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Blank Sales Invoice Format (One-tax)

Blank Sales Invoice Sample (One-tax)

This template has one tax set by default, and the tax is assigned the name "TAX". You can change it to any name you like according to your business requirements and local economic design, such as VAT, GST. The tax name and rate can be changed directly after you unprotect the sheet. If you have Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software) installed, changing tax name and rate is much simpler - you can done this by clicking the Settings button on the ribbon tab, and then go to the Taxes tab. With Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software) installed, each time you click the "Clear & New" command, the tax name and rate are restored to the default values you set on the Taxes tab of the Settings window.

Blank Sales Invoicing Sample (One-tax, Long Description)

Blank Sales Billing Sample (One-tax, Long Description)

So if you have one tax to charge on your sales invoices and need to write relatively long product description, this template is suitable for you.

Payment Voucher Template for B5 Paper

Payment Voucher Format for B5 Paper

With this template, we removed all the product / item buttons. They are no longer necessary because Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software) now supports the "on-sheet" picker button. When you enable this function, the invoicing software shows a small button automatically whenever you click a product / item row, allowing you to open the list of all products / items, where you can search and select one or multiple items.

Freelance Writer Invoice

Freelance Writer Invoice

We've already published an invoice format for freelancers, at Freelance Invoice Template; and for a list of invoicing forms that could be used by freelancers like designers, developers etc., visit Freelance Invoice Template For Service Business, Graphic Design Freelance Invoice Template, Freelance Web Design Invoice Template, etc. Unlike Freelance Invoice Template, where the calculation of line totals are done by multiply "Hours * Hourly Rate", in this billing template sample Freelance Writer Invoice Template, the amount of each line is manually fillable - this means that it is more suitable for project or contract - based billing. You can find more invoice samples for hourly-rate based invoicing under the Service Invoice Template and Consulting Invoice Template.

Blank Sales Format (No-tax)

Blank Sales Sample (No-tax)

Since our templates are in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format (most of them are xlsx format). It is easy to do calculation using Excel formulas. This is one of the big advantages of Excel formatted template. If you try to design an invoice template in Word format, doing calculations will not as easy as it is in Excel. If you prefer, another popular office / productive system, they also have a number of sales invoice template sample. For example, with this sample template - Blank Sales Format (No-tax), we use Excel formulas for calculating subtotal and total. Note that with the default implementation, the "Payments" and "Balance Due" fields are put inside the Print_Area - the area that will be printed when you click the Print command in Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software), or click Excel's own Print command. By utilizing the Print_Area name, we make this template more printer-friendly - and more printable.

1/2 Page Invoice Template

1/2 Page Bill Format

Now let's see how we can customize an existing invoicing design, in this case c4051 Simple Invoicing Template - Discount Amount Field, so that it can be printed on a half of the set paper size. You may like to see other simple customizing tutorials that deals with printing of invoices too, such as c4052 Simple Invoice Format - Changing Paper Size and c4053 Simple Invoice Design - Changing Print Orientation. It is also possible on a single 8.5 inch X 11 inch page to print two duplicate copies of 8.5 X 5.5 invoices, see c4067 Invoice Design with Two Invoices per Page for a sample , so that for example you can send one copy to the client, and send the another copy to your accountant department for bookkeeping. Also refer to printable Print Shop Bill Format, where you can find a printable billing form designed for print shop.

Engineering Service Billing Sample

Engineering Service Billing Form

Like other templates available here on, the most important job to do on creating this customized template from the default sales invoicing sample involves moving the cells around to create a new form design. Microsoft Excel provides handy support for this type of jobs. For example, this template design has 3 columns on the invoice body - Description, Reference, and Fee. The Reference is a newly added column defined as custom fields (The definition of this custom field is added to the "Invoice Body" database table, so it becomes a column on the invoice body, but not a single cell on the invoice header or bottom). The "Fee" column, which is manually editable in this sample template, is actually the Unit Price column on the default sales invoice sample template. Compared to the default template, engineering service bill has the Product#, Quantity, and Line Total columns moved out of the printable invoice form. Unlike those service invoice samples that bill a client based on hourly rate or daily rate, by allowing to manually edit the Fee fields this invoice design becomes more general / generic that suits more business situations.

5.5 Inch X 8.5 Inch - 2 Invoices On One Template

Duplicate 5.5 X 8.5 Invoices per Page

If you have not moved your business to paperless electronic invoicing handling and management yet, chances are that you need two copies of each documents - send one to your customer, and keep another in your accounting department for bookkeeping purpose. For invoicing forms that print on a whole paper size - most invoicing templates here on are designed that way - you only need to set the number of copies on Excel print dialog box. Or even better, if you have UIS (UIS) installed, you can set the default "Number of copies" on the Settings dialog box / Print ab. These printing options set in UIS affects only the invoicing templates controlled by UIS - i.e. it does not affect your other spreadsheets and workbook files for Microsoft Excel. In addition to the printing options provided by Microsoft Excel, UIS, which is our Windows desktop invoicing software program that runs offline without the requirement of an online Internet connection, provides other options to let your further control the printing process.

Commercial Template Sample - Complete Incoterms Option

Commercial Template Format - Complete Incoterms Option

First, open your commercial invoice template. Make sure the "Invoice" worksheet is active (the current sheet). Push down the "Design Mode" button on the "Invoice" ribbon tab (If you don't see this tab, make sure you have Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software) installed).

Spare Parts Sales Invoice

Spare Parts Sales Invoice Template

This invoice template in Excel is suitable for selling spare parts. Besides the required fields for Invoice#, invoice date etc., it also features both the "Bill To" and "Ship To" section, and 6 columns on the detail table.

Hourly Invoice Template

Hourly Billing Form

Next are 4 fields for you to fill in: Purchase Order #, Sales Person Name, Payment Term, Payment Due Date.

There are 5 columns on the body of the invoice form: #, Description, Hours, Rate and Amount. The Amount is calculated automatically using Excel formulas.

Sales Invoice Form with Discount Percentage

Sales Invoice Template - Discount Percentage

As the name implies this variant of the original Service Invoice Form with Discount Amount is a sales invoice template with shipping fields inside the printable area, and the discounts use percentage values.

Customization of Standard Fields

Customization of Standard Database Fields
  1. Open your template as usual.
  2. Click "Customers" on the "Invoice" ribbon tab.
  3. Click "Custom Fields", and then "Advanced..."
  4. If you have not backed up your database file yet, click the "Backup Database" to do so now.
  5. From the "Database Table" list, choose the table you want to modify. The "Fields" section shows the fields defined in this table.
  6. Double-click the field you want to modify; or click to select the field, and then click the "Customize" button.
  7. On the "Customizing Field" dialog box, you can field size (or in case of "Decimal" field, its precision and scale) and text alignment method on data list window.
  8. Click OK to apply the modification.

Proforma (3rd Sample of Customization)

Proforma Invoicing Form

Tip: To delete a drop down list, select the cell with the list. Click the Data tab, and then in the Data Group, click Data Validation. In the Data Validation dialog box, click the Settings tab, and then click Clear All.

Invoicing Template with Watermark of New York

Invoicing Format with Watermark of New York

The added image of the New York City is inserted into the form header section so that it is not visible when you are creating invoice - i.e. editing the Excel form. The New York watermark is visible on the printed version (see the screenshots below), as well as on the PDF invoice generated with Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software), which you can send to your customer electronically with email (see invoice template to email for more samples on this topic).

Standard Invoicing Template with EAN

Standard Invoicing Format with EAN

The additional EAN field is a custom field. Since this field is a property of an invoiced item (i.e. it should be saved along with the other product details such as description, price etc.), so it must be added to the "Product" database table; The EAN must also be saved along with each invoice, so this field must be added to the "Invoice Body" (i.e. "InvBdy") database table too. Note the field definitions in both tables must be exactly the same. In this sample template, it is "text (13)" - meaning the field is able to store up to 13 characters.