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Hourly Service Invoice Template (UK Currency)

Hourly Service Billing Statement (UK Currency)

This is a simple variant and customization sample on our basic hourly service invoice template. It differs from the original one in that the currency symbol on this template is changed to UK (United Kingdom) style.

Simple Invoice for Letterhead Paper

Simple Invoice Format for Letterhead Paper

In the design mode, you'll see that there are 3 empty lines on the top of this simple invoice form. You can adjust the height of these lines to make it suitable for printing on your letterhead paper. There are other templates here on that use the same technique for letterhead papers, such as Simple Invoice Sample - Printing on Letterhead Paper. For a general invoice template that is not designed specifically for letterhead papers, you can adjust the margins to make it suitable to be printed on your papers. Page margins are the blank spaces between the worksheet data and the edges of the printed page. Top and bottom page margins can be used for some items, such as headers, footers, and page numbers. Generally, you have to do this by following these steps:

General Service Invoice

General Service Bill

This general service invoice template / bill form features a logo image, invoice# and date on top of the form. Next to it is the "Bill To" section. This Excel billing format features 5 columns - Date, Description, Quantity, Unit Price and Amount.

General Quote Template for Excel

General Quote Format in Excel Spreadsheet Format

This general purpose price quote template in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format is a slightly modified version of the General Estimate Template. With this form design all fields and columns are manually editable, except the subtotal, tax and total fields that are calculated using Excel formulas.

Subscription Invoice Template (Service)

Subscription Invoice Form (Service)

If you are running a service business and your customers pay for your service on a monthly basis, the original Subscription Invoice Template (Sales) may not be the perfect invoice template for you due to the unnecessary shipping fields. This customized invoice template is suitable for service business because all the shipping fields have been moved out of the printable invoice form.

Dog Walking Invoice Sample

Dog Walker Bill Format

This dog walking invoice template features a cartoon image on the form bottom that shows a dog walker and a Dalmatian walk from left to right. Use this template for your freelance or small pet-sitting service invoices.

Generic Sponsorship Invoice Sample

General Sponsor Invoice Sample in Excel

Download this sponsorship invoice template in Excel spreadsheet format free of charge. Edit it to make it meet your details, and issue invoices in email-able PDF format or print hard copies.

Photography Invoicing Template (General)

Photography Billing Format (General)

Creating an invoice using Photography Invoicing Template is as easy as fill in a paper form. Our templates are offered in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format. A PDF version, which is generated using Microsoft Excel, is also included. The template is provided free of charge, yet it produce beautiful and professional results that could be found only with some expensive invoicing software programs. However if you need more from your invoicing system, such as management of your clients / customers, reporting on sales, customers and products, simply install Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software), which is our invoicing app that support all the templates you can download here on

Debit Note Template

Debit Note Form

This debit note template contains regular fields that are seen in the default sales invoice template shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel. In addition to that, it also contains two custom fields - Agent and Ref#, as well as a custom column UOM (Unit of Measure). Agent and Ref# are custom fields that are added to Invoice Header database table, and the UOM field is a custom field that is added to both the Product and Invoice Body database table.

Portuguese Proforma Quotation Template

Portuguese Proforma Quotation Form

This template in Portuguese language set the title of the "Invoice" worksheet to " PROFORMA COTAÇÃO". The 5 columns on this template are "Codigo / Tributável", "Designacao", "Quantidade", "Unidade Total".

Bill Format for Painting Service

painters invoice template

Another picture added to the form is located on the top of the invoice, which is a normal picture object (i.e. added by clicking the "Picture" command on Excel "Insert" ribbon tab). Since this picture is placed above Excel normal cells, the underlying cells are no longer easily selectable - so we place this picture on top center of the bill form, where there is no editable text / field on creating invoices. Note this image is named as "oknWidget_house" to keep it on extracted Excel spreadsheet invoices (".xlsx" or ".xls") and UIS generated PDF invoice.

Basic Sales Invoice Template in French

General Sales Invoicing Form in French

This template has two taxes set on the bottom of this invoicing form, " TPS/GST 5.000%" and " TVQ/QST 9.975%", which is suitable for Quebec Canada. If you need to modify this, type in your own tax names and rates in the proper cells. If you use the Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software) edition of this Basic Sales Invoice Template in French, it offers even more options for you to define your tax system.

Basic Service Invoice Template In French

General Service Invoicing Form in French

Want to give your order invoices a professional look? Start with this template, and you'll have eye catching invoices that are easy to fill in and ready to send to your customers in no time. Just like the sales invoice edition, this service edition has the text labels translated into French, with the exception that the " Expédié à/ Ship To" section was now moved out of the printable area.

Labor Invoice with Gradient Border

Labor Service Invoice with Gradient Border

In order to implement the borders using Excel cells' fill effects, we'll need to first add four rows and four columns to the existing printable form that surround the exiting form - add 2 rows on top of existing printable area, add 2 rows below the bottom of the existing printable form; add 2 columns to the left edge of the existing printable form; and add 2 columns to the right edge of the existing printable form. We'll use the outer rows and columns to mimic the borders, and use the inner rows and columns to adjust the space (or margin) between the borders and actual invoice content. The detailed procedure is demonstrated in c5085 Standard Invoice Template with Double Border. In this tutorial we'll not cover that details again, but start from how to create borders using fill effects of cells.

Now the interesting part - fill the (merged) border cells with gradient colors. To do this, follow the steps below.

General Purchase Invoice Template (Service, One Tax)

General Purchase Billing Template (Service, One Tax)

In order to create this template - "General Purchase Billing Template (Service, One Tax)", we moved out the shipping address fields out of the "Print_Area" range. In Excel spreadsheet documents, the range name "Print_Area" defines what part of the sheet to print when you issue the print command. If the name "Print_Area" is not defined, the whole sheet will be printed; otherwise, only the range defined by the "Print_Area" name will be printed. Put it in other words, it defines what area is the printable invoicing form.

General Purchase Invoice Template (Consulting, One Tax)

General Purchase Billing Template (Consulting, One Tax)

There is also a Taxable column on the invoice details section. If you have Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software) installed and your billable items are saved as products, the taxable boxes are also filled automatically when you pick products from saved items.

General Waybill

General Packing Slip

Secondly you can use this template along with Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software). By installing Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software), the simple pure-Excel formatted waybill template become a complete waybill generating system. For example, it allow you to quickly fill in customer (receiver or shipping destination) information by choose from a pop-up window, or simply typing the customer#. Finding out an existing waybill is also much easier. By using search bar provided by Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software), you can search for an existing document by looking for particular value in any fields that available in the waybill template / packing slip template.

General Purchase Invoice Template (Sales, One Tax)

General Purchase Billing Template (Sales, One Tax)

Like the other sales invoice template here on, c2025 General Purchase Invoice Template (Sales, One Tax) is compatible / work well with Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software), which is our invoicing software that connect a front-end Excel-formatted template with back-end database, providing features like management of customers, products, invoices and payments.

General Estimate Template

General Estimate Template

Unlike an invoice form, a quote or estimate shows preliminary assessment of a project cost, so there is no need to use the "Deposit", "Paid" and "Balance Due" cells, so we move these fields out of the printable area. Please don't delete these fields are they are required by Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software). However, if you prefer, you can hide the columns where these fields are located.

Excel Quotation Template

Excel Quotation Format with Special Discounting Model

"Unit Price" is a manually editable field. "Line Total" is also a calculated field, which looks like this (again, "_?" indicates line numbers):