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Handyman Invoice Template

Handyman Invoice Template

Since Handyman Billing Template is a service bill sample, the "Ship To" section found in the general templates now was now titled with "Service Location". Several other labels related to shipping, such as "Ship Date" are "Ship Via", are still there. You can replace these labels whatever you like to meet the requirements of your business.

Handyman Invoice Template (Sales Tax)

Handyman Billing Template (Sales Tax)

Handman Invoice Template (Sales Tax) is another sample on customizing c7006 Handyman Billing Sample. It differs from the original template in that this template charges only one tax on the invoicing items.

Canadian ADP Invoice

Canadian ADP Invoice

This Excel invoice template designed for Canadian ADP invoice features a number of custom fields that are added specially for ADP invoicing. If you are a vendor for ADP Assistive Devices Program (ADP), download this form design for free and create invoice easily with the help of Invoice Manager for Excel. Click Service Invoice Template for Canadian Laundromat for a GST sample template.

Handyman Bill Sample (No Tax)

Handyman Billing Template (No Tax)

Handyman Bill Sample (No Tax) is a sample based on c7006 Handyman bill format. Unlick the original template, where the invoicing items are charged with either one or two taxes (GST and PST), this handyman bill format charges no tax.

Canadian Invoice Template with HST

Canadian Invoice Template with HST

The goods and services tax (GST) is a tax that you pay on most goods and services sold or provided in Canada. Here at Service Invoice Template for Canada you can find a sample template for dry cleaning and generic services. In Alberta, Saskatchewan, Yukon, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Northwest Territories, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Ontario, Quebec and Prince Edward Island, the GST has been blended with the provincial sales tax and is called the harmonized sales tax (HST). Note that this free invoice sample designed by is set up for a business in Ontario where the HST rate is 13% (as of April 1, 2013). You should change the HST rate according to the rate applicable in your province. For example, in B.C., the HST rate is 5% (as of April 1, 2013), in Nova Scotia, the HST rate is 15%, and in New Brunswick and Newfoundland/Labrador the HST rate is 13%. See GST/HST rates on Canada Revenue Agency to find out the rate that is suitable for your province. If you have Invoice Manager for Excel installed, changing the tax rate is as easy and simple - firstly, you click the Settings button on the Excel ribbon tab, and then go to the Taxes tab, fill in the tax rate percentage number into the first tax rate box, and then click "Apply". Click the Close button to close the Settings dialog box. Note that in order to make the change permanently, you'll need to click Excel menu File / Save to save the invoice template file - you have to do only once. This is because the default tax rate is saved into a hidden cell on the invoicing form.

GST and PST Invoice Template

GST and PST Billing Form

There are online GST and PST invoice template for Canada / Ontario in Microsoft Word too, which you can download for free or a small fee. However Microsoft Excel is better on doing calculations. As you can see from this sample GST and PST invoice template, all you need to do is to enter the basic values, all calculable values are shown automatically when the basic values are entered. If you install Invoice Manager for Excel, this template can be a complete and easy to use GST and PST invoicing software.

Software Development Invoice Sample

Software Development Billing Form

Designed for computer programming freelancers, development teams and small businesses, this software development invoice template in Excel spreadsheet format helps you create invoices and bills that are not only professional, but also cool.

Engineering Service Billing Sample

Engineering Service Billing Sample

This template also includes space for you to add a handwriting signature image on the bottom of the invoice form. Like the default LOGO image placed on the heading of the invoice form, if you need to keep the signature image in the extracted copy of your invoice, the image should be named with "oknWidget_" prefix.

Pet Sitting Invoice Sample

Pet Care Billing Format

We've already published several form designs that are specialized for pet services. For example, c3013 Pet Food Store Invoice Template and c4123 Dog Walking Invoice Template. This template differs from the previously published ones in that it is based on c5014 service invoice template with fixed items. For a template that shows pet photo on receipts, see Printable Receipt Template for Pet Boarding.

Advanced Sample - Email Is Required Before Saving Invoice

Advanced Sample - Email Is Required Before Saving Invoice

Starting with version 7.11, Invoice Manager for Excel exposes all its major features via the COM add-in objects. This enables VBA macros to call the Invoice Manager functionalities, making our invoicing program programmable with VBA scripting language.

Basic Blank Service Invoice Format (One-tax)

Basic Blank Service Invoice Layout (One-tax)

This configuration procedure isn't so basic and simple for someone who are not so familiar with Excel and Invoice Manager for Excel templates. To get the job even easier, we build this template "c2013 Basic Blank Service Invoice Format (One-tax)" or Basic Blank Service Invoice Layout (One-tax).

Payment Receipt Template

Payment Receipt Form

A receipt is a document that verifies payment was received in exchange for goods or services. A receipt should contain all details about mode of payment, item details, payer details and receiver details. It also has the details of date, day and total amount.

Online Invoicing Sample

Sample Invoice Template for Online Invoicing

The "Net" edition of Invoice Manager for Excel supports sharing data via local area network, but it is not able to connect to online data sources (i.e. data that accessible via Internet).

Invoice Template with 4 Columns

4-Column Invoice Template

Similar to the general sales invoice template shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel, but has the product ID column moved out of the printable area.

Sample Format for Job Invoicing (Tax Column)

Job Billing Sample (Tax Column)

In the above formula, "_?" is the line number of each line on the detail section. "oknTaxable_?" is the value of the "Taxable" checkbox of each item that is being invoiced.

Designer Invoice Template (Red)

Designer Billing Form (Red)

Whether you are a web designer, graphic designer, or doing web development as a freelancer or small / home business, you need an easy to create beautiful and professional proposals and invoices. Designer Invoice Template (Red) is might be your choice.