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How to Use

Assuming you have downloaded and installed Uniform Invoice Software:

  1. Download Shipping Invoice Template (1). Double-click the downloaded file to extract all files.
  2. Open the template "shippinginvoicetemplate.xls" or "shippinginvoicetemplate-uis.xlsx" with Microsoft Excel.
  3. Click "Design Mode" on the "Invoice" Excel ribbon tab to put it into design mode.
  4. Enter your business information and replace the default logo image to make it your own. (How?)
  5. Click "Design Mode" again to exit design mode.
  6. Create invoice (tutorial movie)!

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Screenshots and Images

The printed version.

Shipping Invoice Template (1)

Shipping Invoice Template (1) (c5013)

This is how the template looks like when you open the freeware template in Microsoft Excel.

Shipping Invoice Template (1) - freeware edition

Shipping Invoice Template (1) - freeware edition

The following template was designed for Uniform Invoice Software version 3.

Shipping Invoice Template (1) - Uniform Invoice Software V3 edition

Shipping Invoice Template (1) - Uniform Invoice Software V3 edition

Download Shipping Invoice Template (1) (c5013)

License: Private Use (not for distribution or resale). See our Terms of Use.

You are safe to download the resources. We've added our digital signatures to the files.


Download this if you have already installed UIS, but are looking for additional customized templates.

343 KBDownload

Download this if you want this design to be set as the default template by the installer program.

2.82 MBDownload


Shipping Invoice Template is also called freight invoice template. A shipping invoice is just like a commercial invoice which is used by business that deals in shipment of goods within or across the borders.

Unlike the packing slip template, Shipping Invoice Template includes the "Unit Price" and the "Line Total" columns on the invoice body, whereas a packing list usually does not include this type of information.

This free shipping invoice template is provided in Microsoft Excel format.

Although it is easy to create the layout and format of Shipping Invoice Template (1) with Microsoft Word or other Microsoft Office programs, or even with some PDF programs like Adobe Acrobat, the support for Excel formulas makes doing automated calculations easy to implement and modify. For example, Shipping Invoice Template (1) uses Excel formulas extensively to do calculations whenever possible and necessary, such as the taxes, totals. If you use the Uniform Invoice Software version of Shipping Invoice Template (1), Excel formulas are also used to create the relationship between several fields, such as one field should be the sum of two other fields.

This sample free shipping invoice template designed by us at has two editions - the first is the freeware edition, and the second is the Uniform Invoice Software edition which must be run with our Excel Invoicing Software installed. Uniform Invoice Software has the ability to turn a simple Excel invoice template a powerful invoicing system. For example, using this Shipping Invoice Template along with Uniform Invoice Software, it becomes your powerful Shipping Billing Software.

To implement the sample shipping invoice template, Invoicing Templates added a number of custom fields to the default sales invoice template that comes with the setup program of Uniform Invoice Software, including: Bill of Loading No, Destination, Cont. Type, Vessel/ Vyoage, Port of Loading, No. Of Pkgs., Gross/Net weight, Ex. Rate.

Uniform Invoice Software support custom fields or user-defined fields, which is a unique feature that allows you to add new fields to the backend database as well as to the spreadsheet form. Shipping Invoice Template (1) uses custom fields to implement the features that are not available in the default template shipped with the invoicing program. With the support for custom fields in the database, Uniform Invoice Software has the ability to manipulate the newly added fields in database, includes adding them to reports. With the support for custom fields in the Excel worksheet, our invoicing app has the ability to create the relationship between fields - for example, one field should be the sum of the other fields, or the value of one field should be calculated only when another field value equals a certain value.

The support for custom fields makes it possible for even an end user who does not know programming at all, could add new features to her/his invoicing creator such as Shipping Invoice Template (1) without writing one line of programming code. Feel free to Search and download more samples. Sometimes our customization samples are offered in two editions here on, that are one freeware edition, and another edition that works only with our invoicing software installed.

These new custom fields, combined with the default fields defined by the sales invoice template, make the billing template has the ability to detail shipping company, sender, recipient, description of the goods being shipped, total items shipped in one package, cost of shipment, date of shipment, name of the company which is the manufacturer of the goods, shipment code, etc. The shipping invoice sample also defines one tax, named "Service Tax", on the bottom of the form. You can easily change the tax name and tax rate by typing whatever you like.

The shipping invoices created by this shipping invoice template is printable on standard A4 paper with Portrait paper orientation. If you would like to see a Landscape version, see Shipping Invoice Template (2).

Like other form designs here on, Freight Invoice Format (1) is free (offered to you at a price of 0.00USD). It works on Windows XP and all newer versions of Windows, and Excel 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 or 2016.

Format and Specification

NameShipping Invoice Template (1)
CategorySales Invoice Template
Release DateTuesday, January 14, 2014
Format (XLS or XLSX).xls
Excel Version Excel 2003 / Excel 2007 / Excel 2010 / Excel 2013 / Excel 2016
Feature Gallery
Line Height (Points)16.50
Print Area$F$2:$O$61
Printable with Papaer Size / OrientationA4 (210 mm x 297 mm) - Portrait
Default Margins (Points)

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