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In the document Word Invoice Templates we described the benefit of using Excel as an invoice generator. For example, it is easy to do automated calculations of discounts, totals and taxes using formulas in Excel.

One of the useful feature provided by Uniform Invoice Software (UIS) is the auto generation of invoice numbers. With Microsoft Word, you can do so by applying a macro. For example, the "Autonew" macro at Creating sequentially numbered documents (such as invoices), or at Auto-incrementing Form Fields could help you. Visit Word Macro - auto increment invoice number and file name on save for more discussions on this topic.

On wikiHow you can also find a useful tutorial about Word-based invoicing, which is designed for simple and basic invoicing using Word. Zuora described another advanced way of using mail merge feature, at Customize Billing Document Templates Using Word Mail Merge.

All these Word-based solutions does not deal with the problem of saving data to database. For this, we recommend our Excel based desktop invoicing tool UIS.

Auto Invoice In Word is a sub-topic of Invoice Template For Word . Here are our templates closely related to Auto Invoice In Word.

Automotive Sample Invoice Template

Invoice for Auto Parts

This auto parts invoice / automotive sample invoice template is the sample invoice template shipped with Excel Invoice Manager that demonstrating the use of custom fields.

Auto Repair Invoice Template

Auto Repair Invoice Template

Auto Repair Invoice Template is a free blank auto repair invoice form that allows you to create auto repair invoices with easy and quick. The auto repair invoice form includes fields for vehicle information.

Auto Repair Service Invoice with Car Lift Background Image

Auto Repair Service Invoice with Car Lift Background Image

For an auto service billing format where you can list service labor and parts / materials in different sections, and thus a different tax rate could be set for each section, visit Parts and Labor invoicing sample (c4071).

Advanced Sample - Invoiced Total in English Words

Advanced Sample - Invoiced Total in English Words

First, to convert an ".xlsx" invoice template into ".xlsm" format, follow steps below.

Now the steps to create the "SpellNumber" VBA macro function for the ".xlsm" Excel workbook file. The macro code was copied from Microsoft at How to convert a numeric value into English words in Excel, where you can also find step by step instructions on how the create the spreadsheet file. You can also find a similar implementation at Two best ways to convert numbers to words in Excel, and at Converting Numbers Into Words.

Auto Repair Invoicing Sample (2)

Blank Vehicle Repair Invoice (2)

There are other sample formats online too, such as Word, HTML or PDF, but Excel is our favorite here at The auto invoicing example given here demonstrating just one advantage of using Microsoft Excel based form designs. By using a drop-down list box instead of a manually editable text field, you can draft an invoice much easy than before.

Once everything is prepared, it is the time to use the Data Validation to create the drop-down list.

Simple Invoice Format for Florida

Simple Invoice Format for Florida

This simple invoice template for Florida is designed for businesses who want to try something new. The title word "INVOICE" is applied with lightweight word art to show a cambered effect. It also has an orange blossom background that is known as the state flower of Florida.

Five Price Levels (Sales, Amount, Custom Column)

Form with 5 Price Levels

This sample of customizing invoice templates is named with the keyword "cosmetic". A new column "Color" was added to meet the requirements of the cosmetic business.

Plumbing Contractor Invoice Template

Plumbing Contractor Receipt Form

This plumbing contractor billing form does not use the Quantity and Line Total fields as found in general Excel invoicing samples available here on All these two columns are moved out of the printable invoice form.

Invoice Template with Tax Column

Billing Form with Tax Column

The heading part of the invoice form, including your own company/business information section, invoice#, invoice date, "Bill To" section and "Shipping To" section are similar to the default sales invoice template included in Uniform Invoice Software setup program, which you can download and try for free, and is able to upgrade a simple Excel formatted invoice template to a fully featured invoice program. With Uniform Invoice Software installed, your Excel invoice template will not be a simple invoice creator, it will be powerful invoicing that includes features for managing customers, products/items, invoices and payments.

VAT Invoicing Template with VAT Rate and Amount Column

VAT Billing Template with VAT Rate and Amount Column

In order to adhere to these rules and requirements, we added several custom fields to the default database shipped with UIS.

Commercial Template Sample - Adding Insurance Cost Field

Commercial Template Sample - Adding Insurance Cost Field

These fields - insurance and currency code, provides important information regarding the international shipping / freight and international trading. If you have looked at Commercial Template Sample - Complete Incoterms Rules, you may notice that many Incoterms rules specify how the insurance cost will be handled.

Commercial Template Sample - Complete Incoterms Option

Commercial Template Sample - Complete Incoterms Option

As detailed on, "The term, Incoterms®, is an abbreviation for International Commercial Terms. They are a set of rules which define the responsibilities of sellers and buyers for the delivery of goods under sales contracts for domestic and international trade." With the previous implementations of blank commercial invoice templates (FedEx style), terms of Sale (Incoterms) was limited to 3 options on the printable form - FOB (Free On Board - risk pass to buyer including payment of all transportation and insurance cost once delivered on board the ship by the seller. Used for sea or inland waterway transportation), C&F (Cost and Freight - CFR, Title, risk and insurance cost pass to buyer when delivered on board the ship by seller who pays the transportation cost to the destination port. Used for sea or inland waterway transportation) and CIF (Cost Insurance and Freight - Title and risk pass to buyer when delivered on board the ship by seller who pays transportation and insurance cost to destination port. Used for sea or inland waterway transportation). These options are implemented as checkbox on the bottom of the form. All the 3 options are rules for sea and inland waterway transport. Effective January 2010, the ICC once again updated Incoterms (see Incoterms 2010) to follow the modern trends in international trade. The number of Incoterms® rules has been reduced from 13 to 11.

VAT Invoice Template with VAT Rate Column

VAT Invoice Template with VAT Rate Column

This is a variant of C5005 VAT Invoice Template with 2 Separate Rates. It differs from the original Excel VAT invoice template in that this variant moves in the VAT Rate into the printable Excel invoice form.

Invoice with Date Column

Template with Date Column

With Uniform Invoice Software, which you can download and try the fully functional trial version for free, it is much easier to use custom fields. The previous standalone utility program, Database Designer, was no longer available. The feature of the Database Designer program was added to Uniform Invoice Software program itself, and database definition file is no longer required. For example, let's say you want to add the Date column to the Invoice Body database table. You first open the Invoice Edit window of any invoice, and then double-click an invoice item to open the detail window of the invoicing item, and then go to the "Custom Fields" tab. Next, click the Add Field button to open the "Add New Custom Field" window. Specify the name of the field ("DateCompleted" in this example because we want to use this field to detail when the service or job was performed / completed - you cannot name a field with the word "date" because it is a keyword used by the underlying database engine), and then select "Date" from the Type list. The "Default value", "Caption" and "Notes" fields are optional on this window. Note that if you are adding a new field that is Text type, you have to also fill in the Size field; and if you are adding a Decimal field, you have to fill in Precision and Scale too. Once the new field "Date" is added to the Invoice Body database table, all you have to do is to name the field. To do this, simply enter the name of each cell on the column "oknDateCompleted_1", "oknDateCompleted_2", and so on, from top to bottom.