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Auto Repair Invoice Template

Blank Vehicle Repair Invoice

The auto repair invoice template in Microsoft Excel format has 5 columns one the invoice body section within the printable invoice form, including: #, description, quantity, price, line total. The free auto repair invoice layout does not include shipping fields, just like the other service invoice templates available online here on The unique features that are available only in this auto repair invoice sample are the fields for insurance information, including Company and Claim#, and the fields for vehicle information, such as Year, Make, Model and Color. This makes the car repair invoice template an ideal tool to draft your invoices. This invoice template is also one of the good examples on customizing the invoice template. On the top of the invoice form, there is also a "Time In" field below the "Date In" field (which is usually labeled with "Invoice Date" on most invoice templates here on We've kept the Shipping Cost field inside the printable auto repair invoice form.

Online Invoicing Sample

Sample Invoice Template for Online Invoicing

This free Excel invoice template demonstrates how Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software) works with online Microsoft SQL Server database connections (instead of the default Microsoft Access database).

Drywall Invoice Example

Dryall Billing Program

This drywall invoice example is a slightly modified version of c3009 Contractor Billing Format, and a sample in our contractor invoice templates.

Personal Invoice Template for UK

Personal Invoice Form in Excel for UK

This template keeps the basic form layout as the original version. So this template has a discount percentage column on the detail section too. If this form layout does not meet your requirements, visit our galleries at free personal invoice templates and UK invoice templates for more samples.

Portuguese Proforma Quotation Template

Portuguese Proforma Quotation Form

This template in Portuguese language set the title of the "Invoice" worksheet to " PROFORMA COTAÇÃO". The 5 columns on this template are "Codigo / Tributável", "Designacao", "Quantidade", "Unidade Total".

Commercial Invoice for International Shipping

Commercial Invoice Template for International Shipping in Excel

By installing Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software), this pure-Excel spreadsheet commercial invoice format could be a complete invoicing tool for customs declaration.

Retainer Invoice Template

Retainer Invoicing Sample

Here on you can also find detailed tutorials on creating deposit fields, at c5078 Basic Service Bill Sample with Deposit and c1003 Security Deposit Receipt Template. All these templates can be downloaded for free.

Self Employed Invoice Template

Self Employed Bill Form

This template is a modified version of c4071 Parts and Labor Invoicing Format. It is also a featured title in the gallery freelance invoice templates. You may find interesting designs if you are a freelance writer, or are offering services like cleaning.

Croatian Invoice Template

Croatian Billing Form

This Croatian Invoice Template has a general form layout, but has all the text labels translated into Croatian. For example, the "Clear & New" button is now "Novi / isprazni".

4-Column without Tax

4-Column Invoice Template

If you have Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software) installed, setting tax types is as easy as clicking several buttons. For example, if you find a template here on interesting but don't need tax fields, you can set it to non-tax by firstly clicking the Settings button on the Invoice worksheet, and then go to the Taxes tab of the Settings dialog box. The Taxes tab offers 3 options, non-tax, one-tax and two-tax. Tax names and rates can also be set on the "Taxes" page of the Settings window.

Excel Payment Voucher Template

Payment Voucher Template

This Excel payment voucher template contains 4 fields on the bottom of the voucher form, there are Discount, Total, Advance, and Balance. Both "Discount" and "Advance" are manually editable fields. "Total" is calculated from the sum of all the line totals subtracted by discount; "Balance" is calculated from Total subtracted by "Advance". If you prefer a voucher template that does not have the advance field, take a look at Cash Payment Voucher Template.

Receipt Template for Gold Shop (4)

Receipt Form for Gold Shop (4)

In case of the Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software) version of the receipt template, you need to unprotect the Invoice worksheet before you can do any design work on the receipt template.

Service Receipt Template

Service Receipt Template

In order to create this free service receipt template from the original payment receipt template, we move out all the shipping fields from the printable receipt form. For this reason, this blank receipt template is more suitable for service businesses where shipping addresses are usually not necessary.

Spare Parts Sales Invoice

Spare Parts Sales Invoice Template

This form design has two taxes by default, "GST" and "PST". To change the tax types, names and rates, click the "Settings" button on the "Invoice" ribbon tab, and then go to the "Taxes" tab.

Photography Receipt Template (Detail)

Photography Receipt Format (Detail)

The most fascinating side of photography lies in the move from photography using film to photography using media storage. Nowadays even "traditional" photographers have begun to use digital SLR cameras in order to obtain the most brilliant and clear pictures possible. This template, Photography Receipt Template (Detail) or Photography Receipt Format (Detail), includes fields for digital image processing, such as the "CD" field. Including the CD field, there are totally 8 columns on this template - "ROLL", "DIMENSIONS", "GLOSSY / MATTE", "COLOR / B&W", "# in ROLL", "DOUBLES?", "CD?" and "LINE TOTAL". The "DIMENSIONS" field is actually the "Product Name" field in the original Sales Invoicing Template shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software). The "Product ID", "Quantity" and "Price" fields, which are found in many templates available here on, were moved out of the printable area of the sheet. Beside "DIMENSIONS" and "LINE TOTAL", all the other 6 columns are custom fields that are not defined in the default database (and template) shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software).

Payment Voucher Template (Golden Shop)

Voucher Template (Golden Shop)

Payment voucher is specific voucher which can be used as the proof of any transaction which is done between two parties. This payment voucher template is designed especially for golden retail shop that want to show the weight of each item that are being sold.

Simple Consulting Bill with Printable Background Image

Simple Consulting Billing Template with Printable Background Image

All templates hosted here on support our desktop invoicing software, Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software) (UIS). Without UIS, you are able to use the template to create invoices by a filling-in-the-blank form, much like filling a paper form. However by installing UIS, you are able to use a number of powerful features provided by UIS.

Consulting Invoice Template (4th Sample - Taxable Column)

Consulting Invoice Template (4th Sample - Taxable Column)

Now it's time to move in the Taxable checkbox column.

Invoice Template with 4 Columns

4-Column Invoice Template

Similar to the general sales invoice template shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software), but has the product ID column moved out of the printable area.