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Print Shop Bill Sample

Print Shop Billing Format

Some cells, such as "Date Requested" and "Date needed", are not defined in the default template. These are additional fields called custom fields in Uniform Invoice Software.

Invoicing Sample for Cosmetics Shops

Billing Template for Cosmetics Shops

The itemized detail section in the sample invoicing template allows you to list the products a customer purchased, for example "Dermactin-TS Collagen Gel Patches", "Dermactin-TS Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream" etc. Whether you are a reseller or wholesaler, you can use the "Products" database table to manage your product / inventory. By default Uniform Invoice Software connects with Access database (you don't have to install Microsoft Access in order to just use the database), but Enterprise edition of Uniform Invoice Software supports SQL Server database too. For SQL Server, you can even run it online and access your data anywhere around the world via an Internet connection.

Clothing Shop Receipt

Clothing Store Invoice Template

Like most of the other invoice templates or receipt templates here on, there is a default LOGO image on the top of the form, which is a placeholder and house for your own logo image.

Contractor Billing Format

Contractor Invoicing Layout

The two custom fields added to this template, "Service Amount" and "Expense Amount", calculate the sum amount of each section. These two fields are also added to the "Sales Report", with the name "oknRsServiceAmount" and "oknRsExpenseAmount".

Catering Invoice Template

Catering Invoice Template

Running a catering business or planning on starting a catering service? Invoicing is one of your daily job. Use Catering Invoice Template (Catering Billing Format) to get it done quickly and easily, like filling a paper form.

Engineering Invoice Template

Engineering Billing Template

Note to users of the old versions of Uniform Invoice Software (i.e. Excel Invoice Manager) - although the support for custom fields was already implemented in Excel Invoice Manager, the use of custom fields was much more simplified in Uniform Invoice Software.

Welder Invoicing Template

Welder Billing Form

This invoice template for welding and fabrication, just like the other templates in this serial, is also set with one Tax, which is named "Maine" and rated at 5.500%. If you are using the freeware edition of this Welder Invoicing Template / Welder Billing Form, change this to your own tax name and rate by typing in proper values. If you use the Uniform Invoice Software version, there are better ways to configure your tax rules and system.

Notary Invoice Template

Notary Billing Template

On the top of the invoice form, you should first detail your own business information, including Your Name / Business Name, Street Address, City, State and Zip Code, Phone #, Email Address. The client information section, titled with "Bill To", there are fields for your client Name, Street Address, City, State and Zip Code, Phone # and Fax #.

Service Credit Note Template

Service Credit Memo Template

The result template of this customization can be downloaded for free here on If you are interesting in the implementation details on how to create this customized service credit note template, read on.

Consulting Invoice Template (3rd Sample - One Tax)

Consulting (3rd Sample - One Tax)

The previous 2 sample consulting invoice templates have two taxes defined on the bottom of the form. This new sample demonstrating how to use one tax.

Itemized Graphic Design Invoice

Itemized Graphic Design Format

Although we name this template with "graphic design", it is more like a general service invoice template that could be used by people providing freelancer work, for example web and graphic design, photography, copywriting, computer programming, website development, consulting, video production, translation. If you are a designer or writer, you surely want your invoices not only prim and proper, but also beautiful and professional. One of the major problems with invoicing is that many of the tools available make it difficult for a company to customize the invoice. There may be a set range of templates available, but these don't always work for everyone. That's why we at continually release new designs that you can choose from and customize with. All template on could be downloaded for free, and they are just clean Excel spreadsheet files without macros built in. They templates are not locked with password so that you can easily unprotect the sheet and customize it as per your requirements.

Sales Invoice Form with Discount Percentage

Sales Invoice Form with Discount Percentage

The invoice template has one tax set by default. You can change the tax name and rate by just typing in your own tax name and rate. If you need other taxing types and have Uniform Invoice Software installed, simply click the Settings button and then go to the Taxes tab, choose from Non-Tax, One-Tax and 2-Taxes. You can also set tax names and rates on this dialog box. Several other options, such as "tax invoice total including shipping cost", "tax 2 is applied to tax 1" and "Tax rate can be zero", are also available on this dialog box.

Photography Receipt Template (Detail)

Photography Receipt Format (Detail)

You can of course use only the template without installing Uniform Invoice Software, which still produces beautiful and professional looking invoices, by installing Uniform Invoice Software the template could become a complete invoicing program, that is able to not only create invoices, but also to manage your customers, products, invoices and payments in an easy and quick way. For example, to find out all the receipts or invoices that contains certain products / items, you simply enter the search condition on the search bar, and then press the Enter key on your keyboard.

VAT Service Invoice Template - Price Excluding Tax

VAT Service Invoicing Template - Price Excluding Tax

In this serial of VAT invoice templates, also offers you the other two VAT invoicing templates, where the prices include VAT, at VAT Sales Invoice Template - Price Including Tax, and VAT Service Invoice Template - Price Including Tax.

Sales Invoice Template with Discount Amount Column

Sales Template with Discount Amount Column

There are also special ways that are not commonly appliance but do work for some business. For example, one of our customers found a new way to use the tax cells and formulas on the default sales invoice template - by naming a tax "Discount" and assigning it a negative tax rate, one of the tax field on the bottom of invoice form efficiency becomes a discount field. Since Uniform Invoice Software allows to change the tax rate (in this example it becomes discount rate) on a per-invoice basis right on the bottom of the invoice form, the customer had never encountered a problem in applying discounts in this way.

Proforma (2nd Sample of Customization)

Proforma Invoicing Form

Now right-click the InvoicingTemplates logo image and choose Properties from the shortcut menu. The Properties box appears. Look for the Picture property, and click the button on that line. Excel shows you a dialog box that allows you to browse to and specify your own logo image. Depending on your Excel version, the supported image file formats may vary, but JPG, PNG and GIF formats are good choices for storing your logo image that are likely supported by your Excel.