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Auto Repair Invoice Template

Blank Vehicle Repair Invoice

July 12 2016: Please visit the revised version of this auto service invoice template at Auto Repair Service Invoice with Car Lift Background Image.

Online Invoicing Sample

Sample Invoice Template for Online Invoicing

This free Excel invoice template demonstrates how Uniform Invoice Software works with online Microsoft SQL Server database connections (instead of the default Microsoft Access database).

Billing Summary Template

Billing Summary Template

This billing summary in Excel spreadsheet format was originally designed for an office of information technology that provides radio communication services. The downloadable package includes two formats, one-page template and two-page template.

Transport Invoice with GST

Transport Invoice with GST

To change the default tax name and rate using Uniform Invoice Software, simply click the "Settings" button on Excel worksheet, and then go to the "Taxes" tab. Be sure to save the workbook file by clicking Excel menu "File" and then "Save", so that your changes will be kept.

Bill of Sales Template

Bill of Sale Form

This free bill of sale template for vehicle provides an Excel form that enables you to details the Make, Year, VIN#, Odometer Reading, Model or Series, Color, Style and Title#, as well as the information about the buyer and seller.

Tutorial for Adding New Line to Template

Tutorial for Adding New Line to Template

Reducing the number of lines could be archived by hiding some bottom lines of an existing invoice design, but increase the number of lines is not as easy as reducing lines.

Consultant Invoice with Travel and Hourly Expenses

Consultant Invoice with Mileage and Hourly Expenses
  • Prepare a folder for storing your PDF files. Say "C:\MyPdfInvoices". Enter this folder information on the invoice template, cell $T$6 with blue background. Make sure the folder name is ended with a "\" symbol. For example, if you store your pdf files in the folder C:\MyPdfInvoices, then enter "C:\MyPdfInvoices\" in cell $T$6. Save your invoice template by clicking Excel menu File -> Save. You need to do this (specifying the folder where you store you PDF files) only once.
  • Once you finish you invoice, click "Save To DB" to save it to database. An invoice# is generated automatically.
  • Generate the PDF file. Make sure the name of the PDF file is same as the Invoice#. For example, if the current invoice is INV1051, your PDF file should be "INV1051.pdf".
  • Click "Open PDF file" hyper link to open the pdf file.

4-Column without Tax

4-Column without Tax

This is a variant of the invoice template with 4 columns. The template is set with no tax and shipping address.

Excel Payment Voucher Template

Payment Voucher Template

Excel Payment Voucher Template is a editable sample voucher template created from Payment Voucher Template (Golden Shop). It differs from the original voucher template in that this sample Excel voucher template is suitable for general business.

Receipt Template for Gold Shop (4)

Receipt Form for Gold Shop (4)

The steps involved in moving the Marking Charge column can be found at Receipt Form for Gold Shop (2)here on, and we also have a brief introduction on the custom field Rate at Receipt Form for Gold Shop (3). In this cash receipt template, we combine the two customizations to create a new receipt template format and layout.

Service Receipt Template

Service Receipt Template

You can download the freeware version of this service receipt template, the Uniform Invoice Software version or the PDF version of this template, from here on If case you are interesting in the implementation detail of this customized service receipt template, read on.

Spare Parts Sales Invoice

Spare Parts Sales Invoice Template

This template has the Customer# cell moved out of the printable area. While it is no longer show on printed invoices and PDF spare parts sales invoices generated by the template, Uniform Invoice Software still works with it well. For example, if you enter the customer name into the proper cell and then click the "Save As New Customer" button, a new customer number (identifier) is generated automatically; on creating new invoices you can enter the customer# directly into this cell to retrieve all the related customer information.

Photography Receipt Template (Detail)

Photography Receipt Template (Detail)

The most fascinating side of photography lies in the move from photography using film to photography using media storage. Nowadays even "traditional" photographers have begun to use digital SLR cameras in order to obtain the most brilliant and clear pictures possible. This template, Photography Receipt Template (Detail) or Photography Receipt Format (Detail), includes fields for digital image processing, such as the "CD" field. Including the CD field, there are totally 8 columns on this template - "ROLL", "DIMENSIONS", "GLOSSY / MATTE", "COLOR / B&W", "# in ROLL", "DOUBLES?", "CD?" and "LINE TOTAL". The "DIMENSIONS" field is actually the "Product Name" field in the original Sales Invoicing Template shipped with Uniform Invoice Software. The "Product ID", "Quantity" and "Price" fields, which are found in many templates available here on, were moved out of the printable area of the sheet. Beside "DIMENSIONS" and "LINE TOTAL", all the other 6 columns are custom fields that are not defined in the default database (and template) shipped with Uniform Invoice Software.

Payment Voucher Template (Golden Shop)

Voucher Template (Golden Shop)

As always this receipt template is provided in two formats - one freeware format that you can use without installing Uniform Invoice Software, and another edition that you should use with Uniform Invoice Software installed. By installing Uniform Invoice Software, you'll make all the buttons on the top of the payment voucher form work for you. For example, when you need to create a new payment voucher, simply click the "Clear & New" button, which will clear all the cells that you need to fill in, and some cells are filled with default content. For example, the "date" field is filled with the current date. If you click the "Save To DB" button, Uniform Invoice Software will save the current voucher to a backend database. This allows you to recall the saved business document at any time, and allows you to generate sales report, payment report, product report etc. If you click the icon button on the voucher detail section, Uniform Invoice Software pops a product list / item list, that allows you to pick products / items instead of typing manually.

Simple Consulting Bill with Printable Background Image

Simple Consulting Billing Template with Printable Background Image

The background image we added to the template shows a business man checking for documents. It shows on the printed version of your consulting invoices / bills, or on the PDF consultant bills generated by Uniform Invoice Software.

Consulting Invoice Template (4th Sample - Taxable Column)

Consulting (4th Sample - Taxable Column)

Many free invoicing templates available here on put the Taxable column outside the printable invoice form. While it simplifies the printed document, some consultants prefer to have Taxable checkbox column moved into the printable consultant invoice form, so that it will be included in their form of bill too. The sample free consultant invoicing form provided here adheres to this requirement and a ready-to-use blank consulting billing formats in Excel format can be downloaded as a sample.

Invoice Template with 4 Columns

Invoice Template with 4 Columns

The template has one tax set on the bottom of the invoice form. If you have Uniform Invoice Software installed, you can easily change it to two-tax or non-tax by clicking the Settings button on the Invoice worksheet, and then go to the Taxes tab.

VAT Service Invoice Template - Price Excluding Tax

VAT Service Invoicing Template - Price Excluding Tax

The VAT service invoice template helps you to create invoices associated with both professional and non-professional services: legal, medical or accounting, freelance work, consulting, handyman work, housecleaning and babysitting, landscaping and gardening, auto repairs, catering, child care, pet care, tutoring, and other services. It is a simple, easy to use, free Excel invoice template that can be customized to fit your specific circumstance. If you work as an independent contractor or own a small company that performs a specialized service, the odds are that you will need to learn how to write an invoice for services rendered to acquire your due payment. This VAT invoice template could be a handy tool for you to get the job done. If you are a UK-based business, has another VAT service invoice template for you at Service VAT Invoice Template.

Sales Invoice Template with Discount Amount Column

Sales Invoice Template with Discount Amount Column

There are also special ways that are not commonly appliance but do work for some business. For example, one of our customers found a new way to use the tax cells and formulas on the default sales invoice template - by naming a tax "Discount" and assigning it a negative tax rate, one of the tax field on the bottom of invoice form efficiency becomes a discount field. Since Uniform Invoice Software allows to change the tax rate (in this example it becomes discount rate) on a per-invoice basis right on the bottom of the invoice form, the customer had never encountered a problem in applying discounts in this way.

Hong Kong Service Invoice Template

Hong Kong Service Billing Form

This template for Hong Kong service businesses is built for translation service, but you can easily adapt it for other service business too. The form includes 4 columns, including a user-defined date column for you to detail the date when the service was performed.