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Television Service

Television Service Billing Template

The invoice template for television service provider is an Excel spreadsheet form. It is suitable for both satellite TV and cable companies. The format features fields like "Installer", "Account Number", a customer sign section, etc.

Limousine Service Invoice

Limousine Service Invoice

The 4 columns on the service detail section are "Description", "Hours", "Price" and "Total", where "Total" is calculated automatically from "Hours" and "Price" using Excel formula. While Microsoft Word and even Adobe Photoshop / AI is able to create beautiful invoicing forms too, Microsoft Excel wins when you need to do calculations.

HVAC Service Invoice

HVAC Service Invoice

The two forms are places side by side on the worksheet, and are both included in the printable area. This means that, if you execute the "Print" command, or if you try to generate HVAC Service invoice in PDF format, or try to email invoice to your customers, all the two forms will be printed / generated on two pages.

Freelance Invoice Template

Freelance Billing Template

As a freelancer, creating invoices might not what you best at but it is necessary. Further more your invoice should be prim and proper, so that you can get paid by your clients efficiently. While invoicing is not a fun task, it's a necessary one: by keeping clients informed of your expectations, you will get paid punctually and reinforce your professionalism. Using a template is the most easy and quick way to get the job done. Our templates online here on help you spend less time creating invoices and more time doing the things you love.

Service Receipt Template

Service Receipt Form

In order to create this free service receipt template from the original payment receipt template, we move out all the shipping fields from the printable receipt form. For this reason, this blank receipt template is more suitable for service businesses where shipping addresses are usually not necessary.

Professional Freelance Bill

Professional Freelance Billing Format

Whenever you have completed a service and are ready to be paid, you must always submit an invoice to your client. Occasionally, clients will not follow up with an invoice request, so it's your job to keep track of the payments due to you. The important part is to keep track of the invoices you submit (using an invoice processing system helps with this a great deal), and follow up on a regular basis with a polite email or phone call asking for a status update on your payment. With Uniform Invoice Software installed, you can find all pending (not paid) invoices with a single click of mouse - i.e. clicking the "Invoices" button on the ribbon tab. You can sort the invoice list by any column - simply double clicking the column heading, or search for an existing invoice by a criterion applied to almost any fields available on the invoicing form.

General Service Invoice

General Service Invoice

The "Date" column links to the "DateCompleted" field in the back end database. This database filed is not included in the default database packaged with Uniform Invoice Software setup program, so it is a custom field (or user-defined field). The custom field feature, combined with Microsoft Excel formulas, allows as to create many complex invoicing forms without breaking the support from Uniform Invoice Software. With Excel Invoice Manager, adding and updating custom fields should be done with a separate program called Custom Field Manager. With Uniform Invoice Software, it is now a built-in feature of the main program.

Freelance Writer Invoice

Freelance Writer Invoice

To getting paid on time for your freelance writing / designing / editing / journalist / website developing / consulting / video production / translation work the best way is to send an invoice, by traditional postal mail or electronical email, in either PDF format, Excel spreadsheet (xlsx / xls) format, or even image format.

Receipt Template for Gold Shop (3)

Receipt Form for Gold Shop (3)

Receipt Template for Gold Shop (3) is a variant of Receipt Template for Gold Shop (1). Receipt Template for Gold Shop (3) differs from the original free receipt template in that it moves the Rate field inside the printable receipt form.

Designer Invoice Template (Gray)

Designer Billing Form (Gray)

Designer Invoice Template (Gray) or Designer Billing Form (Gray) replace red and blue in the original designer invoice format with gray colors. Download and create nice bills with this template, or use it as a starting point of designing your own designer billing template.

Job Invoice Sample (2 Taxes)

Job Invoice Sample (2 Taxes)

Job Invoice Sample (2 Taxes) is a variant of Job Invoice Sample. It differs from the original version in that this template has two taxes configured on the bottom of the sample invoice form.

Designer Billing Format (Blue)

Designer Billing Form (Blue)

All templates on are professional and beautiful templates that are full editable layered pure-Excel spreadsheets. Our templates don't use macros and are not protected with passwords so that you can use all existing Excel tools to customize it - colors, fonts, borders, shapes, word arts, images, and more. Most of our templates, including this design, are printable on standard A4 paper.

Australian GST Invoice Template (2)

Australian GST Billing Form (2)

Now you can set the conditional formatting for the "GST Amount" cells. Click to select the first GST Amount Cell located on Q20, on Excel ribbon click "Conditional Formatting" in the Styles group, and then choose Manage Rules. Click "New Rule..." and then Click "Use a formula to determine which cells to format" on the "Select a Rule Type" list. In the "Format Values where this formula is true" box, enter the formula "=AND(P20<>0, Q20=0)" (without the quotation marks). This formula means that the conditional formatting applies only when the P20 cell (which is a "Subtotal excl. GST" cell) is not zero and the Q20 cell (which is a "GST Amount" cell) is zero. Click the Format button to open the "Format Cells" dialog box. Go to the Number tab, and then click "Custom" on the "Category" list, enter the custom format string ";;-;" (without the quotation marks). This custom format means that, if the value is zero, display a "-" symbol. Click OK button to close all dialog boxes.

Consulting Invoice Template (3rd Sample - One Tax)

Consulting Invoice Template (3rd Sample - One Tax)
Once the gridlines and row/column headings are shown, simply click the cell next to the label "GST" - i.e. the second tax amount cell. Hit DEL key on your keyboard to delete it - this will prevent Excel from calculating the second tax. Right-click the row-heading of the row where the second tax cell resides, and then choose Hide from the shortcut menu. This will hide the entire row, including the text label and amount field of the second cell. Check the consulting invoice form - you now have only one tax on the form. If you use the

Lawn Care Invoice Template

Lawn Care Bill Format

The template has space for you to put your own logo image on the top-left corner. Next to that is your lawn care business name, address, contact number, email and web address. On the top-right-corner, you'll see the invoice date, invoice # and customer (client) # fields. If you have Uniform Invoice Software installed, to create a new invoice you simply click the "Clear & New" button on the task pane or on the top of the form. The "Clear & New" command clears the form, fills in some default values like invoice date, payment term, sales rep. name, default tax names and rates. The invoice# (Invoice ID) field is filled automatically if left blank when you click "Save Invoice" (or "Save To DB").