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Invoice and Packing List on Separate Worksheet

Invoice and Packing List on Separate Worksheet

In this sample, we use Invoice and Packing List on Same Form (c4078) as the basic invoice template, move the packing list to a separate form. The main steps are illustrated below.

Portuguese Proforma Quotation Template

Portuguese Proforma Quotation Form

This template in Portuguese language set the title of the "Invoice" worksheet to " PROFORMA COTAÇÃO". The 5 columns on this template are "Codigo / Tributável", "Designacao", "Quantidade", "Unidade Total".

Commercial Invoice for Export in Excel

Commercial Invoice in Excel offers this free commercial invoice template in Excel format. The template offers blank invoice forms that are highly customizable and printable. With its intuitive interface, you can fill in it just like filling a paper form with a paper. The commercial invoice is required to be furbished as a customs declaration form when exporting goods across international borders. A commercial invoice form includes necessary fields to help the importer present a detailed invoice to the custom authorities. It is presented while clearing the goods. It also includes the terms of Sale, a harmonized code for every item and tax identification of the seller as well as the buyer. The commercial invoice template helps you draft invoices with easy and quick. While there are commercial invoice templates or examples online in other formats, such as Microsoft Word or PDF, the Excel-format commercial invoice template has some interesting features, for example, the use of formulas. If you use the Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software) edition, the definition of custom fields is another powerful feature that shouldn't ignore. If you are looking for a guide on how to create a commercial invoice, or what is a commercial invoice, or commercial invoice examples, this free commercial invoice form, like the other samples available here on, answered the question in an intuitive way.

Web-hosting Invoicing Template

Web-hosting Invoicing Template

The template has two columns, a description column and an amount column. The amount column is manually editable, as it is not calculated from something like Quantity and Price, or Hourly and Rate. This makes the template suitable for general service businesses. With the "Description" column you can enter the service performed, such as the hosting plan a client purchased from you.

HVAC Service Invoice

HVAC Service Invoice

This free HVAC service invoice template includes two forms on the "Invoice" worksheet. The first is a regular invoice form, and the second is a Heating & Air Conditioning service order / work order form.

Two Receipts on One Sheet

Two House Rent Receipts on One Sheet

Just like c1011 Printable House Rent Receipt Template, this template is also a customized version of c1002 House Rent Receipt Template. It is customized to print two copies of receipts using one Excel worksheet.

Billing Invoice Template

Billing Invoice Template

You may find many other templates online in various formats, such as HTML, Word (".doc" or ".docx"), or even Photoshop.

The directly base template of this form design is the default template (also called standard template) shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software) v 5.23.

Photography Invoicing Template (General)

Photography Billing Format (General)

Creating an invoice using Photography Invoicing Template is as easy as fill in a paper form. Our templates are offered in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format. A PDF version, which is generated using Microsoft Excel, is also included. The template is provided free of charge, yet it produce beautiful and professional results that could be found only with some expensive invoicing software programs. However if you need more from your invoicing system, such as management of your clients / customers, reporting on sales, customers and products, simply install Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software), which is our invoicing app that support all the templates you can download here on

Online Invoicing Sample

Online Invoicing Sample

The "Enterprise" edition supports SQL Server that could be running either on local area network, or running on Internet. By sharing your data via Internet, you can always access your invoicing system, even when you are out of office or on the road, with a mobile device connecting to the Internet. See differences between editions for more information.

Invoice Template VAT UK

Invoice Form VAT UK

It's clear that the invoice format of the VAT invoice template is very different from what offered by the default invoice template installed by Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software) setup program, yet it is still easy to create the new invoice form from the default invoice form. The basic tasks are moving cells and controls, formatting cells.

Green Gradient Service Invoice

Green Gradient Service Invoice Template

This format design is based on c2004 service invoice template with payment advice. Like the original format, it has a " Remit payment to:" section, which is a section of static text -- i.e. the text here must be modified / edited when the template is put into design mode, and it will not change from invoice to invoice.