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Advanced Sample - Macro-Enabled Invoicing Template

Advanced Bill Sample - Macro-Enabled Billing Template

Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software) supports all the Excel file formats, including the traditional ".xls" and ".xla" formats, and the new ".xlsx" (Excel XML-based file format), ".xlsm" (Excel XML-based and macro-enabled file format), and ".xlsb" (Excel Binary (or BIFF12) file format). ".xlsx" are now the most widely used workbook file format. Feel free to see our Invoice Template ".xlsx" topic page.

Recruitment Agency Invoice Template

Recruitment Agency Invoice Template

Recruiter agent, Recruitment Agency could use this Excel invoice template, which is one of the templates in the consulting invoice templates category, to bill their clients in an easy way by filling in a blank spreadsheet form.

Five Price Percentage Levels (Service, Custom Column)

Form with 5 Price Levels

This is the eighth sample of the multiple-price serial invoice templates. The template uses percentage discounts, and has no shipping fields.

Five Price Levels (Sales, Amount, Custom Column)

Form with 5 Price Levels

This sample of customizing invoice templates is named with the keyword "cosmetic". A new column "Color" was added to meet the requirements of the cosmetic business.

Consulting Invoice Template (3rd Sample - One Tax)

Consulting (3rd Sample - One Tax)

The previous 2 sample consulting invoice templates have two taxes defined on the bottom of the form. This new sample demonstrating how to use one tax.

If you are familiar with Microsoft Excel, you probably already know how to do this.

Proforma (2nd Sample of Customization)

Proforma Invoicing Form

Once the invoice spreadsheet is unprotected, it's straightforward to enter your own company information. Simply click a text label such as "Your Company Name", and then start typing in your own text. In the sample template that you can download here, we replace the placeholder text labels with our own company name.

Simple Template - Moving Shipping Address

Simple Template - moving-shipping-address

To those users who want to know more about how Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software) works - The reason that Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software) supports moving fields is simple - it identify cells by names. So even if a cell, such as in this sample the "oknShipName", is moved to a new location (from $J$9 to $T$9), Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software) is still able to find it and map it to the database field.

Bike Shop Invoice Template

Bike Shop Invoice Template

This bike shop invoice template in Microsoft Excel xlsx format provides a simple invoices generator for bicycle retail shops or warehouses for the bikes, clothing, accessories, chain whip, and parts sold and related services / repair works rendered.

Receipt Template for Gold Shop (1)

Receipt Form for Gold Shop

The cash receipt template also has a "Making Charge" column outside the printable receipt form. It is a common practice for gold shops to add a making charge to the base cost (unit price * weight). So in this receipt the cost of each item is in fact calculated with the following formula: Weight * Rate + Making Charge. If you are running a gold shop, feel free to download and test the free receipt template to see it meets your requirements.

Invoice Template with Credit Card Payment Option

Billing Format with Credit Card Payment Option

This simple billing format in Excel format demonstrates how to add credit card payment options to an existing template, could be used as a payment remittance advice slip (also visit Invoice Template with Remittance Slip). There is also a cardholder signature spot for payment authorization.

Service Invoice Form with Discount Percentage

Service Invoice Form with Discount Percentage

This service invoice template is a variant of Service Invoice Form with Discount Amount. The template redefined several Excel formulas so the Discount field becomes a percentage value.

Hotel Receipt Template

Hotel Invoice Template

Front office transactions are typically charted on account statement as Invoice or Folios. Invoice consists of Debit and Credit (Also refer to Credit Memo Template) affecting the balance of a single guest account or room. This is different than general house rent, for which also has a house rental invoice template too at House Rent Receipt Template.

2-Page Invoice Template

2-Page Invoicing Format

This invoice template is based on the default invoice template shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software), which is our desktop invoice software which runs offline (without the requirement of an online Internet connection). This template includes 36 lines on the invoice body section, and is printable with 2 pages of standard 8.5 X 11 inch letter paper. This invoicing format is a "Sales Invoice Template", as it contains the "Shipping Address" section, it also added 3 custom fields on the bottom of the form to calculate labor hours and expense. The template shows only one tax on the bottom of the form - to change this tax option / layout, go to Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software) Settings window / Taxes tab and set your preferences easily.

Simple Consulting Invoice Template

Simple Consulting Billing Format

As a consultant you need a beautiful invoicing template to bill your clients, yet the template should be simple and easy to use. Simple Consulting Invoice Template might be your choice for creating invoices.

does not include the shipping address section on the printable invoicing form. If you need the shipping address fields, try

5.5 Inch X 8.5 Inch - 2 Invoices On One Template

Duplicate 5.5 X 8.5 Invoices per Page

Now let's how to make a duplicate copy of the form, which could be printed on the same paper when you click the "Print" command to print invoices. This sample template is based on the simple template created with c4066 1/2 Page Invoice Template, where the form occupies only a half of the paper size.

Simple Service Invoice Template

Simple Service Billing Format

Please refer to Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software) documents, which is installed on your local computer once you install the program, for more information on customizing our templates.


Time Sheet

This free Timesheet template designed by is in Microsoft Excel (xls) format. You can use it with Excel 2003, 2007, 2010 or 2013. A timesheet (or time sheet) is a method for recording the amount of a worker's time spent on each job. Originally developed for an employer to determine payroll, timesheets are not just for payroll any more. Timesheets may record the start and end time of tasks, or just the duration. This information may be used for payroll, client billing, and increasingly for project costing, estimation, tracking and management.

1/2 Page Invoice Template

1/2 Page Invoice Template

Many times you have only 1 or 2 items to bill your clients. In these situations a whole page of paper seems a waste. Here is how we implement a 1/2 page invoicing template (half page invoicing format).