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Commercial Invoicing Template

Commercial Billing Form

However before using the commercial invoice template to create your first commercial invoice, there are some one-time job you should do, that is to enter your own company information and replace the default logo image. Before you can do this type of customization, you have to firstly unprotect the invoice form, and then switch to design mode.

Blank Commercial Invoice Template

Blank Commercial Billing Form

A commercial invoice is a form identifying the seller and buyer of goods or services, identifying numbers [invoice number] date, shipping date, mode of transport, port of entry, delivery and payment terms, and a complete listing and description of the goods or services sold including, quantities, prices, discounts.

Before using this Blank Commercial Invoice Template, you should replace the default logo image with your own.

Commercial Invoice - FedEx Style (Landscape)

Commercial Invoice - FedEx Style (Landscape)

As detailed on the FedEx web site, all shipments / freight must be accompanied by a FedEx International Air Waybill & two duplicate copies of commercial invoices. With Uniform Invoice Software installed, printing of two copies of your commercial invoices could be done with a single click of mouse. Go to the Print tab on the Settings window to find all the printing options. All forms available here on are printable and fillable. You can adjust the printing and paper options by using Excel's own features too - for example, by choosing the options on Excel's Page Layout tab.

Debit Note Template

Debit Note Form

The implementation of this debit note template in Microsoft Spreadsheet format is designed for general purpose usage. As a sample of creating custom formats and layouts, also is also providing you with another debit note template for attorney.

Credit Memo Template

Credit Note Template

A credit note is also called credit memo (memorandum). It is a commercial document issued by a seller to a buyer and states the amount of money that has been credited to the buyer's account. The credit note format available for free here on was originally a sample on customizing the default sales invoice template shipped with Uniform Invoice Software, and it is now provided as a free template. The credit note template is offered in Microsoft Excel (.xls) format, which you can easily convert to the new (.xlsx) format by executing the "Save As" command in Microsoft Excel.

Notary Invoice Template

Notary Invoice Template

Notary Invoice Template could also be seen as a general service invoice template and consultant invoice template. It helps you to create and print professional notary and general invoices and estimates. The billing form has 3 columns - Date, Description and Amount.

Commercial Invoice Template with Colorful Business Name

Commercial Invoice Template with Colorful Business Name

Commercial Invoicing Form with Colorful Business Name is a customized invoicing template based on Commercial Invoicing Template. It has the same number of fields as the original template, but looks professional and beautiful with the additional colorful text boxes.

Job Invoice Sample

Job Billing Sample

Since this is a service bill sample, it does not include the shipping address fields that could be found on the default template included in Uniform Invoice Software (UIS) installer program. However, the most obvious characteristic of this sample design is that, while at your first glance, it uses a very special font style and size. For this reason, this Job Billing Sample was also provided as a sample of customization when it was first published on

Basic Blank Service Invoicing Format (One-tax, Long Description)

Basic Blank Service Invoicing Format (One-tax, Long Description)

Many business entities never have the need of putting more than 5 items on one invoice, but they do need to be able to write done several lines of text for each service item they perform. For this reason, designed this serial of Excel invoicing template that you can download and use for free. All the templates are compatible with Uniform Invoice Software.

Form with Product Category

Form with Product Category

If you use the freeware edition of this invoice template, you may find there is no much difference between this invoice template and the default sales invoice template shipped with Uniform Invoice Software. The only difference appears outside the printable area on the center of the form, where you can find a Product Category column near the invoice body.

Limousine Service Invoice

Limousine Service Invoice

There are also a number of fields for you to write the credit card information, including card type, expiry date, card holder name, card number, and additional details about the order, such as "Over Time", "Rate per hour", "Package". To find alternative ways to show credit information on a billing form, visit Invoice Template with Credit Card Payment Option.

Job Estimate Template for Excel

Job Estimate Template for Excel

While in the Estimate Templates gallery we've already published several templates that could be used for estimating and quoting purpose, like the General Estimate Template and Telecom Consultant Estimation Template, this template differs from other in the number of columns and the layout of the form itself.

Jewelry Receipt Template

Bill Format for Jewelry Shop

Running a jewelry store that sells rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, charms, watches, or assorted / personalized jewelry products? Download this free billing template to create beautiful invoices and receipts in Excel and PDF format.