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Hong Kong Service Invoice Template

Hong Kong Service Invoice Template

By default this template shows no tax. If you pay tax, you can use the "Settings" dialog box to modify the template layout and design. Simply click the "Settings" button on the "Invoice" ribbon tab, then activate the "Tax" tab. Set tax type to "One tax", fill in tax name and rate properly. Visit Tax Rates on Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department for more information.

Form with Product Category

Template with Product Category

However the support for custom fields in Uniform Invoice Software makes overcoming this limitation easy and quick. What you need to do is to add the custom field "Product Category" to the invoice body database table, and then name a column of cells where you want to display the category when creating an invoice - in this sample, we don't want to show product category on printed invoices, so the product category column is defined outside the printable area.

Engineering Service Billing Sample

Engineering Service Billing Form

Like other templates available here on, the most important job to do on creating this customized template from the default sales invoicing sample involves moving the cells around to create a new form design. Microsoft Excel provides handy support for this type of jobs. For example, this template design has 3 columns on the invoice body - Description, Reference, and Fee. The Reference is a newly added column defined as custom fields (The definition of this custom field is added to the "Invoice Body" database table, so it becomes a column on the invoice body, but not a single cell on the invoice header or bottom). The "Fee" column, which is manually editable in this sample template, is actually the Unit Price column on the default sales invoice sample template. Compared to the default template, engineering service bill has the Product#, Quantity, and Line Total columns moved out of the printable invoice form. Unlike those service invoice samples that bill a client based on hourly rate or daily rate, by allowing to manually edit the Fee fields this invoice design becomes more general / generic that suits more business situations.

Advanced Invoicing Sample - Email Is Required Before Saving Invoice

Advanced Invoicing Format - Email Is Required Before Saving Invoice

Starting from Uniform Invoice Software version 5, a new Excel add-in module "Uniform Invoice Software Helper" was introduced to provide functions for the Excel on-sheet buttons on the Invoice and report worksheets. This sample demonstrates how you can call the action procedures from your own macro.

Invoice Template with 4 Columns

Invoice Template with 4 Columns

The template has one tax set on the bottom of the invoice form. If you have Uniform Invoice Software installed, you can easily change it to two-tax or non-tax by clicking the Settings button on the Invoice worksheet, and then go to the Taxes tab.

Basic Blank Service Invoice Format (One-tax)

Basic Blank Service Invoice Layout (One-tax)

Uniform Invoice Software is a special invoicing software app that uses Excel invoice templates as the front-end. The program is implemented as an Excel add-in program that runs inside Microsoft Excel. So after installing Uniform Invoice Software, you won't see a shortcut to the program as many other programs. What you'll see is a shortcut to the default invoicing format that is shipped with the setup program of Uniform Invoice Software. This default invoicing template is just the sample of the templates supported by Uniform Invoice Software. You can easily replace it with new templates available here on Simply download the template you like, extract the template (each template usually comes with a database file), and then double-click to open the template you like.

Payment Receipt Template

Payment Receipt Form

Receipt plays important role in the verification process and in the process of audit. The standard invoice template included in the setup program of Uniform Invoice Software already provided the details of payments, but they are put into hidden cells for the purpose of simplifying the form. A detailed tutorial on how to unhide the payment details section of the invoice form was originally published on, but now moved here at Receipt Form on

The blank payment receipt template is formatted as an Excel ".xls" document.

Online Invoicing Sample

Sample Invoice Template for Online Invoicing

This template has exactly the same invoice format as the one shipped with Uniform Invoice Software version 5. However, instead of connecting to the local "Sample.mdb" Access database, it connects to our remote testing MS SQL Server database running online, to give you an easy way to test how online invoicing works. Feel free to visit our online invoicing templates gallery.

3-Page Invoice Template

3-Page Invoicing Format

This is another invoice format sample that contains multiple pages inside one template. To be specific, it contains 60 lines on 3 pages. This template uses exactly the same database as the previous sample, 2-Page Invoice Template (c5081).

Jamaica Tax Invoice Template

Jamaica Tax Billing Format
  • Words "Tax Invoice" (shown prominently)
  • Date of the taxable supply
  • Serialized number of the tax invoice
  • Name, address and GCT registration number of the Registered Taxpayer issuing the invoice
  • Name and address of the Registered Taxpayer to whom the taxable supply is made
  • Quantity and description of the taxable supply
  • Amount of the consideration payable on the taxable amount
  • Rate of tax and the amount of tax payable
  • Total amount of the consideration and the GCT.

Bill Format for landscaping Service

Invoicing Template for Landscaping Service

If your business is renting / selling fiberglass planters and artificial trees and plants, such as desktop planters, wedge planters, Venetian planters, troughs, bowls and cones, or you're doing potting-related service, you can use this template to create and print beautiful invoices.

VAT Invoicing Template with VAT Rate and Amount Column

VAT Billing Template with VAT Rate and Amount Column

The previous example, VAT Invoicing Template with VAT Rate and Amount Column (c6002), demonstrated how to create a new Excel invoicing template from c5005, which complies with the UK HMRC requirements of showing "the rate of VAT that applies to what's being sold". This sample Excel template shows the VAT amount column too.

Pet Food Store Invoice

Pet Food Shop Invoicing Format

If you are running a store for selling pet (dog, cat etc.) food, or providing pet sitting service (also visit Veterinary Invoice Template), whether retail or wholesale, you can try this invoicing format. Unlike the default sales invoice template shipped with Uniform Invoice Software, with this customization, we've simplified the fields on the "Bill To" section - it now contains only two fields - Customer Name and Phone. The other fields, like customer's address, city state and zip (in U.S. format) are still there but placed outside the printable area (the area defined by the Print_Area Excel name, which is the area to print when you issue the Print command in Excel, or click the Print command in Uniform Invoice Software). If you need to move these cells back into the "Bill To" section, visit the tutorial and detailed sample at Simple Template - Moving Shipping Address.

Bill Format with Change Calculation

Bill Format with Change Calculation

The second cell is titled with "Paid". If you click the cell that allows you to enter the payment amount, you'll notice the cell is named "oknPaymentBeforeChange", which differs from default "oknPayments" cell in the default template shipped with Uniform Invoice Software. This is the only manually editable one in this section, identified with a special background color.

As you've already known, this cell is the amount of change you have to pay back.