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Looking for invoice template JPG? Each template here on comes with at least two images in either JPG or PNG format.

The first one shows the print effect - i.e. what an invoice will look like when it is printed by clicking the "Print" button on the worksheet, or clicking Excel menu File / Print. Note that this image is created as a screenshot, so it does not reflect exactly the printed result, especially the paper margins. Look for the PDF invoice templates to find the more accurate print result. Please refers to the printable invoice template document to find more on how to control the print options.

The second is what the template will look like on your screen, including all the buttons that work with Uniform Invoice Software. Note that the buttons will not work if Uniform Invoice Software is not installed. All the buttons and images on the form will be removed when you click the "Print" or "Extract/Email" button.

If you send invoices to clients electronically using email, the invoice could be in PDF, Excel sheet or image/PNG (JPG) format. To settings this up, click the "Settings" button on the worksheet, and then go to the "Email" tab. Check email invoice for more information on this topic.

Here are our templates closely related to Invoice Template Images.

Welder Invoicing Template

Welder Billing Form

The discount field, which is titled with "MARKDOWN" on the bottom of the Invoice worksheet, is an amount value. If it is filled, the amount will be deducted from the total of the invoice. The insurance field is also an amount value, which is added to the invoice total. Both the markdown and the insurance fields are custom fields that are added to the Invoice Header database table - they are not defined in the default invoice template that are shipped with Uniform Invoice Software.

Bill Format for Dental Clinic and Denture Laboratory

Receipt Sample for Dental Clinic and Denture Laboratory

The form includes a "Patient Details" section next to the "Bill To" section, which makes it possible to enter different patient information than the "Bill To" details. You can also populate the "Patient Details" section with fields from "Bill To" section by simply clicking the "Same As Bill To" section. Read on to find tips and guidelines on invoicing and billing for dental clinic.

Consulting Invoicing Sample with Consultants Background Picture

Consulting Bill Format with Consultants Background Picture

The template has one tax set by default which is named "TAX" and the rate is set to 8%. To change the tax name to either "GST" or "VAT", first click the "Settings" button on the "Invoice" worksheet or on Excel ribbon, and then go to the "Taxes" tab, fill in the new tax name ("GST" or "VAT") and rate that are suitable for region. You can also find options for changing to 2 taxes or no-tax and the other taxation rules on the "Taxes" tab. Besides requesting payments and managing account receivables, taxing is also another major purpose of a business invoice. So make sure it is clear and correct. Consult with your local taxing department when necessary.

Invoicing Format for HVAC Service

Invoicing Format for HVAC Service

This is a service invoice template, featuring a "Bill To" section and a "Service Location" section that allow you to enter different billing address and the location to perform the HVAC service. In the detail section, there are two parts, just like the parts and labor invoice form. The parts and labor could have different tax rates. On the bottom of the form, the "TOTAL AMOUNT PAYABLE" field calculates the grand total from both the parts and labor sections using a simple Excel formula like this:

Sample Sales Invoice Template: Using Handwriting Signature

Sales Template with Signature

Since we've already added the handwriting signature image to the printable form, you don't have to add another ActiveX image control in order to use your own signature image. In order to use this sample sales invoice template, what you need to do is to replace our sample signature image with your own image, just like what you'll do with the default logo image.

Photography Receipt Template (Detail)

Photography Receipt Format (Detail)

You can of course use only the template without installing Uniform Invoice Software, which still produces beautiful and professional looking invoices, by installing Uniform Invoice Software the template could become a complete invoicing program, that is able to not only create invoices, but also to manage your customers, products, invoices and payments in an easy and quick way. For example, to find out all the receipts or invoices that contains certain products / items, you simply enter the search condition on the search bar, and then press the Enter key on your keyboard.

Home Staging Invoice Sample

Home Stager Bill Format

If you are familiar with Excel, use our template as a starting point, and tailor it to your business. To make sure your design works with Uniform Invoice Software, be sure to check our design rules explained at customizing invoice template. All templates here on adhere to those rules.

Car Rental Invoice Sample

Car Rental Bill Form
  • Make sure the template is backed up, and it is in design mode.
  • Drag your mouse to select all the cells in the "Start Date" and "End Date" columns, ranging from $N$20:$O$25.
  • Right-click one of the selected cells, choose "Format Cells" from the menu.
  • Go to the "Number" tab.
  • From the "Category" group, choose "Number".
  • Choose one of the date format you like. Be use to choose a date format that does not cause misunderstanding. For example if you have customers come from outside of the United States, "1/2/2018" is a misleading date value; but "March 1, 2018" is OK. Refer to How to Formally Write the Date for more information.
  • Once you have done setting your date format, close the dialog box.
  • Exit design mode. Save the template.

Simple Template with Printable Watermark

Simple Format with Printable Background Image

There are still ways to create invoice template with printable background image or watermark. In this sample, we'll use c4074 Simple Invoice Format for Letterhead Paper here on as the starting point and basic invoice template for demonstration purpose.

Mountain Laurel Invoice Template

Mountain Laurel Invoice Template

This basic sales invoice template shows mountain laurel on four corners of the sheet form.

This template is customized version of c3001 Basic Sales Invoice Template (Light Blue) in the basic invoice template gallery. By adding the images of mountain laurel flowers to the form, it immediately gets a completely new feel and look. It is no more a general business document, but an interesting and attractive letter asking for payment genteelly.

Simple Invoice Format for Florida

Simple Invoice Form for Florida

The word art image in this sample is created by clicking Excel "WordArt" command on the "Insert" ribbon tab. When the newly created word art object is selected, Excel shows a new "Format" ribbon tab, where you can adjust the "Text Fill", "Text Outlook" and Text Effects".

Law Firm Invoice Template

Law Firm Invoice Template

Unlike c5067 Attorney Invoice Template, this law office billing template includes not only the "Bill To" section, the "Ship To" section (usually found on those sales invoice that allows you specify a different shipping address than the "Bill To" address) is kept inside the printable form, but has a new title "Rep. Of" (representative of), . This allows you to specify different parties who are responsive for paying the bill, and who is the party to the lawsuit or receives the law services.

Jamaica Tax Invoice Template

Jamaica Tax Billing Format

Jamaica Tax Invoice Template adheres to the requirements detailed on Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ). It implements the auto calculation of tax - GCT, i.e. General Consumption Tax. The GCT is a value added tax which is applied on the value added to goods and services at each stage in the production and distribution chain. It is a tax on consumption and is included in the final price the consumer pays for goods and services. As a Registered Taxpayer, you must issue a tax invoice for sale made to another Registered Taxpayer. In the case of sales to other persons, you should issue an invoice or a receipt for each transaction.

Service Proposal Template with Checkbox Column

Service Proposal Format with Checkbox Column

The layout of this service proposal template is similar to c4009 service proposal template. While it does not include major changes to the proposal form layout, we take a closer look at how the checkboxes work on the Excel form.

Invoice with Date Column

Template with Date Column

Adding a new column is a bit complex than just moving cells. With the previous generation of Uniform Invoice Software, which is named Excel Invoice Manager, you have to use Database Designer to add new fields to the Invoice Body database definition file and database table (and the field with the same name to the Product table, if you wish to fill the cell automatically when a product / service item is picked up), and then name the cells based on the database field name.

South Africa Tax Invoice Template (Service)

South Africa Tax Billing Format (Service)

South Africa Tax Billing Format (Service) is a variant of South Africa Tax Invoice Template (Sales), created by removing the shipping address section from the form and thus it is suitable for service provides.

VAT Invoice Template with VAT Rate Column

VAT Billing Template with VAT Rate Column

So to create this VAT Invoice Template with VAT Rate Column template, all we have to do is to firstly unprotect the Invoice worksheet, and then adjust the existing columns to leave space for the newly moved in (VAT Rate) column.

Freelance Writer Invoice

Freelance Writer Billing Template

We've already published an invoice format for freelancers, at Freelance Invoice Template; and for a list of invoicing forms that could be used by freelancers like designers, developers etc., visit Freelance Invoice Template For Service Business, Graphic Design Freelance Invoice Template, Freelance Web Design Invoice Template, etc. Unlike Freelance Invoice Template, where the calculation of line totals are done by multiply "Hours * Hourly Rate", in this billing template sample Freelance Writer Invoice Template, the amount of each line is manually fillable - this means that it is more suitable for project or contract - based billing. You can find more invoice samples for hourly-rate based invoicing under the Service Invoice Template and Consulting Invoice Template.

Hourly Invoice Template

Hourly Billing Form

Near the logo image is your company information. In this section, you should detail your company/business name, address, city state and zip, contact number and Tax ID if applicable. At the right section, you may find the fields for 'invoice#' and 'invoice date'. These are two important fields that should appear on all invoices. The 'invoice#' field should be filled with a unique number - it is generally called invoice number but usually you can add prefix text to it, such as 'INV'. If you use Invoice Manager, the invoicing program will help you generate unique invoice numbers automatically.