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Print Shop Bill Sample

Print Shop Billing Format

Note that the Invoice worksheet is protected by default. Before you can use the spreadsheet for the first time, you need to unprotect the Invoice worksheet and then type in your business details.

Invoicing Sample for Cosmetics Shops

Billing Template for Cosmetics Shops

Download this free Excel bill sample for vendors, stores, retailers and wholesalers that are specialized in cosmetics and makeup. The template (".xlsx" file) features auto calculation and a cosmetics background picture.

Clothing Shop Receipt

Clothing Shop Receipt

For a sample invoice template designed for clothing store / manufacturer with size breakdown, visit Clothing Store (Manufacturer) Invoice Format with Size Breakdown.

Billing Summary Template

Billing Statement Form

This billing summary in Excel spreadsheet format was originally designed for an office of information technology that provides radio communication services. The downloadable package includes two formats, one-page template and two-page template.

Billing Invoice Template

Billing Invoice Template

If you just started your small business and have limited budget, you need cheap and quick way to create and send bills and invoices. A billing invoice template is ideal for this purpose.

Attorney Billing Form

legal billing statement

This template is a revised version of our Attorney Invoice Template (South Africa Currency) (c5067). It now uses a new color schema, Agency FB fonts. The client# cell is also moved out of the printable form. See the PDF invoice generated by Uniform Invoice Software to find out what will it like when you client receive your bills.

Contractor Billing Format

Contractor Billing Format

Take a look at the screenshot of this invoice template, you'll easily find the differences between this template and other templates available here on There are 18 lines on the detail section, but these lines are grouped into two sections - the "Services" section and the "Expenses" section, with each section identified by a blue title bar. You can use 6 lines on each section to itemize the service and expense. The other lines are reserved for taxes and amounts.

Catering Invoice Template

Catering Invoice Template

Catering is the business of providing food service at a remote site or a site such as a hotel, public house (pub), or other location. Catering has evolved to become an artisanal affair. In fact, many other templates here on could be used for catering invoicing. For example, Cleaning Service Invoice Template, Free Restaurant Dining Invoice Template (VAT), and Free Restaurant Dining Invoice Template (No Tax). By default, this template has one default logo image put on the top of the form. To replace this default logo image, simply install Uniform Invoice Software. Click the "Replace Logo Image" button on the "Invoice" ribbon to replace the default logo image. With Uniform Invoice Software installed, you can also easily customize the taxing options of the form. Click the Settings command on the Excel ribbon, and then go to the Taxes tab.

Sample Service Invoice Template: Fixed Items

Sample Service Invoice Template: Fixed Items

Sample Service Invoice Template: Fixed Items is a variant of Sample Sales Invoice Template: Fixed Items. It is the service edition of the original one.

Simple Sample - Using Shape Object

Simple Invoicing Sample - Using Shape Object

So you want your invoices stand out from the generic, like your business? It is actually easy with Excel and Uniform Invoice Software. With this sample we create a free simple invoice template that uses shapes.

Welding and Fabrication Service Invoice Template

Welding and Fabrication Billing Template

To be a successful welder you need to be able to complete invoice forms or reports for employers showing tasks completed, materials used, hours worked and how much to charge customers. This is one of the essential skills for success as a welder, as detailed in the welding procedures developed by governing bodies, such as the Canadian Welding Bureau - it is as important as other skills, like being able to complete timesheets, review notes on blueprints from the engineering department about materials and procedures, interpret diagrams and tables on blueprints to determine engineering requirements, calculate materials and labor charges on invoices for clients, calculate how much materials will be needed for a structure prior to ordering, calculate the volume, diameter and circumference of tanks when fabricating pieces for them, etc.

VAT Sales Invoicing Sample - Price Excluding Tax

VAT Sales Invoicing Sample - Price Excluding Tax

When filling in this blank VAT invoicing template, note the following. The first is the invoice#, which is a unique number you assign to identify the invoice in your own accounting system, such as "INV0001". If you have Uniform Invoice Software (UIS), clicking the "Save To DB" will cause the program to generate the invoice number automatically; Invoice Date, this is simply the date the invoice was issued. Usually today's date. Again, if you have UIS installed, clicking the "Clear & New" button will fill in the current date automatically; PO Number: Purchase Order Number - this may be provided by your client to help tie your invoice to a corresponding record on their system; Payment Term: How long your client has to pay your invoice, which is legally binding, and if their payment is overdue you can take action.

Simple Sample - Building & Remodeling Invoice

Simple Sample - Building & Remodeling Service Invoice

In the Creating and Customizing Invoice Template document, it was stated that all invoicing templates that works with UIS should be created from, or the final base template should be, the default template shipped with UIS. All templates available here (except this one) on adhere to this rule.


Time Sheet

This Timesheet template records the time your employee worked for a job. It includes fields for job location, job contact, as well as the hours each employee worked, hourly rate, administrative fee. This is a weekly time sheet.

Sample Sales Invoice Template: Fixed Items

Sales Template with Fixed Items

"Sample Sales Invoice Template: Fixed Items" is a sample invoice that demonstrates how to use fixed or static product items on the body part of the printable invoice form. It is a sales template thus including shipping fields.