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Since August 4, 2013, Excel Invoice Manager was renamed to Uniform Invoice Software. Here is the version history of Uniform Invoice Software.

Upgrade to Uniform Invoice Software

If you are our existing user, we highly recommend you to upgrade to Uniform Invoice Software. Depending on when you purchased the license of Excel Invoice Manager, the upgrade might be free - if not, we offer great discount for you to upgrade from Excel Invoice Manager to Uniform Invoice Software.

You currently havePurchase dateUpgrade
Excel Invoice Manager ExpressAfter August 5, 2012Free. Upgrade to Uniform Invoice Software Standard
Excel Invoice Manager PlatinumAfter August 5, 2012Free. Upgrade to Uniform Invoice Software Standard.
Excel Invoice Manager ProAfter August 5, 2012Free. Upgrade to Uniform Invoice Software Net
Excel Invoice Manager EnterpriseAfter August 5, 2011Free. Upgrade to Uniform Invoice Software Enterprise.

If your current licenses are within the above free upgrade plans, simply download and install Uniform Invoice Software. Your existing license key will work with this new version.

If the free upgrade plans are not suitable for your current licenses of version 2.x of Excel Invoice Manager, get 60% off your new purchase of Uniform Invoice Software by entering a coupon code into the shopping cart.

We sent the 60% discount coupon code to the email address you used when purchasing our products. If you didn't get the coupon code, please contact us and provide your existing license key for Excel Invoice Manager, or use your email address used for purchasing when contacting us so that we're able to locate your original order details.

We've made the required modifications to template and database files automated, so the upgrade process is straightforward.

  • IMPORTANT: Backup your database and invoice template, by simply copying the two files to another location.
  • Download and install Uniform Invoice Software.
  • Open your invoice template. Uniform Invoice Software will make modifications to your template and database to make them compatible with the new program.


If, for some reason, you have to keep using Excel Invoice Manager, and need to download the installer program again, contact us for a link where you can download Excel Invoice Manager for free. Please provide us with your existing license key / registration code for Excel Invoice Manager.

Excel Invoice Manager is a sub-topic of Excel Invoicing Templates . Here are our templates closely related to Excel Invoice Manager.

Sample Sales Invoice Template 2

Sample Sales Invoice Template 2

To remove the formulas from the line total cells, first drag your mouse to select all the cells, and then hit DEL key on your keyboard.

Blank Sales Invoice Layout (Two-tax)

Blank Sales Invoice Layout (Two-tax)

This two taxes invoice sample was created based on c2019 Blank Sales Invoice Format (One-tax). This customized template has similar layout as the original version, but differs from the original in that it has two taxes.

Independent Contractor Invoice

Independent Contractor Invoice

As a freelancer, independent contractor, sub-contractors, or any self-employed person offering services to others like actors, you need to create invoices to get payments in time. Creating invoices using Independent Contractor Invoice Template is as easy as fill in a blank paper form.

Babysitting Invoice (Happy Kids on Earth Style)

Babysitting Invoice (Happy Kids on Earth Style)

There's no doubt that babysitting requires skills in creativity, adventure, and play. Keep your business running successfully also requires skill. While it's the time to ask payments from parents, a well-designed invoice or receipt gives the parents an impression that you are even care about the details ignored by many other businesses, so you should be able to take good care of their babies and kids.

Blank Sales Invoice Format (One-tax)

Blank Sales Invoice Sample (One-tax)

If you have taken a look at the documents included in Uniform Invoice Software, you knew that all Excel spreadsheet invoice samples here on InvoicingTemplate.com are created from the default sales invoice template shipped with Uniform Invoice Software. If a field is not needed in a customized template, we simply move it out of the printable area.

Blank Sales Format (No-tax)

Blank Sales Format (No-tax)

Blank Sales Format (No-tax) is a free sales invoicing template that includes a shipping / delivery address section, two editable columns (description and amount). This sample includes no tax cells.

Advanced Sample - Macro-Enabled Invoicing Template

Advanced Sample - Macro-Enabled Invoicing Template

Uniform Invoice Software supports all the Excel file formats, including the traditional ".xls" and ".xla" formats, and the new ".xlsx" (Excel XML-based file format), ".xlsm" (Excel XML-based and macro-enabled file format), and ".xlsb" (Excel Binary (or BIFF12) file format). ".xlsx" are now the most widely used workbook file format. Feel free to see our Invoice Template ".xlsx" topic page.

Invoice Template VAT UK

Invoice Template VAT UK

The current UK VAT rate could be found on VAT rates - GOV.UK. For example if you are providing children's car seats and home energy, you should choose reduced rate at 5%; if the invoiced item is food or children's clothes, you should choose zero rate (0%).

Agency Billing Template

Agency Invoice Form

Outside the printable area, the two important columns are Broke Fee and Cost. With the Broke Fee column, you enter the gross revenue you expect, and the Cost column is calculated automatically based on Line Total and Broke Fee. This is done by using a simple Excel formula.

Basic Blank Service Invoicing Format (One-tax, Long Description)

Basic Blank Service Invoicing Layout (One-tax, Long Description)

This service invoice template offers a basic and blank invoicing form that is able to do auto calculation of one-tax. It has two editable columns. The invoice detail section allows to fill up to 5 items.

Hotel Bill Format with Online Payment Button

Hotel Bill Format with PayPal Payment Button

Looking for hotel billing software in Excel? This is the one you need. In the hotel / motel businesses customers usually pay at the front office. For those clients who are under long term contracts, or for the rental of meeting room etc., it is useful to add a PayPal button to invoices / receipts so that the clients are able to pay online.

Five Price Percentage Levels (Sales)

Form with 5 Price Levels

This is a variant of 5 Price Levels (Sales, Amount) invoice template. It differs from the original template in that it uses percentage values in the price fields.

Basic Sales Invoice Template (Light Blue)

Basic Sales Invoice Design (Light Blue)

In order to create this basic sales invoice design (light blue) from the template, we moved the item#, unit price and quantity column out of the printable area, removed the formulas from the line total cells, and set the tax type to "no tax" with the help of Uniform Invoice Software.

Basic Blank Service Billing Format (No-tax, Long Description)

Basic Blank Service Billing Layout (No-tax, Long Description)

Basic Blank Service Billing Format (No-tax, Long Description) is a general purpose, service-oriented invoicing template that includes two editable columns (Description, Amount) and up to 5 items on the invoice detail section. Each row allows you to enter multiple lines of text.

PDF Invoice with PayPal Button

PayPay Payment Button on PDF Invoices

You can include a PayPal payment button on your PDF invoices to accept online payment via PayPal. In this free sample we demonstrates how to add the PayPal button to the standard invoice template shipped with UIS 4.17.

Greece VAT Invoice Template

Greek VAT Billing Form

As a member state of European Union (EU), invoicing in Greece broadly conform to the obligations of the EU VAT Directive and its VAT invoice requirements. This invoice template meets the requirements and have all the major text labels translated to Greek.

Job Invoice Sample (2 Taxes)

Job Invoice Sample (2 Taxes)

In case you need to further customize the tax system implemented by this job invoice template, InvoicingTemplate.com is providing you with other 2 variants two. First, if you need to move the Taxable checkbox column inside the printable invoicing form, please see Job Invoice Sample (Taxable Column); if you want to make it as detailed as possible and show the tax amount charged on each invoicing item, Job Invoice Sample (Tax Column). We're also providing another flavor of the job invoice template, which provides less fields on the heading section of the invoice form, at Job Invoice Template.