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Bill Format for Dental Clinic and Denture Laboratory

Receipt Sample for Dental Clinic and Denture Laboratory

The form includes a "Patient Details" section next to the "Bill To" section, which makes it possible to enter different patient information than the "Bill To" details. You can also populate the "Patient Details" section with fields from "Bill To" section by simply clicking the "Same As Bill To" section. Read on to find tips and guidelines on invoicing and billing for dental clinic.

Wedding Photography Invoice

Wedding Photography Billing Template

Designed for photographer, videographer, cameraman (camera operator), reporter and cinematographer, this wedding photography invoice template features all fields required on a service invoice / receipt, and two watermarks of photographers on the background.

Animation Invoice Template

Animation Invoice Template

If you're doing cinematography, you may like visit more samples at film invoice template. This sample shows "Hours" and "Rate" columns on the body of the invoice template. More designs like this could be found at hourly rate invoice template.

Translation Service Receipt

Translation Receipt Template

Designed for translators and interpreters. Create professional and attractive receipt / invoice with our editable translation service receipt template in Excel spreadsheet format. Print offline hard copies, or send PDF / image invoices electronically using email (UIS required).

Bike Shop Invoice Template

Invoicing Layout for Bike Shop

Like all the other Excel invoicing templates here on, this invoicing layout for bike shop works well too with Invoice Manager for Excel. By installing Invoice Manager for Excel, which is our Excel-based invoicing software app, this simple Excel-formatted invoice template becomes a powerful invoicing software program that is able to manipulate your client, products, invoices / receipts and payments data, saving your time and effort on invoicing.

Receipt Sample for Seafood Restaurant

Receipt Template for Seafood Restaurant
  1. Click the Settings button on the "Invoice" ribbon tab.
  2. Go to the "Taxes" tab.
  3. Enter your tax name in the appropriate text box.
  4. Click "Apply".
  5. Close the "Settings" window.
  6. Save the template by clicking the "Save" button on Excel quick access toolbar.

Production Assistant Bill Sample

Video Production Invoice

If you are a production assistant, camera operator, videographer, video editor, music producer, or have any filmmaking related jobs, doing it as a freelancer, independent contractor or incorporated company, this PA invoice template helps you create attractive invoice in no time.

Designer Invoicing Format with Bamboo Chinese Painting

Designer Bill Template with Bamboo Chinese Painting

Our designer invoicing templates series was created to show you the most attractive, at least very different from the standard template shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel. Some of them are suggested by our customers. As you can find Microsoft Excel provides fairly enough tools to customizing the look and feel of the form. A background image, or a foreground image added as a shape object, is one of the great ways to decorate a form. Look at this PDF designer bill sample, the image is included in the PDF invoices generated with Invoice Manager for Excel too.

Advance Payment Invoicing Format

Advance Payment Billing Format

Both "Advance Payment %" and "Advance Payment Amount" are implemented as custom fields.

The design of Advance Payment Billing Format also takes advantages of Excel formulas. By using Excel formulas, we are able to create the relationship between Excel cells that are mapped to database fields in Invoice Manager for Excel. This gives Invoice Manager for Excel unusual flexibility that supports not only simple and regular invoicing and billing forms, but also complex layouts and formats that are required in many business practices. With the Excel-formatted spreadsheet forms, we are able to design invoices that are beautiful and professional. With the database connected via Invoice Manager for Excel, your invoicing system will be able to manage customers, products, invoices and payments easily.

Five Price Percentage Levels (Sales, Custom Column)

Form with 5 Price Levels

As the name of this invoice template implies, it is a sales invoice template that has shipping information inside the printable range on the invoice form, and the prices or discounts are in percentage.

Netherlands Sales Invoice Template 2

Netherlands Sales Invoice Template 2

This is another variant and customization sample of Netherland Sales Invoicing Sample (c6009). The original design of the invoicing form include the "Maat" column. This sample demonstrates how to remove it from the invoice form.

Medical Billing Format

Medical Billing Format

On the top of the spreadsheet, you'll first notice there is a logo image showing "InvoicingTemplate", which is a place holder of your own logo image. Next to the logo image is your hospital, clinic or home health care business name, slogan, street address, city state and ZIP, phone number, web address and etc. This should all be placed with your own information. On the top-right corner, you'll find the letters "MIDCICAL INVOICE" that are all in upper case, which indicates the type of this business document and usually you don't need to modify it.

Service Proposal Template with Checkbox Column

Service Proposal Format with Checkbox Column

Between Room and Description there is a column of checkboxes. If you check a box, the Line Total on the current line is added to the "TOTAL OF ITEMS SELECTED" cell on the bottom of the proposal or quote, which is a custom field. Since the checkboxes are located inside Print_Area, they will be included on printed invoices, as well as the extracted Excel document.

Packing List Template

Packing Slip Form

Packing Slip Form was created by modifying the default sales invoice template that shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel; you can still customize it to meet your business requirements and corporate style. It is easy to do with Microsoft Excel. For example, to change the background / pattern of a text label, you can just right-click the cell and then choose Format Cells, and then choose the background or pattern from the dialog box.

Netherlands Service Bill Sample

Netherlands Service Bill Sample

Netherland Service Bill Sample set its default rate to 19%, it might not meet your requirements. If you use the freeware version of this Netherland Service Bill Sample, change the tax rate by simply typing in your required value in the rate cell once the invoicing template is unprotected; if you use the Invoice Manager for Excel version of this Netherland Service Invoicing Template, setting a new rate is much easier - you can do this by clicking the Settings button and then going to the Taxes tab. Invoice Manager for Excel makes it much easier for you to set up your tax rules, as detailed below.

Cleaning Service Invoice Template

Cleaning Service Bill Format

Invoices are important legal documents - you want your clients to know just what you have done for them, and how much they owe you for what you have done. This cleaning service template includes space for the date and invoice number, as well as a description of the work that was done or supplies that were used. It uses Excel formulas for calculating line totals, sub total, discount, tax and total payable automatically, save your time and efforts on creating invoices. It is a pure Excel template without macros, and like all the other templates available here on, we don't lock it, so that you can easily use it as a janitorial invoice template, carpet cleaning invoice template, cleaning invoice sample or office cleaning invoice template, with minimal or no customization.

Five Price Levels (Service, Amount, Custom Column)

Form with 5 Price Levels

This seventh sample in the multiple-price or multiple-discount serial has no shipping fields in the printable section, and the prices are set in amount (instead of percentage).