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blank invoice

Download our amazing looking blank invoice templates and billing samples in Excel format (".xls" or ".xlsx") for free, which enable you to easily create invoices and bills as easy as filling in a paper form. No hard learning curve like dealing with some complex and expensive accounting / bookkeeping systems. All the templates are printable with either Excel or Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software), or you can choose to generate PDF invoices and then send electronically with email.

The blank templates offer a what-you-see-is-what-you-get experience on creating invoices. The layouts mimic paper sheet forms. For example, if you want to fill in customer information, simply click one of the empty cells inside the "Bill To" section, and then start typing (or choose an existing customer by clicking the on-sheet picker button to bring up a list of all customers).

We choose to create the templates in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format, instead of Word (".doc" or ".docx") format, for the reasons explained here.

The empty cells (fields) that you should fill in are identified by names. This enables you to move the cells (fields) around the form within the printable area without breaking the relationship defined by using Excel formulas. This means that, our blank invoicing forms are customizable by dragging and dropping. See this document for more details.

Here are our templates closely related to Blank Invoice Templates - 20 Results Found.

Blank Service Invoice Template with Auspicious Clouds Border

Blank Service Bill Format with Auspicious Clouds Border

This blank invoice template adopted Chinese auspicious clouds borders to beautify the bill form. The borders does not show when you are creating or editing an invoice, but it is printable with the billing form, and will also be included in the PDF blank service invoice generated with UIS.

Hotel Guest Folios with Satisfied Business Traveler

Hotel Guest Folios with Satisfied Business Traveler

The 5 columns on the detail section allows you to post any debit / credit regarding a room# or guest account. Usually when a folio is opened the starting balance is zero. All transactions which increase (debit) or decrease (credit) the balance of the account are recorded on the folio, for example, room charges, cash payment advance deposit, etc. For those business guests who are planning a meeting, conference or special event, related fees could be posted here too. While guest settles the final bill an Invoice is generated usually with a unique Invoice number by Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software) (UIS) for future reference. To set options for auto-generation of invoice numbers, such as prefix and starting number, click the "Settings" button on the "Invoice" ribbon tab, and then go to the "Database" tab.

Blank Service Invoice Template with Image Border

Blank Service Bill Format with Image Border

As long as you create your new invoice template by following the rules detailed in the creating new invoice templates document, your own design of invoice template will work with Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software) without problems. This enables you to have your professional and private invoice and bill designs for your business, even if you are running a small business and not ready for those expensive and complex invoicing programs available online.

Blank Service Invoicing Template

Blank Service Billing Form

Use this Blank Service Invoice Template to standardize your invoices and generate professional invoices quickly. The downloadable template in Excel format calculates totals and taxes automatically so that you don't have to do that manually.

Sales Invoice Template for United States

Sales Invoice Form in Excel for United States

The watermark shows the Statue of Liberty, a simplified map with the capital Washington DC highlighted, a head portrait of an Indians, a big US dollar symbol, typical American food like hamburger and chips, two American footballs, the Golden Gate Bridge, and finally, there is also a cowboy standing near giant cactus with two guns in the hands.

Car Rental Invoice Sample

Car Rental Bill Form

The c7001 Rental Invoice Template is designed mainly for property rental such as an apartment, where the custom columns, "Start Month" and "End Month", are formatted to show only the year and month parts of date values. Since this template is designed for car rental, we believe it is necessary to show the accurate "Start Date" and "End Date" of each rented car.

Home Inspection Invoice Sample

Home Inspection Bill Form

A home is probably the biggest purchase one will make. An inspection makes all the facts clear before making the investment. The inspection should be completed by a licensed home inspector, an experienced home builder, or engineer. For this reason, the template includes a space to let you enter the license number of the inspector, located next to the inspector's business / company name. You may also like to show your PTIN number. Visit PTIN Requirements for Tax Return Preparers for more information.

Building Maintenance Bill Format

Building Maintenance Invoice Sample

This free building maintenance invoice template in Excel spreadsheet format features a carton building image with three workers on the left-bottom of the form. It is able to do multiple-level discount / pricing calculations.

Blank Service Invoice with Green Gradient Design

Blank Service Invoice with Green Gradient Design

This template has two columns - "Description" and "Line Total", both are manually editable when the sheet is protected. A "Taxable" checkbox is also provided for each of the invoicing item, which allows you to control separately whether each item is taxable. If all your items are taxable (or not taxable), you may not need the "Taxable" options. If this is your situation, you can easily remove the "Taxable" options and then modify the tax formula to ignore this option.

Blank Service Invoice with Logo Picture Illustration

Blank Service Invoice with Logo Picture Illustration

Almost all invoice templates here on include a logo image, which in many case is implemented as an ActiveX control. This blank service invoice template sample shows how to use the "Picture" illustration to add the invoice logo.

Bill Format for Computer Repair Service

Invoicing Template for Computer Repair Service

This blank bill template is a variant of c5020 Appliance Repair Service Bill Template / Appliance Repair Service Invoice Template here on Like c5020, as a service invoice template the form does not offer the "Shipping Address" section. To fill the blank left by moving the shipping fields out of the printable section, a carton image of a desktop computer was added. This is a vector image with transparent background so you can easily resize it by dragging the image border in design mode. Visit printable invoice template to find more options and tutorials on customizations related to printing and page setup.

Invoice Design for Personal Trainer or Fitness Instructor

Invoice Design for Personal Trainer or Fitness Instructor

Although we titled this template with "personal", it is in fact could be used by other business forms too, for example if you are running your training business as a limited company, you can use this template too.

Blank Commercial Invoice Template

Blank Commercial Billing Form

Before using this Blank Commercial Invoice Template, you should replace the default logo image with your own.

Blank Cash Receipt

Blank Cash Receipt

If you create receipts frequently for the cash payments received, it is easier to use a template and print receipts using a printer. This free Blank Cash Receipt template offers a sample of blank cash receipt.

Basic Blank Service Format (No-tax)

Basic Blank Service Format (No-tax)

While some businesses prefer customized, no-standard invoicing forms, others find it is much simpler to use a basic invoicing layout, such as the layout implemented by this template - Basic Blank Service Format (No-tax) or Basic Blank Service Layout (No-tax). As a general purpose invoicing template, it does not include fields that are specific to certain businesses, and thus it is suitable for many service business types, like consulting agencies, solicitors and law firms, designers, cleaning service providers, freelancing agencies, accountants and other organizations in similar field.

Basic Blank Service Invoice Format (One-tax)

Basic Blank Service Invoice Layout (One-tax)

While it's easy enough to customize the tax options with the help of Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software) form design tools, "Basic Blank Service Invoice Format (One-tax)" has this already set based on " c2012 Basic Blank Service Format (No-tax)", so that you can use directly without installing Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software).

Basic Blank Service Invoice Format (Two-taxes)

Basic Blank Service Invoice Style (Two-taxes)

Depending on your local laws, and sometimes it even is depending on where your customer resides, you may charge no tax, one tax or two taxes. Setting up tax options would not be a problem if Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software) is already installed on your computer, as you could simply go to the Settings window and then Taxes tab to set the configurations. However if it is not, you have to unprotect the spreadsheet manually and set the tax rules manually. To simplify this procedure for those users, this template, "Basic Blank Service Invoice Format (Two-taxes)", "Basic Blank Service Invoice Format (Two-taxes)", is added here as a free downloadable template on If you have to charge two taxes, the only thing left for you to customize is entering your own company name and replacing the default logo image. To do this, you first need to unprotect the Excel spreadsheet.

Basic Blank Service Billing Format (No-tax, Long Description)

Basic Blank Service Billing Format (No-tax, Long Description)

The template offers a blank form for you to fill in. Fixed content, like your own business name, address, contact etc., are locked so that you'll not overwrite them accidentally. Fillable content, like the invoice#, invoice date, customer information, service items, etc., are unlocked so that they are editable even when the form is protected. Without Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software) installed, you should fill in all information by hand. With the help of Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software), filling an invoice is much simpler. You'll typically start by clicking the Clear & New command, which clears the invoice form so that it is ready for you to create a new invoice. After executing the "Clear & New" command, most editable fields are blank, but some of them are filled with default values. For example, the Invoice Date will be the current date, and the Sales Rep. Name, Shipping Date, Payment Term etc., are all filled with default value (if they appear on the invoice form).

Basic Blank Service Invoicing Format (One-tax, Long Description)

Basic Blank Service Invoicing Layout (One-tax, Long Description)

This service invoice template offers a basic and blank invoicing form that is able to do auto calculation of one-tax. It has two editable columns. The invoice detail section allows to fill up to 5 items.