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Bill Format for Integrated Security Service

Invoicing Template for Integrated Security Service

Just like the other free bill templates available here on, this integrated security invoicing template has a client# cell, you can use this as your customer account number. This client# is automatically generated, like the invoice numbering sub-system that assigns increment and unique numbers to each invoice, is based on a counter implemented by Uniform Invoice Software backend database.

Security Deposit Receipt Template

Security Deposit Receipt Format

This receipt template could be used for rental / lease security deposit or pawn shop receipt. It contains fields for both landlord and tenant, and also 8 lines description of property and deposit.

Advanced Invoicing Sample - Macro-Enabled Invoicing Template

Advanced Bill Sample - Macro-Enabled Billing Template

With the Simple Invoice Templates series we demonstrate how to do basic customizations on create and customizing your own bill format for your business, such as how to change fonts, move cells to create a new layout, change formulas to create a new business logic, etc. See this document to find out more information on the rules and guidelines on creating your own invoice template.

Consulting Invoicing Sample with Consultants Background Picture

Consulting Invoicing Sample with Consultants Background Picture

By using an Excel template, you can create your bills as easy as filling a blank paper form. Compared to those complex and expensive accounting system, a free and simple template is an ideal solution for small business invoicing. And, if you need more, such as management of account receivables, simply install Uniform Invoice Software.

Blank Sales Invoice Format (One-tax)

Blank Sales Invoice Sample (One-tax)

If you have taken a look at the documents included in Uniform Invoice Software, you knew that all Excel spreadsheet invoice samples here on are created from the default sales invoice template shipped with Uniform Invoice Software. If a field is not needed in a customized template, we simply move it out of the printable area.

Advanced Invoicing Sample - Email Is Required Before Saving Invoice

Advanced Invoicing Format - Email Is Required Before Saving Invoice

You can provide any button name as the argument provided to "UISClickProc" procedure. To find the button name, first switch your template into design mode, and then click the button, the name box on the left-side of the formula shows the button name.

Basic Service Bill Sample with Deposit

Simple Service Invoicing Template with Deposit

With Uniform Invoice Software, if an invoice / receipt is overpaid then the overpaid amount becomes "credit" under the customer's account. The credit amount can then be applied to other invoices as payment. We've already published template for creating credit note (credit memo) here on, at Free Credit Memo Template, or Service Credit Note Template, or Debit Note Template. If you prefer to take the security deposit or advance payment based on the percentage of the total receipt / invoice amount, such as for car rental / house rental / freelance design work / website development job, here is the template you can try at Advance Payment Invoicing Template.

1/2 Page Invoice Template

1/2 Page Bill Format

This simple template sample will be created from c4051 Simple Invoicing Sample - Discount Amount Field. Like the other tutorials and samples in this serial here on, we'll mainly focus on how to do the customization. You can also refer to Creating and Customizing Invoice Template for more information on the important techniques involved in the customization of our Excel billing forms. For a quick tutorial movie on creating invoice, visit the tutorial on creating an invoice.

Now let's see the steps involved to create this 1/2 page template.

Advance Payment Invoicing Format

Advance Payment Billing Format

The design of Advance Payment Billing Format also takes advantages of Excel formulas. By using Excel formulas, we are able to create the relationship between Excel cells that are mapped to database fields in Uniform Invoice Software. This gives Uniform Invoice Software unusual flexibility that supports not only simple and regular invoicing and billing forms, but also complex layouts and formats that are required in many business practices. With the Excel-formatted spreadsheet forms, we are able to design invoices that are beautiful and professional. With the database connected via Uniform Invoice Software, your invoicing system will be able to manage customers, products, invoices and payments easily.

Transport Invoice with GST

Transport Invoicing Form with GST

On the top of the form is a section for your own business, including your company logo (to replace the default "" logo placeholder), transportation business name, PO Box and city, state (province), ABN#, telephone number etc.

Service Proposal and Quote

Proposal and Quote Template

The Invoice Date field from the default sales invoice template shipped with Uniform Invoice Software installer program is still there, but it now has new label Proposed, indicating the date of the proposal or quote.

Bill Format for Dental Clinic and Denture Laboratory

Bill Format for Dental Clinic and Denture Laboratory

This free receipt sample and invoicing template can be used by professional dentist or denture laboratory for doing any dental procedure. Print or email bills and receipts easily for dental patients with this fill-in-the-blank Excel spreadsheet form.

Sample Sales Invoice Template: Using Handwriting Signature

Sales Template with Signature

This sample sales invoice template was original published on, at Invoice Template Sample - Using Handwriting Signature in Your Invoices. We've tested this template here at and released it in two editions - the first template falls into the sales invoice template category that has shipping fields included, and the second template falls into the service invoice template category and has the shipping fields excluded. Each version of the template has two documents offered here - a freeware invoice template that you can use without the installation of Uniform Invoice Software, and another one that should be used with Uniform Invoice Software installed. Uniform Invoice Software is our invoicing software that has the ability to turn a simple Excel invoice template into a complete invoicing program, with the features such as managing customers, products, invoices and payments.

General Estimate Template

General Estimate Format

Unlike an invoice form, a quote or estimate shows preliminary assessment of a project cost, so there is no need to use the "Deposit", "Paid" and "Balance Due" cells, so we move these fields out of the printable area. Please don't delete these fields are they are required by Uniform Invoice Software. However, if you prefer, you can hide the columns where these fields are located.

Customization of Standard Fields

Customization of Standard Database Fields
  1. Open your template as usual.
  2. Click "Customers" on the "Invoice" ribbon tab.
  3. Click "Custom Fields", and then "Advanced..."
  4. If you have not backed up your database file yet, click the "Backup Database" to do so now.
  5. From the "Database Table" list, choose the table you want to modify. The "Fields" section shows the fields defined in this table.
  6. Double-click the field you want to modify; or click to select the field, and then click the "Customize" button.
  7. On the "Customizing Field" dialog box, you can field size (or in case of "Decimal" field, its precision and scale) and text alignment method on data list window.
  8. Click OK to apply the modification.