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Customer Invoice Template

Customer Billing Form

The most noticeable changes to this template happens on the "Bill To" section, where it shows the details of the customer / client for whom the current invoice is created for.

Independent Contractor Invoice

Independent Contractor Billing Format

No matter what your contractor or freelancer service is, a professional and beautiful invoice gives your client a good impression that you are caring about your business. We've already published a number of free invoicing templates / billing formats that you can choose from, like those in the service invoice template and consulting invoice template categories, or the specific ones like Contractor Billing Format (c3009), Plumbing Contractor Invoice Template (Landscape) (c2009), Parts and Labor Invoice Template (c4071), Website Development Invoice Template (c2024), etc.

Customer Value Based Pricing

Price per Customer

Thirdly, the link between the cells on the invoice form and the fields in the backend database should be established. This link is created by using names. For example, if a field is named CustType in the backend database, the cell name should be "oknCustType", where "okn" is the prefix which is always the same for all the custom fields used by Excel Invoice Manager, and "CustType" is the database field name. That is, on loading customer information, Excel Invoice Manager writes the value of the field CustType to the cell named oknCustType on the invoice form, and on saving an invoice, the value of the oknCustType cell is saved to the field named CustType in the Invoice Header database table.

PayPal Payment Button Using Custom Image

Excel Invoice with PayPal Payment Button Using Custom Image

If you prefer to make your invoices differ from others, like to make your business stands out from the generals, you are free to replace the default image with your own, just like you can easily replace the default logo image we used on many of our forms, by using just the built-in tools provided by Microsoft Excel.

Attorney Billing Form

legal billing statement

This attorney billing form provides an easy to create legal billing statement. It features with United States Dollar currency symbol, no-tax (configurable), 12 lines of details, bank details, and of course the "Bill To" section.

Contractor Billing Format

Contractor Billing Format

Take a look at the screenshot of this invoice template, you'll easily find the differences between this template and other templates available here on There are 18 lines on the detail section, but these lines are grouped into two sections - the "Services" section and the "Expenses" section, with each section identified by a blue title bar. You can use 6 lines on each section to itemize the service and expense. The other lines are reserved for taxes and amounts.

Spin Button to Add or Subtract One

Spin Button to Add or Subtract One

The spin button we'll use here one of the control in the "Form Controls" toolset, which is available in all the major apps in the Microsoft Office product family, like Excel (".xls" or ".xlsx"), Word (".doc" or ".docx"), Visio, Publisher, PowerPoint. Here on we've already published samples on using form controls. For example, the "Taxable" checkbox could be either implemented using ActiveX control, or a form control - in the standard invoice template shipped with Uniform Invoice Software setup program, it use checkbox in the form control category.

Tutorial for Adding New Line to Template

Tutorial for Adding New Line to Template

In the following step by step tutorial, we'll add only one new line. So it does not involve the adjustment of page layout and printing. Please refer to printable invoice templates for more samples on this topic.

Spare Parts Sales Invoice

Spare Parts Sales Invoice Template

This invoice template in Excel is suitable for selling spare parts. Besides the required fields for Invoice#, invoice date etc., it also features both the "Bill To" and "Ship To" section, and 6 columns on the detail table.

Bill Format for Quilting Service

Invoicing Sample for Quilting Service

This sample template designed for quilting service providers has added a number of custom fields added to the form suggested by one of our clients who provides long arm quilting service.