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The free billing statement template included in each invoice template here on could be filled by Uniform Invoice Software.

Simply click the "New Report" button on the top of the "Customer Statement" report worksheet, or click the "New Report" button on the task pane, you'll see the dialog box that allows you to specify various options for generating statements, including date range (start date and end date), where to save the reports / statements, and whom you want to generate the billing statements for.

Billing Statement Template is a sub-topic of . Here are our templates closely related to Billing Statement Template.

Billing Summary Template

Billing Statement Form

The 2-page billing summary template has 55 lines on the detail section; whereas the 1-page billing summary format offers only 19 lines. The 1-page template was created by simply hiding the line 20 to line 56 of the 2-page template. Both templates connect to the same Microsoft Access database "c5122.mdb". For more samples on multiple-page templates, click here.

Billing Invoice Template

Billing Invoice Form

If you just started your small business and have limited budget, you need cheap and quick way to create and send bills and invoices. A billing invoice template is ideal for this purpose.

Attorney Billing Form

Attorney Billing Form

This template is a revised version of our Attorney Invoice Template (South Africa Currency) (c5067). It now uses a new color schema, Agency FB fonts. The client# cell is also moved out of the printable form. See the PDF invoice generated by Uniform Invoice Software to find out what will it like when you client receive your bills.

Contractor Billing Format

Contractor Invoicing Layout

In this Contractor Invoicing Layout, we use the "Bill To" found on the original invoice template for "Contractor", including name, Address, City State and ZIP, Phone, Email and Contractor#; and, we use the "Shipping To" section for "Client", including its Name, Address, City State and ZIP, as well as contact information.

Catering Invoice Template

Catering Invoice Template

Catering is the business of providing food service at a remote site or a site such as a hotel, public house (pub), or other location. Catering has evolved to become an artisanal affair. In fact, many other templates here on could be used for catering invoicing. For example, Cleaning Service Invoice Template, Free Restaurant Dining Invoice Template (VAT), and Free Restaurant Dining Invoice Template (No Tax). By default, this template has one default logo image put on the top of the form. To replace this default logo image, simply install Uniform Invoice Software. Click the "Replace Logo Image" button on the "Invoice" ribbon to replace the default logo image. With Uniform Invoice Software installed, you can also easily customize the taxing options of the form. Click the Settings command on the Excel ribbon, and then go to the Taxes tab.

Nigeria Invoice Template

Nigeria Billing Form

For more information on changing currency symbol in Excel, visit How to Change the Currency Symbol for Certain Cells in Excel.

Welder Invoicing Template

Welder Billing Form

After removing the text and names of the "Type" column, the space of the type column is merged into the Description column, so that the fillable description column could hold more content about the welding or steel fabrication job that have been done.

Notary Invoice Template

Notary Billing Template

Notary Invoice Template could also be seen as a general service invoice template and consultant invoice template. It helps you to create and print professional notary and general invoices and estimates. The billing form has 3 columns - Date, Description and Amount.

Musician Invoice Template

Musician Invoice Template

The "Advertisement" section is an auxiliary section, which is not directly related to your bills or invoices, but allows you to put a brief description about your business and service, or you can also put your payment term, service term here. Note that this is a static text section - you can modify it once the template is switched to design mode, but when you are creating invoices, this section is protected and thus couldn't be modified. This also means that the section is not defined as a field in the database, and thus cannot be changed from invoice to invoice.

Simple Proforma Invoicing Sample

Simple Proforma Invoice Format

In order to create this template from the original Proforma Invoicing Form (c7010), we firstly set the taxing mode of the template to one tax by using Uniform Invoice Software.

Jewelry Receipt Template

Bill Format for Jewelry Shop

Running a jewelry store that sells rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, charms, watches, or assorted / personalized jewelry products? Download this free billing template to create beautiful invoices and receipts in Excel and PDF format.

Auto Repair Service Invoice with Car Lift Background Image

Auto Repair Service Invoice with Car Lift Background Image

If you are running an auto repair shop, car mechanics or repair garage and need a quick, easy and budget-free solution for invoicing, this free Excel auto repair service bill sample could be your choice.

Designer Invoice Template (Red)

Designer Invoice Template (Red)

One of the major problems with invoicing is that many of the tools available make it difficult for a company to customize the invoice. There may be a set range of templates available, but these don't always work for everyone. Fortunately, an invoice template in Excel spreadsheet does not have these issues because it offers excellent customization for invoice template design (quotes, too), so you have the functionality to get creative with your invoice. Why not take some inspiration from some of the beautiful designs? You can simply download our templates from here on, use them as the starting points of your own design for invoices / proposals / quotes. To make some sample of customizations, we provide c4029 Designer Invoice Template / Designer Billing Form (Blue) and c4030 Designer Invoice Template / Designer Billing Form (Gray). The customized versions, c4029 and c4030, have the exactly same form layout and database fields as Designer Invoice Template (Red) - the only thing changed is the color schema.

Sample Format for Job Invoicing (Tax Column)

Job Billing Sample (Tax Column)

Job Billing Sample (Tax Column) is the third sample on customizing Job Billing Sample. With this sample we added a new column to the detail section, i.e. the tax amount column which shows how much tax charged on each item that is being invoiced.

Rental Invoicing Template

Rental Invoicing Template

So what is a rent invoice? If you are a landlord or an estate agency when you receive rent from tenant, a rental invoice is a formal document you could give. A rental invoice, as its name implies, should details information like date, amount of rent, installment detail if any and signature of the concerned person. A rent invoicing sample or rental billing form helps you create these types of documents with easy and quick. For example, you can use it as an apartment rental invoicing layout or car rental invoicing design.

Designer Invoice Template (Gray)

Designer Invoice Template (Gray)

This template has one tax set on the bottom of the form, which has a default name TAX. To change the tax name and rate, simply unprotect the spreadsheet and then type in what suits your situation in the proper cells.