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General Waybill

General Packing Slip

Firstly, you can use this template alone for the simple purpose of creating packing slips. Simply fill in the required information - your company information (sender), and the receiver information, and number of boxes, packing date, packed by, checked by, unit weight, unit volume etc. You can use Excel's built in feature for printing and generation of PDF formatted waybills.

Work Invoice in Excel

Work Invoice in Excel

The word art feature is an interesting and useful feature available in Microsoft Office programs such as Word, Excel and Power Point. The basic usage of word art is described at Insert WordArt document on Microsoft's web site. With word art, you can create fancy text effects with just a few mouse clicks. Programs like Adobe Photoshop is able to create beautiful arts of word too, the advantages of using Office's built-in word art feature are obvious - it is simple, and the result is easily editable within Excel and Word itself.

Labor Invoicing Sample

Labor Invoicing Sample

Just like most Excel sample invoicing template here on, Labor Invoice Template has a logo placeholder image on the top of the form, which you can replace with your own image.

Billing Invoice Template

Billing Invoice Form

For example, you can have the program generate invoice#, customer# automatically; you can easily retrieved all information about a saved client by entering its customer#, or looking up using the data list window. Sending invoices to clients in PDF, image (PNG) or Excel format using email is also just one click away, see How to email invoice to customers for more information.

General Service Invoice

General Service Bill

As a service invoice template, this form does not contain the shipping address section, just like other generic service invoice samples here on For more samples on general invoices, visit General Invoice Templates.

Billing Summary Template

Billing Statement Form

The 2-page billing summary template has 55 lines on the detail section; whereas the 1-page billing summary format offers only 19 lines. The 1-page template was created by simply hiding the line 20 to line 56 of the 2-page template. Both templates connect to the same Microsoft Access database "c5122.mdb". For more samples on multiple-page templates, click here.

Musician Invoice Template

Musician Billing Format

This invoice template designed for musician includes a stave background image. Besides the Excel spreadsheet template, a PDF billing format template for musician is also included. This sample is formatted with Australian currency but you can easily change it with Excel formatting tools.

Transportation Invoice

Transportation Invoice

This invoice template also shows Previous Balance on the invoice form. The implementation details can be found at Forwarding Previous Invoice Balance.

Simple Service Invoice Template without Item Description

Simple Service Invoice Format without Item Description

Simple Sales Invoice Template without Item Description implements such as simple invoice format by moving the description column out of the printable invoice form. To make it compatible with Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software) (for more information about our invoicing software, click here, or here, or here) , which requires a description to be present, we assign a formula to the Description fields located outside the printable form. The Excel formula assigns the value of product# (or item#, serial#) to its Description field automatically so that Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software) will not display a warning message due to the missing of a description.

Hourly Service Invoice Template (UK Currency)

Hourly Service Billing Statement (UK Currency)

There are many more things you can customize to create your own invoicing template with your very own style, the currency symbol is just one simple example.

Simple Sample - Customer Name on Product Report

Simple Invoicing Sample - Customer Name on Product Report

In this sample, we'll take the result template built in c4051 Simple Invoice Template - Discount Amount Field as a starting point, create two custom fields, "CustomerName" and "CustomerContact" in the invoice body database table, and then add them to the product report. Note that in order to follow this tutorial, you should have Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software) installed, which is our invoicing software app for automated invoice processing. Download the fully functional trial version for free.

Hourly Service Billing Sample

Hourly Service Billing Sample

While all the invoicing templates online here on is has the final common source - the default template shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software), our invoicing software that is able to turns a pure Excel-formatted spreadsheet template into a complete invoicing program, the direct source of this design, Hourly Service Billing Template (or Hourly Service Billing Form) is actually based on c4001 Billing Template with 4 Columns.

Service Receipt Template

Service Receipt Form

Service Receipt Template is a variant of Payment Receipt Template. This customized version differs from the original receipt template by moving out all shipping fields from the printable receipt form.

Attorney Invoice Template (South Africa Currency)

Attorney Billing Statement (South Africa Currency)

If you are an independent attorney, an invoicing and billing template may be your choice to create and email professional and customized Invoices. This simple Excel formatted Attorney Bill Template (South Africa Currency) provides a sample that you can download for free.

4-Column without Tax

4-Column without Tax

This is a variant of the invoice template with 4 columns. The template is set with no tax and shipping address.

Simple Template - Moving Shipping Address

Simple Template - Moving Shipping Address

The templates that have no shipping address section are categorized as service invoice template. This simple invoice template demonstrates how to create it by moving out shipping address fields.

Welding / Fabrication Tax Invoice

Welding / Fabrication Tax Billing Template

Welding Invoice Template (c8003) is our most complicated welding and fabrication invoicing template online here on It calculates prices on 3 selling modes - sold by " Foot, Shear Cut Inches, Flame Cut Inches", sold by " SQ. FT.", and sold by " INCHES". It is useful for welders who use exactly the same pricing mode, but others may need a more flexible way - more fillable invoice details - so that they can offer prices in the way they like. Simple Welding Invoice Template / Simple Welding Invoicing Form (c5064) offers the most simplified welding invoice. Welding and Fabrication Service Invoice Template / Welding and Fabrication Billing Template (c8004) is based on c8003 but removes the complex price calculation - this enables you to fill in the prices manually, and it is implemented as a service invoice template and thus does not contain the shipping address information. Welder Invoicing Template / Welder Billing Form (c7021) is based on c8004, and it restores the shipping address section, but removed the "Type" column from the invoice detail section.