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Service Invoice with Profit Calculation

Service Invoice with Profit Calculation

This variant format is created based on the Sales Invoice Template with Profit Calculation, by moving the entire shipping address section out of the print area.

Sales Invoice with Profit Calculation

Sales Invoicing Template with Profit Calculation

The magic of adding profit calculation depends on a powerful feature supported by all editions of Uniform Invoice Software - Uniform Invoice Software Standard, Uniform Invoice Software Net and Uniform Invoice Software Enterprise, which is called custom fields.

Sales Invoice with Profit and Taxable Column

Sales Invoicing Form with Profit and Taxable Column

This is a sales invoicing template, meaning that it includes the shipping address section on the printable form. If you are offering services, such as plumbing or as a handyman, and don't need the shipping address section, see Service Invoicing Form with Profit and Taxable Column. If you don't want to have the Taxable checkboxes to appear on the printable invoicing form, visit Service Invoicing Form with Profit Calculation. While this invoicing template, Sales Invoice with Profit and Taxable Column, is offered as both a freeware edition at no price and a Uniform Invoice Software edition, the Uniform Invoice Software edition provides more powerful features such as managing products and inventory, invoices and payments reporting, etc.

Service Bill with Profit and Taxable Column

Service Bill with Profit and Taxable Column

Besides sales invoicing templates and service billing templates, we are also categorized some special templates into receipt templates for creating receipts, pro forma invoicing templates, consulting billing samples and other invoicing templates. Each template has detailed description and format specification. Our ideas is to let you find your desired forms and formats with easy and quick and at no price. If you are a technician and would like to know more about how to customizing the templates, download UIS and look into the electronic book come with the installer program. With UIS, you can not only create beautiful and professional invoices, estimates orders, but also manage inventory, payments, invoices and customers with a few simple mouse clicks. If you are offering service, such as plumbing or a handyman, or renting trucks, you may find this service billing template handy.

Blank Sales Format (No-tax)

Blank Sales Sample (No-tax)

Since our templates are in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format (most of them are xlsx format). It is easy to do calculation using Excel formulas. This is one of the big advantages of Excel formatted template. If you try to design an invoice template in Word format, doing calculations will not as easy as it is in Excel. If you prefer, another popular office / productive system, they also have a number of sales invoice template sample. For example, with this sample template - Blank Sales Format (No-tax), we use Excel formulas for calculating subtotal and total. Note that with the default implementation, the "Payments" and "Balance Due" fields are put inside the Print_Area - the area that will be printed when you click the Print command in Uniform Invoice Software, or click Excel's own Print command. By utilizing the Print_Area name, we make this template more printer-friendly - and more printable.

Donation Receipt Template for Excel

Donation Receipt Format for Excel

While not required, this form includes a "Receipt#" field on the top of the form under the "Date" field. If you have used one of our form designs for invoicing, you may know it is just the "Invoice#" field - we just place a new label "Receipt#" before the cell. So all features Uniform Invoice Software offer for the "Invoice#" field, works for the "Receipt#" field too. For example, the automatic receipt numbering feature, which generates a unique, sequential and unique based on a counter stored in the backend database. You can also retrieve information about an already-saved receipt by type in the receipt number into the "Receipt#" field.

4-Column without Tax

4-Column Invoice Template

If you have Uniform Invoice Software installed, setting tax types is as easy as clicking several buttons. For example, if you find a template here on interesting but don't need tax fields, you can set it to non-tax by firstly clicking the Settings button on the Invoice worksheet, and then go to the Taxes tab of the Settings dialog box. The Taxes tab offers 3 options, non-tax, one-tax and two-tax. Tax names and rates can also be set on the "Taxes" page of the Settings window.

Mixed Tax Rates (5 Columns)

Mixed Tax Rates (5 Columns)

The default sales invoicing template applies the defined tax rules to all items in an invoice. The customized free tax invoice template in this Mixed Tax Rates in an Invoice allows charging different rates to different items.

Contractor Invoices with Remittance-slip

Contractor Invoices with Remittance-slip

This free contractor invoice template features a remittance slip or remittance-advice-slip on the bottom of the Excel form. The slip is created by mve the total, paid and total due cell down to the bottom, as well as all the information in the "Bill To" section.

Invoice and Packing List on Same Form

Invoice and Packing List on Same Form

The packing slip template here on Invoicing Template shows you how to create a standalone pack list template. With the help of Uniform Invoice Software, you can easily loaded an existing invoice using the packing list template, and thus to print the packing list for shipment using the packing list template. If you always have the need to print both an invoice and a packing list at the same time, then consider to have both documents - invoice and packing list, on the same form, as shown in this sample.

Customer Value Based Pricing

Customer Value Based Pricing
Table nameField nameField type
CustomerCustTypetext (50)
Invoice Header (InvHdr)CustTypetext (50)
Invoice Header (InvHdr)VendorIDtext (30)
Invoice Header (InvHdr)TenDayDatetext (30)
ProductWholesalePricedecimal (12,4)
ProductRetailPricedecimal (12,4)
ProductIndividualPricedecimal (12,4)
Invoice Body (InvBdy)WholesalePricedecimal (12,4)
Invoice Body (InvBdy)RetailPricedecimal (12,4)
Invoice Body (InvBdy)IndividualPricedecimal (12,4)
Invoice Body (InvBdy)SpecialPricedecimal (12,4)
Invoice Body (InvBdy)InvoicePricedecimal (12,4)
Invoice Body (InvBdy)NetTotaldecimal (15,4)
Invoice Body (InvBdy)CaseDiscountdecimal (15,6)

Job Invoice Sample

Job Invoice Sample

Job Invoice Sample provides a service bill template sample that has a special look and feel in style and format as compared to most invoicing templates available here on

Work Order and Processing Sheet Practical Sample

Work Order and Processing Sheet Form Practical Sample

The following table summarizes the columns inside / outside the print area in the invoice template. The columns without a formula are manually editable.