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What is a purchase invoice? According to, "A commercial document or bill presented to a buyer by a seller or service provider for payment within a stated time frame that indicates what has been purchased, in what amount and for what price. A purchase invoice can be used to prove that something was bought and how much was paid for it."

How to prepare a purchase invoice? It is easy to do with Uniform Invoice Software. Once you have done customization by following the Before Using document, for example add your own business information, replace the logo image etc., a purchase invoice could be easily created:

  1. Click the "Select a customer" button to pick a customer if it already exists. Or fill in new client information.
  2. Fill in product / service information, usually a description, quantity, unit price. The line total usually will be auto-calculated.
  3. Click "Save To DB" or "Save Invoice". A new invoice number will be generated automatically.

Feel free to watch our movie tutorial.

Things to remember while making purchase invoice - the invoice number and invoice date are always required. However with Uniform Invoice Software installed they will be filled automatically if left blank.

Whether you are creating purchase invoices for organizations / companies, for home, the basic procedure are the same.

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Here are our templates closely related to Free Purchase Invoice Templates - 20 Results Found.

General Purchase Invoice Template (Sales, One Tax)

General Purchase Billing Template (Sales, One Tax)

As a sales invoice template, this sample template includes the "Ship To" section for you to detail the shipping address of the product sold. The default configuration of this section comprises of 5 fields / fields - oknShipName, oknShipAddress, oknShipCityStateZip, oknShipCountry, oknShipContact. Note that Excel Invoice Manager was renamed to Uniform Invoice Software, and with the release of Uniform Invoice Software, custom fields are not only supported in the main database tables like InvHdr, InvBdy, Customer and Product, but also CustomerShippingAddress. By adding custom fields (i.e. user-defined fields), you can add new fields to the Shipping Address section on the invoice form too, and have the newly added fields work with Uniform Invoice Software.

General Purchase Invoice Template (Service, One Tax)

General Purchase Invoice Template (Service, One Tax)

To move out the address section, we first need to put the template into design mode. To do this, simply push down the "Design Mode" button on the "Invoice" ribbon tab. This commands unprotect the sheet and then push down the "Design" button on the "Developer" ribbon tab.

General Purchase Invoice Template (Consulting, One Tax)

General Purchase Billing Template (Consulting, One Tax)

Many consulting fields are not regulated. For example, anyone can claim to be a marketing consultant, tech support consultant, business management consultant, public relations consultant, writer, editor or graphic designer. As a result, the invoicing format used by different businesses vary depending on the special requirements in each field. Generally, consulting invoices are categorized as service invoices. Here on we created a dedicated category (Consultant Invoice Template) for this topic due to its popular demands. If you cannot find your desired format in the consulting invoice templates, browse our service invoice templates where you may find more choice. You can also find useful information on other websites like Sample consulting invoice | Consultant invoice.

Freelance Invoice Template

Freelance Billing Template

If you are a freelancer and or running a small business, doing writing, designing or as a consultant or carpenter, a professional looking invoicing template helps you get paid fast. Download Freelance Invoice Template now and start creating invoices in seconds.

Professional Freelance Bill

Professional Freelance Billing Format

As a freelancer you know it's important to get paid without delay and a professional invoice could be helpful. Being professional means your bill contains all the required information that are formatted properly.

Freelance Writer Invoice

Freelance Writer Billing Template

When creating an invoice, be sure to include your contact information. Put your name, address, phone number, email address, and even your website at the top of the invoice. If you are USA-based charge over $600 over the course of the year, you'll probably need to give your client your business's Federal Tax ID number (so they can send you a 1099-MISC, see Form 1099-MISC, Miscellaneous Income -, or Form 1099-MISC - Wikipedia).

Recipient Created Tax Invoices Form

Template for Purchaser Created Tax Invoices

On the upper-side of the invoice form you will find two sections "From Recipient" and "To-Supplier", where you, the buyer and the creator of the RCTI invoice, should provide detailed information about both businesses, both including Australian Business Number (ABN).

Advanced Sample - Macro-Enabled Invoicing Template

Advanced Bill Sample - Macro-Enabled Billing Template

The sample invoice template used here is c5099 Standard Business Invoicing Template. See our business invoice templates for more samples that are most closely related to "BUSINESS".

Invoicing Format for HVAC Service

A C invoice template

Note: An updated version, which includes a custom form for mechanical services business, is also available. Visit it at HVAC Service Invoice Template.

Proforma Invoice Template (4th Sample, Landscape Page Orientation)

Proforma (4th Sample)

Now on the Page tab of the Page Setup dialog box, we choose "Landscape" and then click OK to close the dialog box.

VAT Invoice Template with VAT Rate Column

VAT Billing Template with VAT Rate Column
  • the unit price or rate, excluding VAT
  • the quantity of goods or the extent of the services
  • the rate of VAT that applies to what's being sold
  • the total amount payable, excluding VAT

Template with Summary on Top

Template with Summary on Top

Moving cells and fields is also as easy as dragging and dropping. If you prefer to place a cell on a new location, firstly unprotect the Invoice worksheet, and then click to select the cell/cells, and then drag the border of the selected cell to move it to a new location you like. Uniform Invoice Software supports all these tools provided by Excel, which makes sure that you can have the invoice form you like. And, one of the great features of Uniform Invoice Software is that, you can connect the invoice template in Excel spreadsheet format to a backend database, which gives you the ability to manage large amount of data, such as customers, products, invoices and payments, in an organized manner. Simply put, Uniform Invoice Software combines the power of Excel and backend relational database, turning a simple Excel invoice template into a powerful invoicing system. Feel free to download and try the fully functional trial version.

Limousine Service Invoice

Limousine Service Bill

On the bottom left side, there are fields for deposit, including "Payment Type", "Date", "Amount", and "Method". Sample data are included for you to help you understand what the purpose of each field is.

Sales Invoicing Format for Germany

Sales Invoicing Example for Germany
  1. Click the "Design Mode" button on the "Invoice" ribbon tab.
  2. Click the cell for which you want to change / set the euro currency symbol, or drag your mouse to select multiple cells.
  3. Right-click one of the selected cell, choose "Format Cells" from the shortcut menu.
  4. On the "Number" tab, choose "Accounting" or "Currency" from the "Category" list.
  5. From the "Symbol" list, choose euro "€".
  6. Exit design mode by clicking the "Design Mode" button again on the "Invoice" worksheet.
  7. Save the template by clicking the "Save" button on Excel quick access toolbar.

Australian GST Invoice Template

Australian GST Invoice Template

Why standardize the way tax invoices and invoices are set out? As Australian Taxation Office stated, the voluntary standards have been developed in consultation with small business, in response to feedback about their frustration with inconsistent tax invoice and invoice formats. The standards will help achieve greater consistency in the set out of tax invoices and invoices, making it easier for recipients to locate the necessary information for tax purposes. For more information about the specific requirements of a tax invoice, refer to Australian Taxation Office: Valid tax invoices and GST credits (NAT 12358), 'Section 03 - Issuing and obtaining tax invoices' in GST for small business (NAT 3014).

Commercial Template Sample - Using Payment Method Checkboxes

Commercial Template Format - Using Payment Method Checkboxes

So how is this designed? What is the key point to implement it and make sure they work with Uniform Invoice Software?

Invoicing Template in Euros

Invoicing Format in Euros

As a simple customized sample of VAT invoice created for Germany (See c4098 Sales Invoicing Format for Germany and Service Billing Template for Germany), we make the currency symbol shown for the appropriate cells. This customization is easy and simple. If you are interesting in the details, here is how.

Hotel Bill Format with Online Payment Button

Hotel Bill Format with PayPal Payment Button

Looking for hotel billing software in Excel? This is the one you need. In the hotel / motel businesses customers usually pay at the front office. For those clients who are under long term contracts, or for the rental of meeting room etc., it is useful to add a PayPal button to invoices / receipts so that the clients are able to pay online.

4-Column without Tax

4-Column Invoice Template

If you have Uniform Invoice Software installed, setting tax types is as easy as clicking several buttons. For example, if you find a template here on interesting but don't need tax fields, you can set it to non-tax by firstly clicking the Settings button on the Invoice worksheet, and then go to the Taxes tab of the Settings dialog box. The Taxes tab offers 3 options, non-tax, one-tax and two-tax. Tax names and rates can also be set on the "Taxes" page of the Settings window.