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Handyman Invoice Template

Handyman Invoicing Format

The invoicing detail section, which is also referred to as "Invoicing Body" here on, is what is the special design appear. This Handyman Invoicing format offers 7 columns here that are Item #, Description, Quantity, Price, GST, PST and Line total. The item# field is here for you to enter the short code for the goods you sold or services you performed. If you use the Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software) (UIS) version of this invoicing template, which has exactly the same layout as the freeware edition but with many buttons on it, the item# cells are actually a handy way for you to enter item descriptions and prices. For example, you can save the product / service "fence repair" with the item# (or Product ID) "fr", and "window replacement" with the item# "wr". Once you need to invoice these items, just enter the code "fr" or "wr" into the item# cells, the fully description and unit price is automatically retrieved from saved records. This feature is called "in-cell lookup" in UIS and Excel Invoice Manager.

Handyman Invoice Template (Sales Tax)

Handyman Billing Template (Sales Tax)

As a demonstration of the design, this handyman billing sample hosted on also has the "Paid" and "Total Due" cells moved out of the printable invoicing form, to the new location that is outside the range defined by the Excel name "Print_Area". By moving the two cells, Payments and Balance Due, out of the printable invoicing form, we assumes all invoices are paid on receipt, and thus it is not necessary to detail the payments and balance on an invoice. However, if you still want to show the Payments and Balance Due cells on the printed (or extracted) invoices, or your PDF statements, it is in fact very easy to move back the "Paid" and "Total Due" cells.

Canadian ADP Invoice

Canadian ADP Invoice

This Excel invoice template designed for Canadian ADP invoice features a number of custom fields that are added specially for ADP invoicing. If you are a vendor for ADP Assistive Devices Program (ADP), download this form design for free and create invoice easily with the help of Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software).

Handyman Bill Sample (No Tax)

Handyman Billing Template (No Tax)

A sales tax version is also available here on, at Handyman Bill Template (Sales Tax).

Canadian Invoice Template with HST

Canadian Billing Form with HST

The Item# (product#) column, which is seen on the default invoice template, is also moved out of the print area of the invoicing form.

GST and PST Invoice Template

GST and PST Invoice Template

This template was originally published on as C7-006. Here on there are several customized version for this format: c7006 Handyman Invoice Template, c5055 Handyman Invoice Template (Sales Tax), and Handyman Bill Sample (No Tax). If you charge HST (Harmonized Sales Tax), visit our sample invoice template in Excel format at Canadian Invoice Template with HST. All of our templates come with a PDF sample invoice which you can download for free too.

Software Development Invoice Sample

Software Development Billing Form

There are 16 lines and 4 columns on the detail section. This is where you list the services you rendered, such as software programming, engineering, bug testing, whether to provide source code, maintenance, programming language, technical support -- everything as detailed as possible. This helps you client to understand what jobs you have done. For complex projects you even need a separate contact to write everything down before starting the project.

Form with Product Category

Template with Product Category

However the support for custom fields in Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software) makes overcoming this limitation easy and quick. What you need to do is to add the custom field "Product Category" to the invoice body database table, and then name a column of cells where you want to display the category when creating an invoice - in this sample, we don't want to show product category on printed invoices, so the product category column is defined outside the printable area.

Engineering Service Billing Sample

Engineering Service Billing Form

While all template available here on are created from the default sales invoicing template included with Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software) setup program, Engineering Service Invoicing Format differs from other templates not only in the layout of the form, but also in that it uses a number of custom fields for detailing the engineering service offered by the business.

Pet Sitting Invoice Sample

Pet Sitting Invoice Sample

When you push up the "Design Mode" button to exit design mode, the invoicing program locks all cells that have Excel formulas assigned. This way, even if you click the "Clear & New" button to make the form ready for next new invoice, the cells with formulas assigned will not be changed.

Advanced Sample - Email Is Required Before Saving Invoice

Advanced Format - Email Is Required Before Saving Invoice

Unlike the billing format samples implemented in the "Simple Invoice Templates" series, where the customized templates are usually created by moving fields and cells, or modifying Excel formulas etc., this "Advanced Invoicing Sample" series contains samples that require some knowledge of VBA programming and Microsoft Excel / Office object model.

Invoice Template with 4 Columns

4-Column Invoice Template

Similar to the general sales invoice template shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software), but has the product ID column moved out of the printable area.

Basic Blank Service Invoice Format (One-tax)

Basic Blank Service Invoice Format (One-tax)

Note that a Two-tax version is also available here on, at Basic Blank Service Invoice Format (Two-tax). If you need less lines but more space for each item description on your blank service invoice template, see Basic Blank Service Billing Format (No-tax, Long Description), and the one tax format at Basic Blank Service Invoicing Format (One-tax, Long Description), and the two-tax layout at Basic Blank Service Bill Format (Two-taxes, Long Description).

Payment Receipt Template

Payment Receipt Form

This free payment receipt format offers you an easy way to prepare payment receipts. Both a PDF format, a free edition and an edition that works with Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software) can be downloaded for free here on online. For a service edition of this free receipt template, see Service Receipt Template.

Sample Format for Job Invoicing (Tax Column)

Job Billing Sample (Tax Column)

Job Billing Sample (Tax Column) is the third sample on customizing Job Billing Sample. With this sample we added a new column to the detail section, i.e. the tax amount column which shows how much tax charged on each item that is being invoiced.

Designer Invoice Template (Red)

Designer Billing Form (Red)

Compared to the default invoice template shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software) installer program, or compared to the basic consulting invoice template that Designer Invoice Template (Red) is based on, this design proposal and invoice template, which is named Designer Invoice Template (Red), has seen a major visual redesign. However it still targets to being printable on standard A4 paper, just like the default invoice template shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software). And like all the other proposal and invoicing templates here on, besides the freeware edition, there is also an Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software) edition, which means you can not only create proposals and invoices easily with the intuitive what-you-see-is-what-you-get billing form, it could also be a complete invoicing program / system with the ability to manage and track your clients, items, invoices and payments. Be sure to download our invoicing program for free and have a test, which is fully functional within the trial period. Whether you use this template as a web design invoice template or graphic design invoice template, Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software) could make a simple template become a fully featured billing system.