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Appliance Repair Service Bill Template

Appliance Repair Service Invoice Template

This template was originally published on our company web site with the template# "c5-020". We now revisited it and fine tune the form layout it here on, and released it with the corresponding template# "c5020", and with a new template title Appliance Repair Service Bill Template.

Simple Proforma Invoicing Sample

Simple Proforma Invoice Format

Simple Proforma Invoicing Sample is the simplified version of our Proforma Invoicing Form. Although the invoice layout is custmized, the form still contains all the common fields that are required.

Simple Sample - Total Quantity on Sales Report

Simple Format - Total Quantity on Sales Report
  1. First, make sure you have created a backup copy of the template.
  2. Open the template / spreadsheet file.
  3. Click "Invoices" on the "Invoice" ribbon tab.
  4. Click "Custom Fields" on the toolbar to open the "Custom Field Manager" dialog box.
  5. Make sure "Database Table" is showing "Invoice Header".
  6. Click "Add Field" to open the "Add New Custom Field" dialog box.
  7. Enter: Field Name - TotalQuantity; Type - Decimal; Precision - 10; Scale - 2.
  8. Click "OK" to create the new "TotalQuantity" field.
  9. Close all dialog boxes and return to Excel form.
  10. Switch to design mode by clicking the "Design Mode" button on the "Invoice" ribbon. This allows you to modify the invoice design.
  11. Click the cell where you want to place the quantity total. In this sample, we choose $I$34 - i.e. the cell below the "Quantity" column.
  12. Enter the formula to calculate the sum of all quantities:
  13. On the formula bar, click to activate the name box located at the left-end, enter the cell name "oknTotalQuantity". Note this name must be the combination of the prefix "okn" and the database field name "TotalQuantity". This name creates the map between the Excel cell and the backend Access database field to store the value when you save an invoice.

Simple Consulting Bill with Printable Background Image

Simple Consulting Billing Template with Printable Background Image

This printable image is located on the center-bottom of the form, where in the original template we placed the default logo image for your consultancy business. In order to show the background image, we've moved the default logo image (the placeholder image) to the top of the form layout.

Simple Sales Invoice for Australia

Lightweight Blank Sales Invoice Sample for Australia

Note that the familiar "Thank you for your business" line was removed from the bottom of the sheet. If you look at the printed invoice, there is a fine print on the bottom of the form that says "GOODS REMAIN PROPERTY OF BusinessName PTY UNTIL PAID IN FULL. CREDITCARD PAYMENTS SUBJECT TO A 1½% SURCHARGE (VISA OR MASTERCARD)". This message is added to the page footer.

To change the page footer / page header, following the steps below.

Simple Invoice Format for Florida

Simple Invoice Form for Florida

The word art image in this sample is created by clicking Excel "WordArt" command on the "Insert" ribbon tab. When the newly created word art object is selected, Excel shows a new "Format" ribbon tab, where you can adjust the "Text Fill", "Text Outlook" and Text Effects".

Mountain Laurel Invoice Template

Mountain Laurel Bill Format

This template is customized version of c3001 Basic Sales Invoice Template (Light Blue) in the basic invoice template gallery. By adding the images of mountain laurel flowers to the form, it immediately gets a completely new feel and look. It is no more a general business document, but an interesting and attractive letter asking for payment genteelly.

Sales Invoice Form with Discount Amount

Sales Invoice Template - Discount Amount

By moving the shipping fields back into the printable area on the Excel Invoice form, the original service invoice template now becomes a sales invoice template that supports per customer discount amount.

Simple Consulting Invoice Template

Simple Consulting Billing Format

As a consultant you need a beautiful invoicing template to bill your clients, yet the template should be simple and easy to use. Simple Consulting Invoice Template might be your choice for creating invoices.

Auto Repair Invoice Template

Blank Vehicle Repair Invoice

July 12 2016: Please visit the revised version of this auto service invoice template at Auto Repair Service Invoice with Car Lift Background Image.

Sample Sales Invoice Template 2

Sample Sales Invoice Form 2

Unlocking the line total fields is necessary in order to make the fields editable when the Invoice worksheet of the spreadsheet is protected.

Mixed Tax Rates (5 Columns)

Mixed Tax Rates (5 Columns)

Firstly, we added the custom field "Product Type" to the Product database table. With this field you'll define the tax type of the product or item, which could be have a value of "beverage" or "non-beverage", or something like "General" or "Labor" - depending on your business requirements. Secondly, we added the custom field "Product Type" to the "InvBdy" database table, with exactly the same name and type as what defined in the Product database table; and add the custom field "Applied Tax Rate" to the "InvBdy" data table, which saves the actual rate applied to the current invoicing item.

Form with Product Category

Template with Product Category

If you use the freeware edition of this invoice template, you may find there is no much difference between this invoice template and the default sales invoice template shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel. The only difference appears outside the printable area on the center of the form, where you can find a Product Category column near the invoice body. Visit the gallries at Simple Invoice Template and Blank Invoice Templates for more information.

Invoice with Previous Balance (Sales)

Invoice Forwarding Outstanding Balance

Note that in order to save the previous outstanding balance to the current invoice, a custom field named "AccountBalance" should be added to the invoice header database table too.

Invoice with Previous Balance (Service)

Invoice Forwarding Outstanding Balance

This is a service invoice version of Invoice with Previous Balance (Sales). It differs from the original version by moving all shipping-related fields out of the printable invoice.

Simple Hourly Rate Service Invoice with Date Column

Simple Hourly Rate Service Bill with Date Column

Unlike other simple invoice templates, this design has a custom field "Date" column added to the detail section. Since "Date" is a reserved keyword for underlying database, we use the "ItemDate" as the database field name. This custom field is added to the "Invoice Body" database table -- this means that the cell values are not filled automatically when you pick saved products / items. To learn how to set up and use custom fields (also known as user-defined fields), visit custom fields. Visit hourly rate invoice template for more sample forms on hourly rate.

Freight Invoice

Freight Invoice Template

For this reason, this form is also a VAT invoice sample. Compared to c6002, this template has a newly designed color theme and a new heading. The company information of your freight business is now right-aligned. The two important fields, "Invoice Date" and "Invoice#", are now colored and boxed.

Junk Removal Bill Sample

Trash Removal Invoice

Note that the "Discount" implemented on the bottom of the form is manually editable. It is an amount value, but not percentage. For this reason, the "Total" is calculated using the formula like this:

Basic Blank Service Invoice Format (One-tax)

Basic Blank Service Invoice Layout (One-tax)

Note that a Two-tax version is also available here on, at Basic Blank Service Invoice Format (Two-tax). If you need less lines but more space for each item description on your blank service invoice template, see Basic Blank Service Billing Format (No-tax, Long Description), and the one tax format at Basic Blank Service Invoicing Format (One-tax, Long Description), and the two-tax layout at Basic Blank Service Bill Format (Two-taxes, Long Description).

Invoicing Template in Euros

Invoicing Format in Euros

As a simple customized sample of VAT invoice created for Germany (See c4098 Sales Invoicing Format for Germany and Service Billing Template for Germany), we make the currency symbol shown for the appropriate cells. This customization is easy and simple. If you are interesting in the details, here is how.