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How to Use

Assuming you have downloaded and installed Uniform Invoice Software:

  1. Download Welder Invoicing Template. Double-click the downloaded file to extract all files.
  2. Open the template "welderinvoicing.xlsx" or "welderinvoicing-uis.xlsx" with Microsoft Excel.
  3. Click "Design Mode" on the "Invoice" Excel ribbon tab to put it into design mode.
  4. Enter your business information and replace the default logo image to make it your own. (How?)
  5. Click "Design Mode" again to exit design mode.
  6. Create invoice (tutorial movie)!

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Screenshots and Images

The printed version.

Welder Invoicing Template

Welder Invoicing Template (c7021)

This is how the template looks like when you open the freeware template in Microsoft Excel.

Welder Invoicing Template - freeware edition

Welder Invoicing Template - freeware edition

The following template was designed for Uniform Invoice Software version 3.

Welder Invoicing Template - Uniform Invoice Software V3 edition

Welder Invoicing Template - Uniform Invoice Software V3 edition

Download Welder Invoicing Template (c7021)

License: Private Use (not for distribution or resale). See our Terms of Use.

You are safe to download the resources. We've added our digital signatures to the files.


Download this if you have already installed UIS, but are looking for additional customized templates.

338 KBDownload

Download this if you want this design to be set as the default template by the installer program.

2.80 MBDownload


This welder invoicing template includes both a "Bill To" and a "Ship To" section on the invoicing form, and also 7 columns on the invoice detail section. It is the fourth sample on our welding invoice template / billing template serial.

This sample invoicing template offered to your for free by is based on c8004 Welding And Fabrication Service Invoice Template. It was created by moving back the "Ship To section" to the printable form and deleting the "Type" column. By adding back the "Ship To" section (you can easily modify it to be titled with job location or job place), so this template is categorized as sales invoice template here on By removing the "Type" column from the invoice detail section, you have more fillable space in the invoice descriptions. Note that, if you are running a welding and steel business, you may like to take a look at c8003 Welding Invoice Template, which includes the features to automatically calculate welding prices and costs. Or if you need more fillable space on your welding invoice form, this is especially true when you are a mobile welder, see c5064 Simple Welding Invoice Template, which contains only 5 columns. With c6017 Welding / Fabrication Tax Invoice, we moved the Dimension column out of the printable area, and moved in the taxable column so that it is included in the printable invoice.

The difference between sales and service here on is simple - if a template contains the "Ship To" section on the printable section, we call it sales invoice. If it does not contain the "Ship To" section, it is categorized as service invoice. If the form has a very special design in its layout, such as Tax bill for Printing Shop, which moves the "Ship To" section (titled with "Delivery To") to the body of the spreadsheet form, we add the template to both the sales and service category. Welder Invoicing Template adheres to this rule too.

This invoice template for welding and fabrication, just like the other templates in this serial, is also set with one Tax, which is named "Maine" and rated at 5.500%. If you are using the freeware edition of this Welder Invoicing Template / Welder Billing Form, change this to your own tax name and rate by typing in proper values. If you use the Uniform Invoice Software version, there are better ways to configure your tax rules and system.

If you use the Uniform Invoice Software version of Welder Invoicing Template, there are additional taxing options on the Taxes tab of the Settings window. The first is the option for choosing the number of tax items; you have 3 choices - no tax, one tax and two taxes. Secondly, you can set the names and rates in percentage for each tax, such as VAT, GST or PST, or simply Sales Tax. Thirdly, there are a group of checkbox options on the dialog box, including: "Tax invoice total including shipping cost", which adds the shipping cost to the taxable amount when checked; "Tax 2 is applied to tax 1", which adds the amount of "tax 1" to the taxable amount if checked; and "tax rate can be zero", which allows you to set any of the tax rates to be the value of zero. If you modify the options on this dialog box, the spreadsheet will be changed accordingly if needed.

The discount field, which is titled with "MARKDOWN" on the bottom of the Invoice worksheet, is an amount value. If it is filled, the amount will be deducted from the total of the invoice. The insurance field is also an amount value, which is added to the invoice total. Both the markdown and the insurance fields are custom fields that are added to the Invoice Header database table - they are not defined in the default invoice template that are shipped with Uniform Invoice Software.

Adding a custom field to the "InvHdr" table in the database makes it possible to save the field value to database along with the other data of an invoice record. For example, adding the custom field Company Name to the "InvHdr" database table allows you to save the company name of a customer to the database when you save an invoice. If you use Uniform Invoice Software version template Welder Invoicing Template and add the custom field, the value is saved from or retrieved to Welder Invoicing Template whenever you save or reload an invoice record.

After removing the text and names of the "Type" column, the space of the type column is merged into the Description column, so that the fillable description column could hold more content about the welding or steel fabrication job that have been done.

Merge and Center works by merging the selected cells into one and then centering the data in the new combined cell. While design a template layout like Welder Invoicing Template, Merge and Center could be a handy tool if used properly. One thing to note, however, since Uniform Invoice Software (UIS) relies on cell names (or field names) to create the relationship between the Excel form cells and the database fields, you should make sure the cell that contains a field name is the first one in the group of cells that are to be merged. This way, UIS will work with the merged cell by reading from or writing to the named cell.

One thing to note is that tested the templates, including Welder Invoicing Template, on Microsoft Windows (with Excel, not Word) only, and the testing on Mac was usually not performed. If you need to run Welder Invoicing Template on Mac, test it with Mac version of Microsoft Excel before you apply it for production purpose.

Like other form designs here on, Welder Billing Form is free (offered to you at a price of 0.00USD). It works on Windows XP and all newer versions of Windows, and Excel 2007, 2010, 2013 or 2016.

Format and Specification

NameWelder Invoicing Template
CategorySales Invoice Template
Release DateFriday, September 26, 2014
Format (XLS or XLSX).xlsx
Excel Version Excel 2003 / Excel 2007 / Excel 2010 / Excel 2013 / Excel 2016
Feature Gallery
Line Height (Points)15.00
Print Area$G$2:$R$53
Printable with Papaer Size / OrientationLetter (8-1/2 in. x 11 in.) - Portrait
Default Margins (Points)

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