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Auto Repair Invoice Template

Auto Repair Invoice Template

Auto Repair Invoice Template is a free blank auto repair invoice form that allows you to create auto repair invoices with easy and quick. The auto repair invoice form includes fields for vehicle information.

Online Invoicing Sample

Sample Invoice Template for Online Invoicing

This SQL Server is located at Arizona, so it may not be as speedy as you want depending on where you are.

Personal Invoice Template for UK

Personal Invoice Template for UK

This free personal invoice template for UK is an Excel spreadsheet template that features a UK ceremonial soldier on the bottom of the sheet. It also shows the UK Sterling currency symbol on total fields.

Commercial Invoice for International Shipping

Commercial Invoice for International Shipping

The template c7015 Commercial Invoice for Export in Excel was published on December 2013 here on, which was originally published on as a sample of using custom fields. This template c7037 has exactly the same number of fields as c7015, and the layout of the fields are similar too. This means that, if you use Uniform Invoice Software, the databases of the two templates are interchangeable.

Retainer Invoice Template

Retainer Invoice Template

Here on you can also find detailed tutorials on creating deposit fields, at c5078 Basic Service Bill Sample with Deposit and c1003 Security Deposit Receipt Template. All these templates can be downloaded for free.

Self Employed Invoice Template

Self Employed Bill Form

Whether you are a freelancer, solopreneurs or self-employed, this self-employed invoice template helps you easily print bills and request payments. The Excel spreadsheet form separates into two sections, one for service rendered and one for goods and parts used.

Billing Summary Template

Billing Statement Form

This billing summary in Excel spreadsheet format was originally designed for an office of information technology that provides radio communication services. The downloadable package includes two formats, one-page template and two-page template.

Creative Invoice Sample

Creative Billing Form

This templates shows two taxes on the bottom of the sheet. The tax formulas are modified so that it does not take account of the "Taxable" properties of the invoiced items. For example, the first tax is calculated using a formula like this:

4-Column without Tax

4-Column without Tax

If you have Uniform Invoice Software installed, setting tax types is as easy as clicking several buttons. For example, if you find a template here on interesting but don't need tax fields, you can set it to non-tax by firstly clicking the Settings button on the Invoice worksheet, and then go to the Taxes tab of the Settings dialog box. The Taxes tab offers 3 options, non-tax, one-tax and two-tax. Tax names and rates can also be set on the "Taxes" page of the Settings window.

Excel Payment Voucher Template

Excel Payment Voucher Template

This Excel payment voucher template contains 4 fields on the bottom of the voucher form, there are Discount, Total, Advance, and Balance. Both "Discount" and "Advance" are manually editable fields. "Total" is calculated from the sum of all the line totals subtracted by discount; "Balance" is calculated from Total subtracted by "Advance". If you prefer a voucher template that does not have the advance field, take a look at Cash Payment Voucher Template.

Receipt Template for Gold Shop (4)

Receipt Form for Gold Shop (4)

In case of the Uniform Invoice Software version of the receipt template, you need to unprotect the Invoice worksheet before you can do any design work on the receipt template.

Service Receipt Template

Service Receipt Form

The free receipt sample, as all the other invoice templates here on, are a customized version of the sales invoice template shipped with Uniform Invoice Software. For this reason, the receipt template works well with Uniform Invoice Software. For example, you can have Uniform Invoice Software generates an invoice# (receipt#) automatically by clicking the "Save To DB" button.

Spare Parts Sales Invoice

Spare Parts Sales Invoice Template

This template has the Customer# cell moved out of the printable area. While it is no longer show on printed invoices and PDF spare parts sales invoices generated by the template, Uniform Invoice Software still works with it well. For example, if you enter the customer name into the proper cell and then click the "Save As New Customer" button, a new customer number (identifier) is generated automatically; on creating new invoices you can enter the customer# directly into this cell to retrieve all the related customer information.

Photography Receipt Template (Detail)

Photography Receipt Format (Detail)

You can of course use only the template without installing Uniform Invoice Software, which still produces beautiful and professional looking invoices, by installing Uniform Invoice Software the template could become a complete invoicing program, that is able to not only create invoices, but also to manage your customers, products, invoices and payments in an easy and quick way. For example, to find out all the receipts or invoices that contains certain products / items, you simply enter the search condition on the search bar, and then press the Enter key on your keyboard.

Payment Voucher Template (Golden Shop)

Voucher Template (Golden Shop)

If you are using the Uniform Invoice Software version of this payment voucher template for golden shop, note that unlike most other invoicing templates available here on, this voucher template (receipt template) does not keep customer / client records. This is archived by assigning the same Customer# "A" to all clients. While the whole sales record is still kept when you click "Save To DB" button on the Invoice worksheet, and these information are available when you try to generates reports from the database, this payment voucher template does not distinguish between different customers because all customers are assigned with the same customer# "A".

Simple Consulting Bill with Printable Background Image

Simple Consulting Billing Template with Printable Background Image

As you can see from the samples we published here on, Microsoft Excel is a fairly flexible form designer. As detailed on the Customizing Invoice Templates document, using Excel as the form designer you can customize the layout of the form by dragging and dropping, much easier than many other form designers, like HTML & CSS, Adobe PDF / AI. Adding a simple image to the original billing template assigns it a very different look and feel.

Consulting Invoice Template (4th Sample - Taxable Column)

Consulting (4th Sample - Taxable Column)

This forth sample of customizing the free consulting bill sample demonstrates how to move the column of Taxable checkboxes into the printable consulting invoice form.

Invoice Template with 4 Columns

4-Column Invoice Template

The template has one tax set on the bottom of the invoice form. If you have Uniform Invoice Software installed, you can easily change it to two-tax or non-tax by clicking the Settings button on the Invoice worksheet, and then go to the Taxes tab.