes 6 fields - client#, name, address, city state and zip, email and phone. In many situations email is a key field now, especially if you want to send PDF invoices to your clients via email. By adding the email field to the "Bill To" section, you are able to create new customer records along with their email address populated; and besides that, it also ensure you can send a PDF version of the invoice to the customer by simply clicking the "Extract/Email" button.

Standard Invoice with Double Border

Standard Invoice Format with Double Border
  1. Make sure the "Invoice" worksheet is the active sheet. Click the "Down arrow" button on the name box located on the left side of the formula bar. Excel shows all the names in a drop down list.
  2. Scroll the drop down list till bottom.
  3. Click and select "Print_Area" from the list.
  4. Excel selects the cells that defined by the "Print_Area" name - this is the printable form that will be printed when you issue the "Print" command, or will be extracted when you click the "Extract/Email" button. When generating PDF invoices, the printable area defined by the "Print_Area" will also be respected.
  5. Right-click the heading of the first row on the printable area. Choose "Insert". This adds one row above the top of the current printable area.

    To add a column to the left of the first column of the printable area, right-click the heading of the first column of the printable area, and then choose "Insert" from the shortcut menu.

    You can add new row / column to the bottom, right edge of printable form, or skip this procedure since the right and bottom direction already have empty columns / rows there.

Invoice and Packing List on Same Form

Invoice and Packing Slip on Same Form

Now when you click Print to print an invoice, Uniform Invoice Software will print two documents, one invoice and one packing list. However the "Extract" feature will encounter problems if you choose the exact an Excel-format worksheet - but the PDF formatted invoice and packing list work just fine. Feel free to take a look of our pdf invoice template gallery too.

Simple Sample - Changing Print Orientation

Simple Invoicing Format - Changing Print Orientation

To allow more content in each field, and to have less lines on the invoice detail section, print using "Landscape" orientation. This simple invoice template details the steps and issues that could occur.

Pet Food Store Invoice

Pet Food Shop Invoicing Format

Although we categorize this template as sales invoice template, it does not contains shipping address fields. You can add these fields back, or email us for help.

Simple Sample - Splitting City State ZIP

Simple Sample - Splitting City State ZIP

In this case, assuming both the customer data and invoice data need separate city, state and zip code (postal code), we need to add the custom fields (CustomerCity, CustomerState, CustomerZip) into both the "Customer" and "Invoice Header" database tables.

Freelance Invoice Template

Freelance Billing Template

As a freelancer, creating invoices might not what you best at but it is necessary. Further more your invoice should be prim and proper, so that you can get paid by your clients efficiently. While invoicing is not a fun task, it's a necessary one: by keeping clients informed of your expectations, you will get paid punctually and reinforce your professionalism. Using a template is the most easy and quick way to get the job done. Our templates online here on help you spend less time creating invoices and more time doing the things you love.

Professional Freelance Bill

Professional Freelance Billing Format

Whenever you have completed a service and are ready to be paid, you must always submit an invoice to your client. Occasionally, clients will not follow up with an invoice request, so it's your job to keep track of the payments due to you. The important part is to keep track of the invoices you submit (using an invoice processing system helps with this a great deal), and follow up on a regular basis with a polite email or phone call asking for a status update on your payment. With Uniform Invoice Software installed, you can find all pending (not paid) invoices with a single click of mouse - i.e. clicking the "Invoices" button on the ribbon tab. You can sort the invoice list by any column - simply double clicking the column heading, or search for an existing invoice by a criterion applied to almost any fields available on the invoicing form.

Freelance Writer Invoice

Freelance Writer Billing Template

To getting paid on time for your freelance writing / designing / editing / journalist / website developing / consulting / video production / translation work the best way is to send an invoice, by traditional postal mail or electronical email, in either PDF format, Excel spreadsheet (xlsx / xls) format, or even image format.

Excel Shipping Invoice with Printable Truck Background Image

Shipping Invoice with Printable Truck Background

If you are running a shipping business, this Excel-formatted (xlsx) shipping invoice template helps you to create beautiful shipping or tow truck invoices. On revising the original shipping invoice template, we added a printable Volvo heavy truck background image.