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Seamstress Bill Format

Seamstress Bill Format

The background image shows only on printed hard-copy and PDF invoices generated using Uniform Invoice Software. Uniform Invoice Software also helps you send invoice using email with just one click of mouse. When you are creating invoices using this template, tailor background image does not show.

Job Invoice Sample

Job Invoice Sample

This job invoicing form is provided you by (Uniform Software Ltd) in Microsoft Excel format. It is perfect for freelance, contractors, sub-contractors or any project based contract. The invoicing form contains a customer information section, job information section, insurance section and agency section. The 5 columns on the detail section are Qty., Part No., Description, List and Amount. The amount is a line total value which is calculated automatically using Excel formulas. If you are looking for a sample job billing template that excludes the insurance and agency fields, please visit this sample template for job invoicing.

Consulting Invoice Template (1st Sample of Customization)

Consulting (1st Sample)

The "Machine#" field is placed in a box along with several other fields, including Requisition #, Work Order #, P.O. # and Terms. In most sales invoice templates available here on, the location of this box is designed for the "Shipping To" section. Since this is a service invoice template, we don't keep any shipping fields – i.e. all the shipping fields are moved out of the printable area

Proforma Invoice Template (4th Sample, Landscape Page Orientation)

Proforma (4th Sample)

Like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel allows you to set paper options through its Page Setup dialog box. In Excel 2003, the Page Setup dialog box can be opened by clicking Excel menu File > Page Setup. With Excel 2007, Excel 2010, Excel 2013 and Excel 2016, the command for opening Page Setup dialog box can be accessed through Page Layout ribbon tab > Page Setup group and then click the arrow button on the group. The Page Setup dialog box offers various options for you to control the printing and layout of Proforma Invoice Template (4th Sample, Landscape Page Orientation).

Architect Invoicing Sample

Architect Invoicing Sample

Thich is the formula used by the default sales invoicing template shipped with Uniform Invoice Software setup program.

Consulting Invoice Template (2nd Sample of Customization)

Consulting (2nd Sample)

While it's understandable to have so many invoice templates in the similar color style, your business is different and special, so without doubt it is better to have a special invoice design that meets your business style and requirements. In addition to changing company details and replacing the logo image on the top of the invoice form, applying a new color theme is an easy and quick way to let your invoices stand out. So, here is the steps to quickly change the color palette in Excel 2010 to apply a new color to the consultant invoice template.

Retainer Invoice Template

Retainer Invoice Template

This retainer billing sample is a revisited version of c6023 advance payment invoice template. The two templates have the same number of fields on the sheet, but with different form layout. Check the screen shots of both forms to find the details. For basic customization samples, visit basic invoice templates.

Creative Invoice Sample

Creative Billing Form

The template format is based on c2001 Sample Sales Invoice Template 2. It features logo image in the original design, but now we moved it to the bottom of the form. In this new (creative) layout, we kept the billing address and shipping address, but added underlines to all the fields in these two section. Uniform Invoice Software hides gridlines and row/column headings when you exit design mode. The additional underlines, which are implemented by showing the bottom borders of cells, should make data entry easier.

Masonry Invoice Sample

Masonry Billing Form

This template is based on c5039 Sample Service Invoice Template: Using Handwriting Signature that demonstrates how to add a signature image to the form. In this new template, we kept the original signature image. You can delete it completely or replace it with your own signature image. It is added as an Excel "Picture" object. Remember, in order to keep it on the PDF masonry invoice generated with Uniform Invoice Software, you need to name it with "oknWidget" prefix, such as "oknWidget_signature". Otherwise, Uniform Invoice Software will remove it, just remove other button objects like "oknCmdExtract", " oknCmdCustomer" etc. The customization rule is described in the Customizing Invoice Template document.

Bike Shop Invoice Template

Bike Shop Invoice Template

For a simple example, without Uniform Invoice Software installed, to create a new invoice you have to clear the fields manually, one by one. If Uniform Invoice Software is installed, clearing the template (make the template ready for next new invoice) is as simple as clicking the "Clear & New" command. Without Uniform Invoice Software, you have to number your invoices manually (i.e. assign each invoice a unique, continuous number. This is not as easy as it sounds; with Uniform Invoice Software installed, you don't have worry about these things because invoice numbering is handled by the Excel invoicing app automatically - when you click "Save Invoice" and left the "Invoice#" cell blank, a new invoice number is generated automatically based on the previous number stored in the database.

Standard Invoice with Double Border

Standard Invoice Format with Double Border

Step 3: Add one row to the top, one row to the bottom, one column to the left edge and another column to the right edge of the printable invoice template. For example, to add a row to the top of the printable form, you need to do the following steps.

Landman Invoice Template

Landman Invoice Template

Lanman Invoice Template is created for oil and gas exploration / development companies. The sample form is designed specially for this type of business and is capable to detail landman name, per diem, mileage, meals etc.

Blank Service Invoice with Green Gradient Design

Blank Service Invoice with Green Gradient Design

All the template available here on are compatible with Uniform Invoice Software. Uniform Invoice Software determines whether a template is compatible by looking for some hidden properties and values. So if you want to use your own invoice design / format with Uniform Invoice Software, your best choice is to alert / customize one of our downloadable invoice templates, instead of create from scratch yourself.

Invoice Template with Credit Card Payment Option

Billing Format with Credit Card Payment Option

This simple billing format in Excel format demonstrates how to add credit card payment options to an existing template, could be used as a payment remittance advice slip (also visit Invoice Template with Remittance Slip). There is also a cardholder signature spot for payment authorization.