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Invoice and Packing List on Separate Worksheet

Invoice and Packing Slip on Separate Worksheet

Packing list and invoice are closely related business documents, yet there are significant differences between the two, in both the recipients of the document, the contents each document show include. A packing list is designed to aid recipients of the shipment in confirming that all items that were supposed to be included in the shipment have actually arrived. While slip designs vary somewhat, most will include a description of each item included, as well as the quantity of each item shipped. On the other hand, an invoice goes to the person responsible for paying the bill. The invoice is the bill for purchasing from your company and the notice to the customer to pay you.

Portuguese Proforma Quotation Template

Portuguese Proforma Quotation Form

This template in Portuguese language set the title of the "Invoice" worksheet to " PROFORMA COTAÇÃO". The 5 columns on this template are "Codigo / Tributável", "Designacao", "Quantidade", "Unidade Total".

Commercial Invoice for Export in Excel

Commercial Invoice for Export in Excel

Once the form is unprotected and switched to design mode, you simply type in your own business name, address, city state and ZIP, contact phone and web site etc., on the top of the form.

Web-hosting Invoicing Template

Web-hosting Billing Form

The template has two columns, a description column and an amount column. The amount column is manually editable, as it is not calculated from something like Quantity and Price, or Hourly and Rate. This makes the template suitable for general service businesses. With the "Description" column you can enter the service performed, such as the hosting plan a client purchased from you.

HVAC Service Invoice

HVAC Service Invoice

The two forms are places side by side on the worksheet, and are both included in the printable area. This means that, if you execute the "Print" command, or if you try to generate HVAC Service invoice in PDF format, or try to email invoice to your customers, all the two forms will be printed / generated on two pages.

Two Receipts on One Sheet

Two House Rent Receipts on One Sheet

Just like c1011 Printable House Rent Receipt Template, this template is also a customized version of c1002 House Rent Receipt Template. It is customized to print two copies of receipts using one Excel worksheet.

Billing Invoice Template

Billing Invoice Template

We provides templates in Microsoft Excel format and Adobe PDF format only. All templates here are designed by ourselves so you won't find them elsewhere on the Internet.

Professional Tax Invoice Template for Furniture

Professional Tax Invoice Template for Furniture

The "Special Order" field is defined as a custom field. It is implemented as a drop-down list. The possible values are defined at $20:$21 ("Yes" or "No"). The "Pickup Old Items:" and "Instructions:" are all text fields that allows you to show additional notes on invoices.

Online Invoicing Sample

Online Invoicing Sample

This database server is created for testing purpose only. So don't store your real business data using this database.

To find out more information on how to migrate your Access database to online using SQL Server, visit the tutorial document included in Invoice Manager for Excel help file. To find it:

Invoice Template VAT UK

Invoice Form VAT UK

This service vat invoice template does not use Ship To fields, but added several new fields on invoice header, such as VAT Registration No., Application Type, VAT Total. It also added two new columns, VAT Rate and VAT Amount. For each product or service item, you can set a VAT percentage rate, which is loaded when you pick up a product or service item by clicking one of the icon buttons. For a product where there is no VAT payable there simply will be no figure in the VAT section, therefore, where VAT is zero the price and the total will read the same. The currency symbol of this billing template is set for UK (United Kingdom) format.

For a detailed tutorial on adding custom fields, visit this simple example.

Green Gradient Service Invoice

Green Gradient Service Invoice Template

This format design is based on c2004 service invoice template with payment advice. Like the original format, it has a " Remit payment to:" section, which is a section of static text -- i.e. the text here must be modified / edited when the template is put into design mode, and it will not change from invoice to invoice.