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Here you can find invoice templates with 4 pages, 3 pages, 2 pages, 1 page and 1/2 page (half-page). All these templates could be downloaded for free.

You can use any template standalone for creating invoice, or by installing Uniform Invoice Software you can upgrade the simple Excel template to a powerful invoicing system, which allows you to easily create bills and invoices. With our intuitive Excel forms you will find out something could be done much easier with Uniform Invoice Software than with others like Quickbooks.

Here are our templates closely related to Excel Invoice Templates Multiple Pages.

Invoice Template with 4 Pages

Invoicing Layout with 4 Pages

The invoice format has 5 columns on the detail section - "Part #", "Description", "Quantity", "Unit Price" and "Line Total", just like the standard / default invoice template shipped with Uniform Invoice Software installer program, and like several other invoice templates with multiple pages, like invoice template with 3 pages, invoice template with 2 pages, invoice template printable on 1/2 page etc. here on The only difference is that with the standard invoice template, The "Part #" column is has a title "Product#". If you want to change the "Part #" label in this 4-Page Invoice Template to something like "Item #" or "Product #", simply switch the template into design mode by clicking the "Design" button on the "Invoice" ribbon tab, and then type in your text to replace "Part #".

Tutorial for Adding New Line to Template

Tutorial for Adding New Line to Invoice Form

For example, Invoice Template with Long Product Description includes only 6 lines, which enables you to enter long text into the "Description" field. On multiple-page invoice templates, you can find samples that has 36 lines (two-page), 60 lines (three-page), 84 lines (four-page).

3-Page Invoice Template

3-Page Invoicing Format

The layout of this template, like the previous 2-page sample, basically keep the style of the default invoice template shipped with Uniform Invoice Software. However, there are 3 custom fields added to the bottom of the invoicing form, "Labor Hours" (cell name oknLaborQuantity, at $I$83), "labor hourly rate" (cell name oknLaborUnitPrice, at $J$83) and "Labor Total" (cell name oknLaborTotal, at $K$83). These 3 fields are custom fields added to the "Invoice Header" database table.

Proforma Invoice Template (4th Sample, Landscape Page Orientation)

Proforma Invoice Template (4th Sample, Landscape Page Orientation)

Now on the Page tab of the Page Setup dialog box, we choose "Landscape" and then click OK to close the dialog box.

1/2 Page Invoice Template

1/2 Page Bill Format

Note that our goal is to not only create an invoice design that is printable on half paper size, but also make sure it work with Uniform Invoice Software, which is our invoicing software system for Windows desktop PCs running Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 (Microsoft Office or Excel 2003, Excel 2007, Excel 2010, Excel 2013 or Excel 2016 is also required). Uniform Invoicing Software is an offline desktop invoicing app that does not require an Internet connection to run. By installing Uniform Invoice Software, a simple and pure Excel spreadsheet invoicing template becomes a complete invoicing management system. Uniform Invoice Software is implemented as an Excel COM add-in program, which means we don't use Excel macros to implement those advance features like connection with Access database. So, you don't have to change the security settings of your Office / Excel program in order to run Uniform Invoice Software, and all our templates here on are not protected with passwords, which enable you to modify and customize the template to make sure it meets your business requirements exactly. Simply put, with Uniform Invoice Software, no matter you are a sole trader, home business, small business, limited company (ltd), you can generate professional and beautiful invoices and receipts without having to deal with complex accounting and billing systems that are usually expensive and hard to use.

Now let's see the steps involved to create this 1/2 page template.

Billing Summary Template

Billing Statement Form

The usual "Bill To" section is now renamed to "Agency". The labels in this section include "Account Number", "Name", "Department", "Contact or Operator", "Vehicle Number" - the later 3 fields are custom fields that are not defined in the default Access database file shipped with Uniform Invoice Software.

Consultant Invoice with Travel and Hourly Expenses

Consultant Invoice with Mileage and Hourly Expenses

For example, if the "one-page" template is not enough, you need to edit an invoice in the "two-page" template. First of all, you open the "two-page" template.

2-Page Invoice Template

2-Page Invoice Template

The default template has 12 lines on one page. This sample template shows you a customized invoice layout that has 36 lines on two pages.

Excel Quotation Template

Excel Quotation Format with Special Discounting Model

The formula for "Line Total" incorporates both the auto-calculated portion, and the manually fillable field ("oknLineTotalManual_?" fields, placed outside the printable area, which means it is manually editable on creating invoices / estimations, but will not be included on printable invoices).

Excel Payment Voucher Template

Payment Voucher Template

If you use the Uniform Invoice Software edition, note that the "Discount" and "Advance" are custom fields.

Note that there is a default Logo image on the top of form, which you must replace with your own logo image. To do this, unprotect the Invoice worksheet, and then switch to design mode.

General Quote Template for Excel

General Quote Template for Excel

In a business scenario, quotes and estimates are two types of closely related documents, but there are still important differences between them. Understanding the difference between a quote and an estimate can save you time and money and protect you from legal risks and business losses. A quotation is a fixed price offer that can't be changed once accepted by the customer. This holds true even if you have to carry out much more work than you expected. On the other hand, an estimate is an educated guess at what a job may cost - but it usually isn't binding. To take account of possible unforeseen developments, you could provide several estimates based on various circumstances. This will prevent your customer from being surprised by the costs.

Job Estimate Template for Excel

Job Estimate Template for Excel

This job and work estimate template in Excel spreadsheet format is a design based on c4009 Service Proposal and Quote. With this blank sample template, we move in the "ESTIMATE#" cell and the "Item#" column.

Donation Receipt Template for Excel

Donation Receipt Template for Excel

Secondly, the receipt should include the donor's name, this is necessary in order to be legally valid. Although not required, we've placed the "Phone#", "Mobile#" fields on the top of the section outside the printable area. In case you want to include these information on the PDF donation receipt or printed receipt, you can easily move them into the "Donor" section.

Labor Invoicing Sample

Labor Invoicing Sample

Just like most Excel sample invoicing template here on, Labor Invoice Template has a logo placeholder image on the top of the form, which you can replace with your own image.

Multiple Tax Rates on One Invoice

Multiple Tax Rates on One Invoice

The SUMIF() function tests the value of oknProductType_1, oknProductType_2, ... oknProductType_12 cells, and if a value of the cells is "TAX1" or "TAX2", the corresponding "oknLineTotal_?" cell value is added. The sum is then multiplied by oknTax1Rate to get the amount of the first tax.

Appliance Repair Service Bill Template

Appliance Repair Service Invoice Template

The template also features a default logo image on the top of the form. To replace it with your own logo image, simply click the "Replace Logo Image" button on the "Invoice" ribbon tab. The templates and forms here on implement the default logo image in 3 ways - as an ActiveX Image control, an Excel / Office "Picture" object, or a Word Art object. The "Replace Logo Image" function is able to replace placeholder image implemented with the first two methods. For the third method, the Word Art way, you can either delete it or then insert your own image, or in case you don't have a satisfied logo image yet, you can simply click the Word Art object, type in your business name to use it as your logo.

Hotel Receipt Template

Hotel Receipt Template

Front office transactions are typically charted on account statement as Invoice or Folios. Invoice consists of Debit and Credit (Also refer to Credit Memo Template) affecting the balance of a single guest account or room. This is different than general house rent, for which also has a house rental invoice template too at House Rent Receipt Template.

Simple Template with Printable Watermark

Simple Format with Printable Background Image

However this type of background images are not printable. If you go to Excel menu "File" and then choose "Print", Excel shows the print preview of the current invoice template spreadsheet. However the background image set previously is not included. And for watermarks, Excel does not provide directly support for it.

Vehicle Rental and Travel

Vehicle Rental and Travel

Although it is not common, there are business situations that require the customer name to be included on each invoiced item. This travel invoice template demonstrates how to copy a field value from the invoice header section to the detail section.