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Advanced Sample - Macro-Enabled Invoicing Template

Advanced Bill Sample - Macro-Enabled Billing Template

Invoice Manager for Excel supports all the Excel file formats, including the traditional ".xls" and ".xla" formats, and the new ".xlsx" (Excel XML-based file format), ".xlsm" (Excel XML-based and macro-enabled file format), and ".xlsb" (Excel Binary (or BIFF12) file format). ".xlsx" are now the most widely used workbook file format. Feel free to see our Invoice Template ".xlsx" topic page.

Recruitment Agency Invoice Template

Recruitment Firm Billing Sample

With Invoice Manager for Excel installed, when you click a line on the invoice body section, the on-sheet picker button appears. Click this button to pop-up a window that shows all the pre-saved items that are the products you sell or the service you render. This is a time-saving feature that avoids to type in the same / similar text or price again and again from invoice to invoice. The on-sheet picker also works for the "Invoice#" cell, the "Bill To" section.

Consulting Invoice Template (3rd Sample - One Tax)

Consulting Invoice Template (3rd Sample - One Tax)

From the above description, we know that it is easy to let the consulting invoice form charge or show only one tax - just set the options on the Taxes tab of the Settings window. But how about the free consulting invoice template?

If you are familiar with Microsoft Excel, you probably already know how to do this.

Proforma (2nd Sample of Customization)

Proforma (2nd Sample of Customization)

Now right-click the InvoicingTemplates logo image and choose Properties from the shortcut menu. The Properties box appears. Look for the Picture property, and click the button on that line. Excel shows you a dialog box that allows you to browse to and specify your own logo image. Depending on your Excel version, the supported image file formats may vary, but JPG, PNG and GIF formats are good choices for storing your logo image that are likely supported by your Excel.

Simple Template - Moving Shipping Address

Simple Template - moving-shipping-address

This customized simple invoice template is based on the result of c5076 Simple Invoice Template - Moving Taxable Controls, which was categorized as sales invoice template because it contains the shipping address section.

Job Invoice Sample

Job Billing Sample

Job Invoice Sample provides a service bill template sample that has a special look and feel in style and format as compared to most invoicing templates available here on

Proforma Invoice Template (4th Sample, Landscape Page Orientation)

Proforma (4th Sample)

The original proforma invoice template has about 20 lines on the invoice body. Changing to landscape A4 paper allows less lines in order to print the entire form on a single page. With the sample proforma invoice template attached here for download, there are 8 lines left on the invoice body, and we hide the other 12 lines. If you prefer, you can delete the hidden 12 lines from the proforma invoice template, but deleting the lines requires modifying the formulas that calculates totals on the bottom of the form. For simplicity we skip this step in this tutorial.

Bike Shop Invoice Template

Invoicing Layout for Bike Shop

This bike shop invoice template in Microsoft Excel xlsx format provides a simple invoices generator for bicycle retail shops or warehouses for the bikes, clothing, accessories, chain whip, and parts sold and related services / repair works rendered.

Receipt Template for Gold Shop (1)

Receipt Form for Gold Shop

So how we make it possible to save a receipt in Invoice Manager for Excel without manually filling in customer/client information? The secret is simple. Remember we are using Microsoft Excel that has a unique feature called Excel formula, which does not exists in Microsoft Word. By using Excel formula, we can easily assign default values (or place holder values) to those fields that must be filled according to Invoice Manager for Excel, but not used in this money receipt template.

Invoice Template with Credit Card Payment Option

Billing Format with Credit Card Payment Option

This simple billing format in Excel format demonstrates how to add credit card payment options to an existing template, could be used as a payment remittance advice slip (also visit Invoice Template with Remittance Slip). There is also a cardholder signature spot for payment authorization.

Service Invoice Form with Discount Percentage

Service Invoice Form with Discount Percentage

Besides modifying the formula, you'll also need to set the format of the discount cell to show as a percentage. To do this, first unprotect the Invoice worksheet by clicking the Unprotect Sheet command on the Review ribbon tab, and then right-click the Discount cell on the bottom of the invoice form and choose Format Cells. On the Number tab of the Format Cells dialog box, you can set the format of the discount cell to be a percentage value. Feel free to browse the other options available on the Format Cells dialog box, you may find it helps you a lot when you try to customized the invoice template to create your own style and layout.

Hotel Receipt Template

Hotel Invoice Template

Looking for easy hotel invoicing software? Hotel Receipt Template is a free Excel spreadsheet formatted template for hotel and motel / hostel businesses, for invoicing room tental and bed and breakfast. It is also one of the samples on how to customize the default sales invoice template shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel.

2-Page Invoice Template

2-Page Invoicing Format

This invoice template is based on the default invoice template shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel, which is our desktop invoice software which runs offline (without the requirement of an online Internet connection). This template includes 36 lines on the invoice body section, and is printable with 2 pages of standard 8.5 X 11 inch letter paper. This invoicing format is a "Sales Invoice Template", as it contains the "Shipping Address" section, it also added 3 custom fields on the bottom of the form to calculate labor hours and expense. The template shows only one tax on the bottom of the form - to change this tax option / layout, go to Invoice Manager for Excel Settings window / Taxes tab and set your preferences easily.

Simple Consulting Invoice Template

Simple Consulting Invoice Template

As a consultant you need a beautiful invoicing template to bill your clients, yet the template should be simple and easy to use. Simple Consulting Invoice Template might be your choice for creating invoices.

does not include the shipping address section on the printable invoicing form. If you need the shipping address fields, try

5.5 Inch X 8.5 Inch - 2 Invoices On One Template

5.5 Inch X 8.5 Inch - 2 Invoices On One Template

If you have not moved your business to paperless electronic invoicing handling and management yet, chances are that you need two copies of each documents - send one to your customer, and keep another in your accounting department for bookkeeping purpose. For invoicing forms that print on a whole paper size - most invoicing templates here on are designed that way - you only need to set the number of copies on Excel print dialog box. Or even better, if you have UIS (UIS) installed, you can set the default "Number of copies" on the Settings dialog box / Print ab. These printing options set in UIS affects only the invoicing templates controlled by UIS - i.e. it does not affect your other spreadsheets and workbook files for Microsoft Excel. In addition to the printing options provided by Microsoft Excel, UIS, which is our Windows desktop invoicing software program that runs offline without the requirement of an online Internet connection, provides other options to let your further control the printing process.

Simple Service Invoice Template

Simple Service Billing Format

Please download this template for free from the download page. A fillable PDF simple service invoice template is also available here on


Time Sheet

This free Timesheet template designed by is in Microsoft Excel (xls) format. You can use it with Excel 2003, 2007, 2010 or 2013. A timesheet (or time sheet) is a method for recording the amount of a worker's time spent on each job. Originally developed for an employer to determine payroll, timesheets are not just for payroll any more. Timesheets may record the start and end time of tasks, or just the duration. This information may be used for payroll, client billing, and increasingly for project costing, estimation, tracking and management.

1/2 Page Invoice Template

1/2 Page Bill Format

Now let's see how we can customize an existing invoicing design, in this case c4051 Simple Invoicing Template - Discount Amount Field, so that it can be printed on a half of the set paper size. You may like to see other simple customizing tutorials that deals with printing of invoices too, such as c4052 Simple Invoice Format - Changing Paper Size and c4053 Simple Invoice Design - Changing Print Orientation. It is also possible on a single 8.5 inch X 11 inch page to print two duplicate copies of 8.5 X 5.5 invoices, see c4067 Invoice Design with Two Invoices per Page for a sample , so that for example you can send one copy to the client, and send the another copy to your accountant department for bookkeeping. Also refer to printable Print Shop Bill Format, where you can find a printable billing form designed for print shop.