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General Waybill

General Packing Slip

The waybill should be either inside of the packaging, or in an attached shipping packaging. A waybill document gives details and instructions relating to a shipment of goods and identify the contents of the package. It has close relationship with invoices, but unlike an invoice, typical packing slip does not show financial information. Because of this close relationship between waybills and invoices, some companies simply include a copy of the invoice in place of a waybill. However this may cause confusion, and does not provide all the necessary details about the content of a package. We created this free general waybill template (or general packing slip template) for you to simplify the creation of waybills.

Consultant Bill Format

Consultant Bill Format

As you can see from the screenshots, we've removed many colored blocks from the sheet. This makes the form looks simple and clean. If you are a professional advisor, such as counselor, accountant and IT expert, you may like this form design.

General Service Invoice

General Service Invoice

The "Date" column links to the "DateCompleted" field in the back end database. This database filed is not included in the default database packaged with Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software) setup program, so it is a custom field (or user-defined field). The custom field feature, combined with Microsoft Excel formulas, allows as to create many complex invoicing forms without breaking the support from Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software). With Excel Invoice Manager, adding and updating custom fields should be done with a separate program called Custom Field Manager. With Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software), it is now a built-in feature of the main program.

Billing Summary Template

Billing Summary Template

This billing summary in Excel spreadsheet format was originally designed for an office of information technology that provides radio communication services. The downloadable package includes two formats, one-page template and two-page template.

Billing Invoice Template

Billing Invoice Form

If you just started your small business and have limited budget, you need cheap and quick way to create and send bills and invoices. A billing invoice template is ideal for this purpose.

Attorney Billing Form

legal billing statement

This template is a revised version of our Attorney Invoice Template (South Africa Currency) (c5067). It now uses a new color schema, Agency FB fonts. The client# cell is also moved out of the printable form. See the PDF invoice generated by Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software) to find out what will it like when you client receive your bills.

Nigeria Invoice Template

Nigeria Billing Form

This Nigeria Invoice Template / Nigeria Billing Form features 4 columns including item description, quantity, unit price and line total. As a sales invoice template it also features a shipping address section, in addition to the "Bill To" section.

Welder Invoicing Template

Welder Invoicing Template

This welder invoicing template includes both a "Bill To" and a "Ship To" section on the invoicing form, and also 7 columns on the invoice detail section. It is the fourth sample on our welding invoice template / billing template serial.

Television Service

Television Service

The "Shipping Address" section now has a new title, "Service Address".

On the bottom of the detail section, an Excel text box, namely "oknWidget_msg1" is added, which shows text " * NOTICE: By signing below you are confirming that the installation was done to your satisfaction. You also acknowledge all cabling that was installed now belongs to you and is not the responsibility of our company either now or in the future." Another text box underneath it is a placeholder for your "TERMS OF AGREEMENT", which you should fill in before creating your own invoices.

Service Invoice with Payment Advice

Service Billing Template with Payment Advice

A general service invoice template that had the shipping section removed and added a payment advice.

Note: For a updated version of this template see Green Gradient Service Invoice Template.

Receipt Template for Gold Shop (2)

Receipt Form for Gold Shop (2)

The cash receipt templates here on calculates the line total of each item being sold by using the formula: Weight * Rate + Marking Charge. Both free receipt templates, Receipt Form for Gold Shop (1) and Receipt Form for Gold Shop (2), use the same formula for calculating line total.

Sales Invoice Template with Discount Amount Column

Sales Template with Discount Amount Column

Sales Invoice Template with Discount Amount Column is a sample invoice template that adds a discount amount column to the default sales invoice template shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software).

Simple Sample - Using Shape Object

Simple Invoicing Sample - Using Shape Object

So you want your invoices stand out from the generic, like your business? It is actually easy with Excel and Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software). With this sample we create a free simple invoice template that uses shapes.

Welding and Fabrication Service Invoice Template

Welding and Fabrication Service Invoice Template

However in the welding and fabrication business practice, there are different ways for calculating prices and costs. The previous invoice template, Welding Invoice Template (c8003), automates unit price calculation by modeling prices into 3 plans - sold by " Foot, Shear Cut Inches, Flame Cut Inches", sold by " SQ. FT.", " INCHES". This simplify price and cost calculations, Steel Fabrication for steel fabrication - for example if you are doing semiconductor fabrication, pipe fabrication or acetylene welding, you have a different pricing model, and you may not like this implementation. The another Simple Welding Invoice Template, offers 5 columns on the invoice detail section, which offers as many as possible manually fillable fields on the invoice form - but someone may think it is just a generic service invoice template, and you may prefer to make your invoices more professional welder invoices. If you look at some welding and fabrication job estimate form, you may easily find different pricing models. This invoicing template, Welding and Fabrication Service Invoice Template, or Welding and Fabrication Billing Template, simplify the pricing model implemented in c8003 Welding Invoice Template, but offers exactly the same printable invoice as the previous one, as you can see from the screenshots or the PDF welding invoice template. This is done by removing all the 3 "Body By" columns from the invoice form. We've also modified the Excel formula of the Line Total cells so that it looks like "=quantity * units * unit price". With c7021 Welder Invoicing Template, we moved the shipping address section back into the printable range, and moved out the Type column to give more space to the Description column. With c6017 Welding / Fabrication Tax Invoice, we moved the Dimension column out of the printable area, and moved in the taxable column so that it is included in the printable invoice.

VAT Service Invoice Template - Price Including Tax

VAT Service Invoicing Template - Price Including Tax

VAT Service Invoicing Sample - Price Including Tax (c6013) is a direct variant of c6007 VAT Sales Invoicing Form - Price Including Tax. It differs from the original free invoicing Sample in that it the shipping address section is now labeled with Service Location.

Simple Sample - Building & Remodeling Invoice

Simple Sample - Building & Remodeling Service Invoice

That has been said, if you still want to use your own template with UIS to utilize all the powerful features such as database connection, management of customers, products, invoices and payments, reporting, etc., the good news is that - it is possible, although not so easy and quick.

Sample Service Invoice Template: Fixed Items

Service Template with Fixed Items

Sample Service Invoice Template: Fixed Items is a variant of Sample Sales Invoice Template: Fixed Items. It is the service edition of the original one.