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House Rent Receipt Template

House Rent Receipt Template

Unlike the sales receipt samples available here on, this house rent receipt template moves the usual "Company Information" section to be below the logo image. The company information section, which is titled with "Landlord" and can be filled with either company information, or personal / individual information, is formatted in the same way as the "Tenant" section. However, the landlord section has all the fields locked, so that if you are using the Uniform Invoice Software version, where invoice templates usually should be used with protection of the spreadsheet set to enabled, the "Clear & New" command will not erase the information you filled into the landlord section. If you use the Uniform Invoice Software edition of the house rental receipt template, the receipt# is generated automatically when you save a new receipt. The Rental Receipt Template lets you print rent receipts for payments made by cash, check, or money order. The information can either be pre-populated, or you can print a bunch of blank receipts.

Car Rental Invoice Sample

Car Rental Bill Form

This is a further-customized version of our rental invoice format c7001. It shows an image of tourisms on a limo. The images will show on the PDF car rental invoice too. It also adds a "Remark" field for you to fill in the driver's license in the United States or the international driving permit.

Vehicle Rental and Travel

Travel and Vehicle Rental

To do this, we have to firstly create a custom field "CustomerName" in the "InvBdy" database table. See c4051 Simple Sample - Discount Amount Field to find how to add a custom field. While c4051 is a sample of adding custom field to the "InvBdy" table, the steps of adding custom field to "InvBdy" are similar to that too.

Rental Invoicing Template

Rental receipt form

The rent invoice design differs from the standard template in that is has two additional columns, Start Month and End Month, on the body of the rental invoice form. Rental Invoice as the name is very much synonym for hire and leasing activities, anything which was given for a third party for temporary use could be charged with this rental invoice. For this reason, it is necessary to detail the start and end date on the invoice. Every business is different, you might find our free rent invoicing template does not 100% meet your requirements. If this is the case you can still use our free template as a rent invoice sample.

Advanced Sample - Invoiced Total in English Words

Advanced Bill Sample - Invoiced Total in English Words

As a business document, an invoice sent by a business to a client to denote an obligation to pay for goods or services. One of the most important fields is the total amount to pay. This sample invoicing template shows you how to show the invoiced total in English words.

Consulting Invoice Template (2nd Sample of Customization)

Consulting (2nd Sample)

Most free invoice templates available here on, along with the versions that work with Uniform Invoice Software, are designed with the similar color style. The secret behind this is simple – in the past several years we have created hundreds very different styles, but all the templates we created are based on the same sales invoice template, which is also the one that included in the installer program of Uniform Invoice Software.

Mixed Tax Rates (5 Columns)

Mixed Tax Rates in an Invoicing Form (5 Columns)

What do you do if you want to tax some items at different rates than other items? In the traditional approach shown above, you either tax an item at the one rate or two rates, or don't tax the item.

Greece VAT Invoice Template

Greek VAT Billing Form

Here on we've already published a customized invoice template for EU at c4100 Invoice Template for European Union. Other sample invoice formats for EU members include c4098 Sales Invoice Template for Germany and c4099 Service Invoice Template for Germany, c5065 France Invoice Template (Sales), c5066 France Invoice Template (Service), c6009 Netherlands Invoice Template (Sales), c6012 Netherlands Invoice Template (Service), etc.

Independent Contractor Invoice

Independent Contractor Billing Format

Effective invoicing procedures are crucial to the financial health of all contractor limited companies. So here we are offering a new invoice sample for independent contractors. Note that this template, like all the other templates published here on, works or without installation of Uniform Invoice Software. No matter what contractor service you are offering - web and graphic design, plumbing, construction, photography, copywriting, computer programming, website development, consulting, video production, translation, etc., you can use this template without installing Uniform Invoice Software to create contractor invoices.

Recruitment Agency Invoice Template

Recruitment Firm Billing Sample

With Uniform Invoice Software installed, when you click a line on the invoice body section, the on-sheet picker button appears. Click this button to pop-up a window that shows all the pre-saved items that are the products you sell or the service you render. This is a time-saving feature that avoids to type in the same / similar text or price again and again from invoice to invoice. The on-sheet picker also works for the "Invoice#" cell, the "Bill To" section.

Mixed Tax Rates in an Invoice (7 Columns)

Mixed Tax Rates in a Form (5 Columns)

This tax invoice template named Mixed Tax Rates in an Invoice (7 Columns) is a variant of Mixed Tax Rates in an Invoice (5 Columns). It differs from the original by moving the two new columns into the printable form.

Invoice and Packing List on Separate Worksheet

Invoice and Packing Slip on Separate Worksheet

On we've already released several samples of packing list templates. For example, the basic Packing List Template (cn010), which demonstrates how to modify an existing invoice form to create a packing list template; and Invoice and Packing List on Same Form (c4078), which puts the packing list (named Delivery Docket) and invoice on the same "Invoice" worksheet, so that the packing list and invoice is printed at the same time whenever you issue the "Print" command; and General Waybill (c3010), which also implements a general purpose packing slip / waybill in a standalone Excel spreadsheet template.

Basic Sales Invoice Template (Light Blue)

Basic Sales Invoice Template (Light Blue)

In order to create this basic sales invoice design (light blue) from the template, we moved the item#, unit price and quantity column out of the printable area, removed the formulas from the line total cells, and set the tax type to "no tax" with the help of Uniform Invoice Software.

Consulting Invoicing Form

Consulting Invoicing Form

If you running a consulting business, this simple consulting invoice could be used as a sample or starting point of your own invoices. Being a consultant your most important work includes setting consulting fee rates and making money, but providing a professional and beautiful consulting invoices could help you collect payments easily and quickly.