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Job Invoice Sample

Job Billing Sample

Job Invoice Sample provides a service bill template sample that has a special look and feel in style and format as compared to most invoicing templates available here on

Consulting Invoice Template (1st Sample of Customization)

Consulting (1st Sample)

The "Machine#" field is placed in a box along with several other fields, including Requisition #, Work Order #, P.O. # and Terms. In most sales invoice templates available here on, the location of this box is designed for the "Shipping To" section. Since this is a service invoice template, we don't keep any shipping fields – i.e. all the shipping fields are moved out of the printable area

Sample Invoice Template

Sample Billing Form

When you click the "Clear & New" button on the "Invoice" worksheet, the entire "Invoice" was cleared, making it a blank invoice form. This makes it ready for you to create the Next invoice. Note that the "Invoice#" cell is not filled at this time. An invoice# is generated automatically when you click "Save To DB". See automatic numbering for more discussions and samples on this topic.

Proforma Invoice Template (4th Sample, Landscape Page Orientation)

Proforma Invoice Template (4th Sample, Landscape Page Orientation)

Now adjust the column widths to make it suitable for landscape A4 paper. Remember our goal is to have more space for the description column, so we'll mainly increase the widths of the Excel raw columns that are part of the Description column on the proforma invoice form.

Architect Invoicing Sample

Architect Invoicing Sample

With this implementation of Architect Billing Template, the tax was named "GST". You can change it as you need, by simply typing your own tax name into the proper cell.

Consulting Invoice Template (2nd Sample of Customization)

Consulting Invoice Template (2nd Sample of Customization)

Most free invoice templates available here on, along with the versions that work with Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software), are designed with the similar color style. The secret behind this is simple – in the past several years we have created hundreds very different styles, but all the templates we created are based on the same sales invoice template, which is also the one that included in the installer program of Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software).

Retainer Invoice Template

Retainer Invoicing Sample

This retainer billing sample is a revisited version of c6023 advance payment invoice template. The two templates have the same number of fields on the sheet, but with different form layout. Check the screen shots of both forms to find the details. For basic customization samples, visit basic invoice templates.

Creative Invoice Sample

Creative Invoice Sample

This templates shows two taxes on the bottom of the sheet. The tax formulas are modified so that it does not take account of the "Taxable" properties of the invoiced items. For example, the first tax is calculated using a formula like this:

Gift Invoice

Gift Invoice Template

To create this gift invoice template, we first move out the entire "Line total" column from the printable area. This clears the format (cell font settings, colors, borders etc.). Here is the tip to quickly restore the original format settings for the moved section: drag your mouse to select entire section that you've just moved out, click the "Format Painter" button on Microsoft Excel "Home" ribbon tab; and then click the column heading cell ($K$21 in this sample). Excel copies back the format settings so that the invoice form looks exactly like the version before the "Line total" column was moved.

Plumbing Contractor Invoice Template

Plumbing Contractor Invoice Template

This sample plumbing contractor bill template in Excel format features business owner information, client information, site address, job address and date completed. The two columns on the invoice body are "Code" and "Description of Material/Work".

Sales Tax Invoice Format in Excel

Sales Tax Invoice Format in Excel

This Invoice Template with Tax Column includes both the "Bill To" and "Shipping To" sections and has 5 columns that are description, Tax, Hours, Rate/Hour, and Amount.

Work Order Template

Work Order Form

The following chart details the custom fields added to the work order template, in addition to the standard fields used by the default invoice template shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software).