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Template with Summary on Top

Template with Summary on Top

For a variant of this template please also visit Customer Invoice Template.

Moving cells and fields is also as easy as dragging and dropping. If you prefer to place a cell on a new location, firstly unprotect the Invoice worksheet, and then click to select the cell/cells, and then drag the border of the selected cell to move it to a new location you like. Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software) supports all these tools provided by Excel, which makes sure that you can have the invoice form you like. And, one of the great features of Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software) is that, you can connect the invoice template in Excel spreadsheet format to a backend database, which gives you the ability to manage large amount of data, such as customers, products, invoices and payments, in an organized manner. Simply put, Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software) combines the power of Excel and backend relational database, turning a simple Excel invoice template into a powerful invoicing system. Feel free to download and try the fully functional trial version.

One Tax Column, Summary on Top

One Tax Column, Summary on Top

This is also a service invoice template, which as no big difference as compared to the original version. If you are familiar with Excel, it could be created by yourself easily by just moving the cells. We publish it here on just for someone who is not familiar with Excel but still want to make their invoices look different.

Advanced Sample - Macro-Enabled Invoicing Template

Advanced Bill Sample - Macro-Enabled Billing Template

The sample invoice template used here is c5099 Standard Business Invoicing Template. See our business invoice templates for more samples that are most closely related to "BUSINESS".

Two Receipts on One Sheet

Two House Rent Receipts on One Sheet
  1. First, adjust the original template, i.e. c1002, so that it occupies only half of the page height. To do this, we deleted the several lines from the "Description of Property" section, leaving only 3 lines. Secondly, the "Money Received By" and "Total Due" fields are moved to the right-hand of the "Total Amount to be Received" section. This makes the entire receipt form about half height of a standard A4 or Letter 8.5'' X 11'' paper.
  2. Now drag mouse to select the entire receipt form left on the sheet, ranging from the big title "RENT RECEIPT" ($G$3) to the bottom "Thank you for your business" line ($O$27).
  3. Push Windows key CTRL +C to copy the content to Windows clipboard.
  4. Click to select the cell on $G$31.
  5. Go to Excel "Home" ribbon tab. Pull down the "Paste" menu.
  6. From the "Other Paste Option" section, click the last option (paste linked image).
  7. This places the image of the copied area on the specified location (i.e. starting from the cell $G$31). Since this is a "linked image", whenever the original receipt is updated (for example, you fill in the tenant name and address), the image is updated too.

Recruitment Agency Invoice Template

Recruitment Agency Invoice Template

The invoice body section features 3 columns - "#", "Description" and "Amount". The "#" column is a simple line# column which is assigned automatically using Excel formulas when you fill in the "Description" column, so this column is not manually fillable when you create an invoice. The other two columns, "Description" and "Amount", are all manually fillable.

Law Firm Invoice Template (Indian INR Currency)

Law Office Billing Sample (Indian INR currency)

To replace the "ShippingCost" field with "BankCharge" field, the first step is to delete the "ShippingCost" name from the Excel workbook file (i.e. the template).

Customer Invoice Template

Customer Billing Form

If you know the customer# of an existing customer, you can also retrieve the customer information by entering the customer# into the corresponding cell (in this sample, it is outside the printable area). This is called in-cell lookup in Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software). You can control this behavior on the "Settings" dialog box / "In-cell lookup" tab.

Five Price Percentage Levels (Service, Custom Column)

Form with 5 Price Levels

After moving out the "Shipping Date" field, you may like to expand the size of the neighboring fields to make the layout organized. This is done by expanding the Terms label and field. Expanding the "Terms" label is done by first selecting the original terms cell and the empty cells left by moving out the "Shipping Date" field, and then execute the "Merge and Center" command on Excel ribbon tab. To do this for the Terms field, you first need to move the original Terms cell to the first (left-most) cell of the empty space, and then select all the cells you want to merge, and then execute the "Merge" command.

Blank Service Invoice Template with Auspicious Clouds Border

Blank Service Invoice Template with Auspicious Clouds Border

This template has one tax by default on the bottom of the invoicing form, which is suitable for most states inside U.S., as currently there is no National Sales

Photography Invoicing Template (General)

Photography Billing Format (General)

Creating an invoice using Photography Invoicing Template is as easy as fill in a paper form. Our templates are offered in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format. A PDF version, which is generated using Microsoft Excel, is also included. The template is provided free of charge, yet it produce beautiful and professional results that could be found only with some expensive invoicing software programs. However if you need more from your invoicing system, such as management of your clients / customers, reporting on sales, customers and products, simply install Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software), which is our invoicing app that support all the templates you can download here on

VAT Service Invoice Template - Price Including Tax

VAT Service Invoicing Template - Price Including Tax

VAT Service Invoicing Sample - Price Including Tax (c6013) is a direct variant of c6007 VAT Sales Invoicing Form - Price Including Tax. It differs from the original free invoicing Sample in that it the shipping address section is now labeled with Service Location.