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House Rent Receipt Template

House Rent Receipt Template

An updated version of this template is available at Printable House Rent Receipt Template. To print two receipts using one sheet, see the sample at Two Receipts on One Sheet.

Hairdressing Receipt

Hair Salon Receipt Template

This is an itemized template. The printable 4 columns are "Date", "Description", "Quantity" and "Amount". The "Date" is a custom field that allows you to write down when the service is rendered. With the "Description" field you describe the service as accurate as possible - which is necessary to make sure you can get the payment on time, such as "haircutting", "hair care", "hair oil" or "shampoo".

Artist Receipt

Artist Bill of Sale

This template is not an itemized layout, as it provides only one field for you to write down the amount of money involved in the sale. This is sometimes referred as project-based. On the form body section you should describe the art or service as detailed as possible. For example, if it's artwork you should include the dimensions, media and title, whether or not it is framed etc. You may also need to write down the commission details of the transaction.

Clinic Invoice

Clinic Invoice

This clinic bill and receipt template could be used by clinics such as dental clinic, cosmetic clinic, chiropractic physicians, psychologist, psychology service, mental health and acupuncture therapy. It has less fields than c7019 medical invoice template, but has a cuttable payment slip that copies invoice# (receipt#), date and amount due from the main part by using Excel formula.

Rental Invoicing Template

Rental receipt form

The rent invoice design differs from the standard template in that is has two additional columns, Start Month and End Month, on the body of the rental invoice form. Rental Invoice as the name is very much synonym for hire and leasing activities, anything which was given for a third party for temporary use could be charged with this rental invoice. For this reason, it is necessary to detail the start and end date on the invoice. Every business is different, you might find our free rent invoicing template does not 100% meet your requirements. If this is the case you can still use our free template as a rent invoice sample.

Printable House Rent Receipt Template

Printable House Rent Receipt Format

The background image is a cartoon image that shows houses and buildings. The image shows on the bottom-right section of the form, where it is empty on the original template.

Service Receipt Template

Service Receipt Template

Service Receipt Template is a variant of Payment Receipt Template. This customized version differs from the original receipt template by moving out all shipping fields from the printable receipt form.

Blank Cash Receipt

Blank Cash Receipt Sample

Many point-of-sale terminals or cash registers automatically produce receipts. If you are not using these devices but is asked to provide a receipt when you receive a payment from a customer, you can write it by hand or in a more professional way, print one by using a template, which could include your company logo, letter header, as well as the ability of auto-calculation of subtotals, taxes, grand totals, as what we implemented in this sample. Hand-written or hand-completed receipts are suitable for infrequent or irregular transactions, or for transactions conducted in the absence of a terminal, cash register or point of sale: for example, as provided by a landlord to a tenant to record the receipt of rent.If you are providing invoices to your customers and clients, usually you don't need a separate receipt template. You could just stamp or write "Paid" in big letters on a copy of the Invoice. If you use Invoice Manager for Excel, the status of an invoice (Pending, Paid or Voided) is marked automatically. I.e. if the balance due is zero the invoice is marked as paid. Invoice Manager for Excel is able to keep records of your customers, products (items), invoices and payments. With Invoice Manager for Excel, you work within your invoice spreadsheet, but have all the powerful features accessible from Excel ribbon and task pane. Further more, you have all the familiar Excel tools for customizing the receipt format and layout, such as changing fonts, colors, borders, fill patterns. If you are an Excel guru, advanced customizations are also possible, such as add new features using Excel macros or define the relationship between cells by using Excel formulas. All the templates available here on are created by our self, and they work with Invoice Manager for Excel. They are pure Excel formats and templates without macros attached, and are not locked with a password. This enables you to tweak the template in the way you like.

Simple Sample - Separate City State ZIP

Simple Sample - Separate City State ZIP

The default invoice template stores "City, State and ZIP" in two separate fields. This customization sample of our simple invoice templates demonstrate how to store it in 3 separate fields using custom fields.

Proforma Invoice Format in Excel

Proforma Invoicing Form in Excel

A proforma invoice is a quote in an invoice format that may be required by the buyer to apply for an import license, contract for pre-shipment inspection, open a letter of credit or arrange for transfer of hard currency. A proforma may not be a required shipping document, but it can provide detailed information that buyers need in order to legally import the product. If you are a small business that is not ready for an expensive and complete invoicing system, then offers you this free Proforma Invoice Template for free. Once you are ready to do an upgrade, our fully featured invoicing program, Invoice Manager for Excel, is able to turn your simple Excel invoice template into a powerful invoicing program.

Invoice Template VAT UK

Invoice Template VAT UK

After adding the custom field to database, the next step is to specify a cell on your invoice form to put the VAT Registration No. value. That is, the task here is to specify a cell, so that when a customer is selected, the customer's VAT Registration No. is loaded into this cell; and when you save an invoice, the value of this cell is saved into the VAT Registration No. field of the Invoice Header database table. This is implemented by naming a cell, as detailed below.

Blank Sales Invoicing Sample (Two-tax, Long Description)

Blank Sales Billing Sample (Two-tax, Long Description)

Note that the "Thank you for your business" message on the bottom of the invoicing form is an Excel shape object. Unlike the usual text message that could be found on most templates here on, a shape object gives you more options for customizing the look and feel of the message - by the way, if you are looking for beautiful invoice templates are Photoshop / PSD as a invoicing tool is acceptable for you, maybe you could take a look at Invoice Templates PSD DOCX).

Auto Repair Invoicing Sample (2)

Auto Repair Invoicing Sample (2)

In the original format design, the "model" field is a simple Excel cell, or we can call it a text box, which allows you to enter the model manually. While the freely editable field makes it possible to enter any value into it, a drop-down box makes entering car model much easier and avoids typo errors.

Five Price Percentage Levels (Service, Custom Column)

Form with 5 Price Levels

After moving out the "Shipping Date" field, you may like to expand the size of the neighboring fields to make the layout organized. This is done by expanding the Terms label and field. Expanding the "Terms" label is done by first selecting the original terms cell and the empty cells left by moving out the "Shipping Date" field, and then execute the "Merge and Center" command on Excel ribbon tab. To do this for the Terms field, you first need to move the original Terms cell to the first (left-most) cell of the empty space, and then select all the cells you want to merge, and then execute the "Merge" command.

Excel Quotation Template

Excel Quotation Format with Special Discounting Model

This free quotation and estimation template in Microsoft Excel ".xlsx" format provides a sample of customizing the default invoice template shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel. It implements a special / complex discounting model to meet practical business requirements.