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Esperanto Invoice

Esperanto Invoice

Have you ever wanted to create your invoices in Esperanto? Install this Esperanto Invoice Template in Excel spreadsheet format to easily turn our Invoicing program (i.e. Invoice Manager) to Esperanto invoicing software.

Customer Invoice Template

Customer Billing Form

If the customer is new, you have to enter the information manually and leave the customer# cell blank. Click the "Save As New Customer" button to have a new customer account created and a customer# assigned to it automatically. To view the other information of the customer, with the Customer# cell filled with a correct value, click "View Customer Info." button to open the "Customer Edit" window, where you can edit all information related to the customer, including account balance, credit, date of account creation, updated date, and there is also a "Notes" field you can use to make comment on this customer.

Independent Contractor Invoice

Independent Contractor Billing Format
  1. First backup your template. Although we are going to do a simple customization, backing up the template before modifying it is still recommended, especially if you are not very familiar with Microsoft Excel.
  2. Open the contractor invoice template as usual.
  3. Click the "Design Mode" button on the "Invoice" ribbon tab to switch the "Invoice" worksheet into design mode. This mode allows you modify the formulas, layouts and designs of the template.
  4. From the name box located on the left-end of the formula, click the "Down Arrow" to expand the list. From the bottom of the list, choose "Print_Area". Excel marks all the cells inside the printable invoice form as selected.
  5. Go to Excel "Home" ribbon tab.
  6. From the "Font" command group, pull down the font drop down list and choose the font you like. All cells that are selected (i.e. all cells that are inside the printable invoice form) will use the font you choose.
  7. Exit design mode by clicking the "Design Mode" button on the "Invoice" ribbon tab again.
  8. Save the template by clicking the "Save" button on Microsoft Excel quick access toolbar.

Wedding Photography Invoice

Wedding Photography Billing Template

The image watermarks are placed on top-right and bottom-left corners of the spreadsheet form. These are two cartoon images with the opacity adjusted to 20%, so that the foreground text labels, such as "Invoice#", "Invoice Date" and the total fields, are easily readable.

Customer Value Based Pricing

Customer Value Based Pricing
  • For each product, you can now set 3 prices on the Product Edit window. The regular Price is used as "Wholesale Price". You can also set a DistributorPrice and a RetailPrice in the Custom Fields tab of the Product Edit window - To open a Product Edit window, double click a product line in the Products list window which can be opened by clicking the Products button on the Invoice form.
  • When creating invoice, you enter customer information as usual, then choose products by clicking the icon button on the product lines. You can set the Customer Type (CustType) by using the drop-down list on the left pane. The price on the invoice will be changed according to the customer type you choose.
  • In case you want to enter price manually, choose Special as the Customer Type, and then enter prices into the Special column located on the left pane.
  • The "Customer" column has been added to the Sales Report, but it cannot be printed on a standard A4 paper now. Hide one or two of the other columns if you want to print the Sales Report on A4 paper.
  • There are several columns put outside the Print Area of the invoice form. These columns are not included in the printed invoices, but are necessary for the invoice template to function as designed. You can resize or hide one or several of the columns, but cannot delete the columns.

PayPal Payment Button Using Custom Image

Excel Invoice with PayPal Payment Button Using Custom Image

You can easily add the PayPal payment button to the templates available here on, by simply clicking "Add / Update PayPal Button" on the "Invoice" ribbon tab. The default button is one of the standard PayPal payment images, which might look familiar to many people who do online transactions frequently.

Attorney Billing Form

legal billing statement

This template is a revised version of our Attorney Invoice Template (South Africa Currency) (c5067). It now uses a new color schema, Agency FB fonts. The client# cell is also moved out of the printable form. See the PDF invoice generated by Invoice Manager for Excel to find out what will it like when you client receive your bills.

Contractor Billing Format

Contractor Invoicing Layout

The two custom fields added to this template, "Service Amount" and "Expense Amount", calculate the sum amount of each section. These two fields are also added to the "Sales Report", with the name "oknRsServiceAmount" and "oknRsExpenseAmount".

Spare Parts Sales Invoice

Spare Parts Sales Invoice Template

This form design has two taxes by default, "GST" and "PST". To change the tax types, names and rates, click the "Settings" button on the "Invoice" ribbon tab, and then go to the "Taxes" tab.

Bill Format for Quilting Service

Invoicing Sample for Quilting Service

Although this invoicing template is categorized as a service invoice template, we keep the shipping address inside the printable form. In case you don't need it, simply move the section out of the printable area in design mode. To replace the default logo image, simply click the "Replace Logo Image" button on the "Invoice" ribbon tab, which is available only when Invoice Manager for Excel is installed.