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Hourly Invoice Template

Hourly Invoice Template

There are 5 columns on the body of the invoice form: #, Description, Hours, Rate and Amount. The Amount is calculated automatically using Excel formulas.


Time Sheet

Following the Name column, there are 7 columns for you to enter hours worked each day. This is the place to record how long each employee worked for a job. After that, you see the Total Hours column. This column is calculated automatically using Excel formula, so you don't have to calculate and type it manually. The next column, Hourly Rate column, should be manually filled in. However, if you have Uniform Invoice Software installed, the Hourly Rate can be retrieved from backend database automatically. The last column on the printable form is called Total, which is also calculated using Excel formula.

Freelance Invoice Template

Freelance Billing Template

If you are a freelancer and or running a small business, doing writing, designing or as a consultant or carpenter, a professional looking invoicing template helps you get paid fast. Download Freelance Invoice Template now and start creating invoices in seconds.

Hourly Service Invoice Template (UK Currency)

Hourly Service Billing Statement (UK Currency)

If you prefer a currency-neutral version of this service invoice template, see c4025 Hourly Service Invoice Template / Hourly Service Billing Statement where the numbers are shown without any currency symbol.

Hourly Service Invoice Template (Price Excluding Tax)

Hourly Service Invoice Template (Price Excluding Tax)

Note that like most other templates here on, this templates includes a default logo image on the top of the form. This is a placeholder image which you should replace with your own image.

Hourly Service Billing Sample

Hourly Service Billing Statement

The default invoicing form calculates line totals from Quantity and Unit Price. This sample service bill template simply change the headings to Hours and Rate so that it becomes an hourly service bill template.

Environmental Consulting Invoice Template

Environmental Consulting Invoice Template

This template was originally published on with template# c5-024. We revisited and moved it here on The following description of this template is also a republication from

Hourly Service Bill Sample (Price Including Tax)

Hourly Service Billing Statement (Price Including Tax)

The above formula means that, if the current item is taxable, the amount of tax will be "Line Total * (1-1/(1+Tax Rate)). For example, if the price is 10 and the quantity is 1, tax rate is 17.50%, then the tax amount equals 1.49 after rounding to 2 decimal digits. Also, in the example, the net price is 8.51.

Beautiful Service Invoice Template with Hourly Rate

Beautiful Service Invoice Template with Hourly Rate

We've also moved the cells to create the new invoice layout, as compared to c4025 Template. If you want to make the simple template a complete invoicing system, Uniform Invoice Software could help. offers various free invoice templates that could all be used with Uniform Invoice Software.

UK Tax Invoice Template

UK Tax Invoice Template

In certain trades (UK Construction, for example) it is customary for a list price to be given (on some, but not all products) and then a percentage discount to be applied. I.e. Quantity 1, List price of £81.57, discount of 65%, giving a line total of £28.55.

Consultant VAT Invoice for U.K. Limited Company

Consultant VAT Invoice Format for UK Limited Company

A consulting project may there may be other documents that further detail the project. So under the "Bill To" section, we added fields for "Our Ref" and "Cust. Ref" for you to enter the indexing number of related reference documents. For other options, visit our category of consulting invoice templates. The "Sales Rep. Name" and "Payment Term" fields here, like they are in the standard invoice template shipped with Uniform Invoice Software, support the "on-sheet picker" button - this is a smart and little button that appears whenever you click the supported cells, you can open a list of possible choices by clicking the picker button.

Service VAT Invoice Template

Service VAT Invoice Template

Service VAT Invoice Template is an Excel format VAT invoice template designed mainly for United Kingdom (UK) businesses, including fields designed for VAT such as VAT Registration No., a VAT column and a VAT Rate column.

Invoice Template VAT UK

Invoice Form VAT UK

This form design was originally published on as C4-010. The following documents disclose design details.

  1. Open the template in Excel.
  2. Switch to design mode by clicking the "Design Mode" button on Uniform Invoice Software ribbon tab.
  3. Click to select a not-used cell, i.e. the cell where you want to put the VAT Registration No. information of a customer.
  4. Name the cell oknCustVatRegNo. (See Customizing Invoice Template - Names)

    Tip: The link or map between an Excel cell and the database is created by names. You name the cell oknCustVatRegNo, Uniform Invoice Software automatically loads the value of database field CustVatRegNo into this cell, and saves the value of this cell into CustVatRegNo field on saving an invoice. "okn" is the name prefix of all custom fields.

  5. Right-click the cell, choose Format Cells.
  6. Switch to the Protection tab, and then uncheck the Locked box. This makes sure that Uniform Invoice Software can write/alter the cell value when the invoice form is protected.

    Tip: If the cell of the custom field contains a formula, the Locked box must be checked to protect the formula. This way, Uniform Invoice Software does not write to / alter the value of the cell, but will let Excel calculate the cell value.

  7. Exit design mode by clicking the "Design Mode" button again.
  8. Save your invoice template by clicking Excel menu File -> Save in Excel 2003, or by clicking Office button -> Save in Excel 2007, or by clicking File -> Save in Excel 2010 / 2013 / 2016.

Professional Freelance Bill

Professional Freelance Bill

The template has no tax set by default (the tax cells are hidden and not printable). With Uniform Invoice Software installed, you can easily change it to one tax or two taxes, depending on your particular needs. Simply click the Settings button on the ribbon tab, and then go to the Taxes tab, choose your tax type (no tax, one tax, two taxes), enter the tax name such as VAT, and the rate, click Apply and you are done! With this flexibility, we can say this template is not only suitable for freelancer, limited company and also sole trader, whether they are VAT-registered or not.

Freelance Writer Invoice

Freelance Writer Invoice

Another important invoicing tips for freelancer writers or designers is tracking invoices and payments. While the pure Excel-formatted template does produce beautiful and professional invoices, it is not easy when it comes to number and tracking invoices / payments. With pure Excel spreadsheet template, you have to number invoices manually and track payments manually. And as a freelancer, you may not want to use those expensive and complex accounting / bookkeeping software systems. This is no longer a problem if you have Uniform Invoice Software installed, which is our Excel-based desktop invoicing software app that connect an Excel spreadsheet template with back end database, offers advanced features like management of customers, products, invoices and payments. Feel free to download the fully functional trail version and see how it works for you. The invoicing app is also able to generate PDF copy of your freelance invoice and send it to your customer electronically.

Invoice Template with Hours and Rate

Invoice Template with Hours and Rate

Two things to note about this spreadsheet. Firstly with this design we set all page margins to 0 (zero). Your print result may look slightly different if the printer you use does not support borderless printing.

Invoicing Format for HVAC Service

A C invoice template

This is a service invoice template, featuring a "Bill To" section and a "Service Location" section that allow you to enter different billing address and the location to perform the HVAC service. In the detail section, there are two parts, just like the parts and labor invoice form. The parts and labor could have different tax rates. On the bottom of the form, the "TOTAL AMOUNT PAYABLE" field calculates the grand total from both the parts and labor sections using a simple Excel formula like this:

Website Development Invoicing Sample

Website Development Billing Format

This template is customized based on c4029 Free Designer Bill Template (Blue), which is suitable for web designer, graphic designer, freelancer, contractor etc. There are other variants of c4029 too here on, like Free Designer Billing Template (Red), Free Designer Billing Form (Gray). If you are a freelancer, you may like to take a look at Free Freelance Bill Template. If you like a template that has its columns titled with "Hours" and "Rate", visit Beautiful Service Bill Template with Hourly Rate or Hourly Service Billing Template, Hourly Service Billing Sample (UK Currency), Free Hourly Service Billing Format (Price Including Tax) and Free Hourly Service Invoicing Sample (Price Excluding Tax). Each template here comes with a fillable PDF billing template along with an Excel spreadsheet format template.

Itemized Graphic Design Invoice

Itemized Graphic Design Format

We've already have several customized template here on that show hours and hourly rate. For example, Designer Invoice Template (Gray), Designer Invoice Template (Blue), and Designer Invoice Template (Red) - these 3 templates have exactly the same fields and layout, but differs from each other in the color schemas. And, all these 3 templates include an "Introduction" field where you can put on a brief description about the service project. Furthermore, all templates listed on Invoice Template Hourly Rate could be used for this purpose too.

Credit Memo Template

Credit Note Template

Credit Memo Template is a free sample template that helps you create credit notes and credit memos. The credit note template in Excel format and its PDF format are all available free for download.