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Invoicing Template to Email

Invoicing Sample to Email
  1. Click the "Settings" button on the "Invoice" ribbon tab.
  2. Go to the "Extract / Email" tab.
  3. Click and activate "Send invoice via email".
  4. There are invoice format you can choose form: "Attach PDF invoice to email", "Attach Excel invoice to email" and "Attach image (PNG) invoice to email". Choose the proper one you like.

    Generally, PDF invoices are recommended as it is the widely accepted business document format, as detailed here. On the other hand, emailing invoices in Excel spreadsheet format to your clients is not recommended.

  5. Set up your email server configurations - SMTP server, port number, email account user name and password. You could obtain these information from your email service provider.
  6. The "Email from" field is what you customer will see on the "from" field when they open your email.
  7. The "BCC to" field allows you to specify a BCC email address ("Blind Carbon Copy"). This should be one of your own email address. If you specify one, Uniform Invoice Software sends email not only to your client (email address obtained from invoice, or customer record), but also to the BCC email address for your own records. It is recommended that you fill in this field.
  8. Click the "Email Template" button to view or edit the content of your invoice email. The "##invoiceid##" and "##balancedue##" are two variables - they will be replaced with actual values when building an email.
  9. Click "Send test email" to verify that the options you set on this page works correctly. Make sure you clicked the "Apply" button before clicking the "Send test email" button.
  10. If you check the "Request return receipt" option, Uniform Invoice Software set this flag with your email. Note that there is no way to force your clients to return a receipt - that is they may choose to not sending the receipt. When delivering a message to a recipient's computer system there is no way to force that computer system to issue an acknowledgment to the sender.
  11. Click "Apply" to confirm the email settings.
  12. Click "Close" to close the "Settings" dialog box.

Basic Sales Invoice with Blue-violet Gradient Background

Basic Billing Format with Blue-violet Gradient Background

So when you fill in an invoiced item with the "amount" (field name "oknLinetotal_?") value, the "#" column is filled with a line # like "1, 2, 3 ..." etc.

Invoicing Template with Watermark of New York

Invoicing Format with Watermark of New York

The "Paid" and "Balance Due" cells, which are put inside the printable form in the default template shipped with Uniform Invoice Software, were now moved out of the "Print_Area" section. This simplifies the form layout. If you need to keep these fields on the printed bills or the PDF version, move them back by following the instructions detailed in the "Create Invoice Template" document.

Blank Service Invoice Template with Image Border

Blank Service Bill Format with Image Border

We also narrow down the form. To do this, we moved out the "Ship Date" and "Ship Via" fields (i.e. the "oknShipDate" and the "oknShipVia" cells and their labels), which are likely not useful since it is a service invoice template.

Advanced Invoicing Sample - Email Is Required Before Saving Invoice

Advanced Invoicing Format - Email Is Required Before Saving Invoice

You can provide any button name as the argument provided to "UISClickProc" procedure. To find the button name, first switch your template into design mode, and then click the button, the name box on the left-side of the formula shows the button name.

Bill Format for Dental Clinic and Denture Laboratory

Bill Format for Dental Clinic and Denture Laboratory

This dental bill receipt format does not contains fields for insurance. In case you need to put insurance fields on the form, visit samples at Medical Invoice Template (1), Medical Invoice Template (2), and Medical Billing Format.

Bill Format for Painting Service

painters invoice template

The itemized section allows you to detail the materials used and service performed. The line totals are calculated using Excel formulas. By default these columns are titled with "Quantity" and "Unit Price", but if you are working on an hourly rate basis (not project-based), such as face painting for salon and parlor people, you can easily change the titles to be "Hours" and "Hourly Rate", to do this, simply put the template into design mode by clicking the "Design Mode" button on the "Invoice" ribbon tab (If you don't see the "Invoice" ribbon tab, make sure you have Uniform Invoice Software installed), and then type in your new column headings to replace the existing ones. You can also try our invoice templates for hours and rates.

Business Invoice with Customer-Specific Discounting

Business Invoice Template with Customer-Specific Discounting

Some customers are very important so you need to allocate discounts to them whenever you invoice them. This template implements this by adding a custom field, Discount, to both the Customer and InvHdr (Invoice Header) database tables. For each customer, you can set a default discount, either 0 or a non-zero value. Whenever you create invoice for the customer, the discount is applied automatically.

Freelance Writer Invoice

Freelance Writer Billing Template

All invoice templates here on are in Excel spreadsheet format (xlsx or xls). While Microsoft Word can also be used to procedure beautiful and professional invoices in docx or doc format, the benefits of Excel is clear - it is more suitable for doing calculations. For example, in this template the line totals, subtotal, tax and total are all computed automatically using Excel formulas.

Attorney Invoice Template (South Africa Currency)

Attorney Billing Statement (South Africa Currency)

The currency symbol of this invoicing template is set to South Africa, which displays the symbol "R" before most numeric cells, such as line totals, subtotal, paid and balance due. If this does not work for you, you can easily change it - first, drag your mouse to select all the cells that you want to change the currency symbol for; second, right-click one of the selected cells and then choose "Format Cells" from the Excel shortcut menu; third, on the Number tab, choose the format you like, including currency symbol.

Bill Format for Computer Repair Service

Bill Format for Computer Repair Service

This blank bill template is a variant of c5020 Appliance Repair Service Bill Template / Appliance Repair Service Invoice Template here on Like c5020, as a service invoice template the form does not offer the "Shipping Address" section. To fill the blank left by moving the shipping fields out of the printable section, a carton image of a desktop computer was added. This is a vector image with transparent background so you can easily resize it by dragging the image border in design mode. Visit printable invoice template to find more options and tutorials on customizations related to printing and page setup.

Basic Blank Service Billing Format (No-tax, Long Description)

Basic Blank Service Billing Layout (No-tax, Long Description)

A blank PDF invoice template is also available for Basic Blank Service Billing Format (No-tax, Long Description), which you can download free of charge from It is generated by using the "export to PDF format" feature that is built in with Microsoft Excel. If Uniform Invoice Software is installed on your computer, this template, "Basic Blank Service Billing Format (No-tax, Long Description)" or "Basic Blank Service Billing Layout (No-tax, Long Description)", the "Extract/Email" command could also generate PDF invoice for you, or send electronic invoice in PDF (or Excel spreadsheet format, or image/PNG format) with email. This could be done by a simple clicking of mouse!

One Tax Column, No Shipping Address

One Tax Column, No Shipping Address

This "One Tax Column, No Shipping Address" invoice template is a variant of Invoice Template with Tax Column.

General Service Invoice

General Service Bill

The "Date" column links to the "DateCompleted" field in the back end database. This database filed is not included in the default database packaged with Uniform Invoice Software setup program, so it is a custom field (or user-defined field). The custom field feature, combined with Microsoft Excel formulas, allows as to create many complex invoicing forms without breaking the support from Uniform Invoice Software. With Excel Invoice Manager, adding and updating custom fields should be done with a separate program called Custom Field Manager. With Uniform Invoice Software, it is now a built-in feature of the main program.

Australian GST Invoice Template

Australian GST Invoice Template

As always Australian GST Invoice Template is offered in Excel spreadsheet format.

  • the identity of the supplier, such as the business name at the top
  • the Australian business number (ABN) of the supplier at the top, near the supplier's identity
  • the date of issue of the tax invoice at the top, on the right hand side
  • that the document is intended as a tax invoice, such as including the words 'tax invoice' at the top
  • an invoice number shown prominently alongside the words 'tax invoice'
  • the purchaser's identity such as a name or ABN, for goods or services costing $1,000 or more
  • a unit description of each good or service supplied, including quantities - it is optional to include item numbers, and
  • the GST exclusive price, the GST amount and the GST inclusive price for each item, together with the totals for these, vertically in the bottom right hand corner.

Transportation Invoice

Transportation Bill Format

The benefits of Excel transportation billing template, instead of using Microsoft Word (usually ".doc" or ".docx") format, is that you are not only able to format the document in the way you like, but also able to do calculations easily. If you install Uniform Invoice Software, the simple transportation invoice template becomes powerful transportation invoice software, allowing to easily manage clients, products, invoices, and fee, payments and account receivables easily. For example, you are no longer need to manage invoice numbers manually. See automatic invoice numbering to find out how to do that.

Labor Invoice with Gradient Border

Labor Service Invoice with Gradient Border

Assuming the printable form has 10 rows and we choose to fill the left-border column with gradient colors, each of the 10 cells on the left-border column will be filled with a separate gradient effect. This isn't what we want because we want the whole left-border, from top to bottom, be filled with only one gradient effect.

Lightweight Sales Invoice Template

Lightweight Sales Billing Form

This template, Lightweight Sales Billing Form, does not uses custom fields, although you can easily add them with Uniform Invoice Software. With Excel Invoice Manager, which is our first generation of invoicing software based on Microsoft Excel, where custom fields (i.e. user-defined fields) should be defined using a standalone tool, Uniform Invoice Software integrates the "Custom Field Manager" into the main program itself and simplifies the use of custom field.

Invoice and Packing List on Same Form

Invoice and Packing Slip on Same Form

To archive this goal, we first have to copy the existing invoice design to create a new form, and then modify the new form to make it suitable for packing lists. And finally, we modify the definition of the printable form, to have Excel print both documents (the invoice and the packing list) at the same time.