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Hourly Invoice Template

Hourly Billing Form

This template was originally published on as c5-022. It is revisited and published here on The following description from c5-022 on offers more information about this template design.


Time Sheet

The timesheet template has 11 columns on the invoice body within the printable area. The first is a Name column, where you can enter your employee's name. If you use the Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software) version, you can also pick up one two several employees by clicking the icon button on the current invoicing line, or you can retrieve employee information (including hourly rate) from backend database by type the ID of the employee into to "OP#" cells.

Freelance Invoice Template

Freelance Billing Template

This invoice design has 6 columns on the invoice detail section - Description, Date, Hours, Rate / Fee and Amount. The Amount is calculated automatically using Excel formulas once the Hours and Rate / Fee are filled in. The other 5 columns, Description, Date, Hours and Rate / Fee are all fillable in this invoice format. As you can see from the screen shots below, this is basically a hourly service invoice template, like Hourly Service Invoice Template. You can also find other interesting invoice template in the Consulting Invoice Template category or Service Invoice Template category here on, including those designed specially with UK (United Kingdom) style.

Hourly Service Invoice Template (UK Currency)

Hourly Service Billing Statement (UK Currency)

If you prefer a currency-neutral version of this service invoice template, see c4025 Hourly Service Invoice Template / Hourly Service Billing Statement where the numbers are shown without any currency symbol.

Consultant Bill Format

Consultant Bill Format

As you can see from the screenshots, we've removed many colored blocks from the sheet. This makes the form looks simple and clean. If you are a professional advisor, such as counselor, accountant and IT expert, you may like this form design.

Simple Hourly Rate Service Invoice with Date Column

Simple Hourly Rate Service Bill with Date Column

Unlike other simple invoice templates, this design has a custom field "Date" column added to the detail section. Since "Date" is a reserved keyword for underlying database, we use the "ItemDate" as the database field name. This custom field is added to the "Invoice Body" database table -- this means that the cell values are not filled automatically when you pick saved products / items. To learn how to set up and use custom fields (also known as user-defined fields), visit custom fields. Visit hourly rate invoice template for more sample forms on hourly rate.

Work Invoice in Excel

Work Billing Template in Excel

This work invoice template in Excel is designed for freelance workers who charges on an hourly basis. It has a word art logo that shows "WORK INVOICE", a "Work Description" section near the "Bill To" fields, and 4 columns that calculate totals using Excel formulas.

Caregiver Billing Form

Caregiver Billing Form

In this form layout for healthcare providers, we moved the logo image to be underneath the business name (caregiver and health care provider name). So when you're replacing it with your own image, make sure you choose a horizontal rectangle logo image. Otherwise, you have to move it to other place for easy resizing of the image object.

Dance Teacher Bill Sample

Dancing Teacher Invoice Format

The template has 8 lines and 4 columns on the detail section, where you can itemize what to charge for. For example, "Ballet Starter lesson". The "Amount" (i.e. "Line total") is calculated from "Hours" and "Rate". So this template is a member of invoice template billable hours, where you can find our templates created for hourly work, including timesheet and templates for consultants.

Animation Invoice Template

Animation Invoice Template

Designed for freelance animator or small service business in the filmmaking industry, like an animation studio. This animation invoice template offers 5 columns, a "Bill To" section and a "Summary" section.

Translation Service Receipt

Translation Receipt Template

Designed for translators and interpreters. Create professional and attractive receipt / invoice with our editable translation service receipt template in Excel spreadsheet format. Print offline hard copies, or send PDF / image invoices electronically using email (UIS required).

Hourly Service Invoice Template (Price Excluding Tax)

Hourly Service Billing Statement (Price Excluding Tax)

If you are a small business, contractor or consultant looking for a simple set of Excel invoicing samples for more professional looking invoicing and billing? Well with the help of Microsoft Excel and the minds behind guys you can download our billing template files for free! Our templates are simple, easy to use, itemized Excel spreadsheet templates for sales, services & products which includes both tax calculations and payment notes as well as all the other usual information you'll want to include on your invoice to ensure it looks professional and meets all of your commercial and business needs.

Hourly Service Billing Sample

Hourly Service Billing Sample

While all the invoicing templates online here on is has the final common source - the default template shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software), our invoicing software that is able to turns a pure Excel-formatted spreadsheet template into a complete invoicing program, the direct source of this design, Hourly Service Billing Template (or Hourly Service Billing Form) is actually based on c4001 Billing Template with 4 Columns.

Environmental Consulting Invoice Template

Environmental Consulting Billing Form

If you have an environmental consulting firm that provides comprehensive regulatory and technical consulting services to municipalities, private industry, and government agencies, this consulting service invoice template designed by Uniform Software might be ideal for you. The service provided by the sample company in this template focuses on groundwater and surface water characterization, impact assessments, compliance monitoring, and permitting approvals (e.g. Permits to Take Water under the Ontario Water Resources Act), and specializes in aggregate resource investigations and provides scientifically defensible solutions to complex hydro geological issues.

Bricklayer Invoice Template

Bricklaying Bill Form

The "Bill To" and "Location" fields enables you to detail both the client name and service location name on the form. For example, if you're invoicing for an outdoor project, such as retaining walls, barbecue pits, borders or low walls along flowerbeds and beautiful brick walkways, the additional service locations fields enables you to record the working address that is differ from client's billing address.

Hourly Service Bill Sample (Price Including Tax)

Hourly Service Bill Sample (Price Including Tax)

Hourly Service Billing Format, which has been assigned with the template# of c4025 here on, has only one tax set by default on the bottom of the form, which is named GST (Goods and Service Tax). c4025 is a currency- neutral invoicing format, meaning that it does not show currency on the prices and amounts. If you need to see an sample how customizing the currency symbol, see Hourly Service Billing Format (UK Currency) where we changed the currency symbol to United Kingdom pound. This template, Hourly Service Billing Format (Price Including Tax), or Hourly Service Billing Statement (Price Including Tax), details the tax calculations by adding a special "Tax" column to the printable invoice detail section. With this implementation, the template assumes that the prices already include tax. So in this template, the tax of each item is calculated with a formula like this:

Event Planning Invoice Sample

Event Planning Invoice Sample

This invoice format for event management company was created based on c5002 "One Tax Column, No Shipping Address". This revisited spreadsheet now has a "Description" field next to the "Bill To" section. The "Description" field is named "oknNotes", which is formatted to how multiple lines of text by enabling "wrap text" cell format in Excel.

Beautiful Service Invoice Template with Hourly Rate

Beautiful Service Invoice Template with Hourly Rate

This free billing template has the background of invoices set to Tan, and most important text labels, such as "INVOICE", are using the "Script MT Bold" font. This font should be available on most Windows systems. And, if you prefer to change it, it is easy - simply unprotect the spreadsheet, and then select the text you want to change the font for, and then choose new font from the Excel ribbon.

UK Tax Invoice Template

UK Tax Invoice Template

The taxable checkboxes were removed completely, assuming all the products are taxable, no matter whether the Taxable option is checked or not for each product. This avoids an occasionally happened mistake when a taxable product or item must be manually entered on the invoice body, as the Taxable checkbox is not checked by default. The template implements this feature by deleting all the Taxable checkboxes and assigning a value of 1 (TRUE) to all the oknTaxable cells located in the hidden column C.