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Credit Memo Template

Credit Note Template

A credit note is also called credit memo (memorandum). It is a commercial document issued by a seller to a buyer and states the amount of money that has been credited to the buyer's account. The credit note format available for free here on was originally a sample on customizing the default sales invoice template shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software), and it is now provided as a free template. The credit note template is offered in Microsoft Excel (.xls) format, which you can easily convert to the new (.xlsx) format by executing the "Save As" command in Microsoft Excel.

Retainer Invoice Template

Retainer Invoicing Sample

This retainer billing sample is a revisited version of c6023 advance payment invoice template. The two templates have the same number of fields on the sheet, but with different form layout. Check the screen shots of both forms to find the details. For basic customization samples, visit basic invoice templates.

Debit Note Template

Debit Note Form

The implementation of this debit note template in Microsoft Spreadsheet format is designed for general purpose usage. As a sample of creating custom formats and layouts, also is also providing you with another debit note template for attorney.

Invoicing Format for Bakery and Cake Shop

Invoicing Template for Bakery and Cake Shop

There are 8 lines on the detail section, which allow to enter itemized purchase information. Such as Banana Pudding Cupcake, Blueberry Cheesecake Cupcake, Baby Shower Cake A1, Children/Character Cake B2, Cheesecakes - Peanut Butter, Pound Cakes - Lemon with Lemon Glaze, Chocolate Sundae Cupcake - buttercream icing, German Chocolate Cupcake - chocolate buttercream icing topped with German chocolate mixture.

Hotel Receipt Template

Hotel Invoice Template

If you use the Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software) version of the hotel invoice template / hotel receipt template, the receipt# (or invoice#) is generated automatically when you save the document.

Basic Service Bill Sample with Deposit

Simple Service Invoicing Template with Deposit

Large number businesses ask their clients to deposit a percentage of total amount as advance payment. This basic service invoice template with deposit deduction helps you create deposit invoices with easy and quick.

Auto Repair Invoicing Sample (2)

Blank Vehicle Repair Invoice (2)

So how do we at design this customized auto repair billing form based on the previous layout? It is in fact easy if you know Excel a little. Our procedures are as follows: unprotect the Invoice worksheet in the Excel spreadsheet and switch to design mode; select the area where you want to put your car / vehicle model list - in this sample, we choose to place the model list to the right side the printable area, starting from Q16, so that you can easily add new entries to it whenever needed. Once the car models are setup, you can then easily go to the Data ribbon tab, execute the Data Validation command to create the drop-down list.

Commercial Invoice - FedEx Style (Landscape)

Commercial Invoice Format - FedEx Style (Landscape)

This commercial invoicing sample was a customized version of "c9002 Commercial Invoice - FedEx Style". This form is still be printable on standard A4 paper, but the paper orientation is changed to landscape.

Sales Invoice Form with Discount Amount

Sales Invoice Form with Discount Amount

This Sales Invoice Form with Discount Amount invoice template in Excel spreadsheet format, and as the name implies it is a sales invoice template that has shipping fields inside the printable area. To do this, we simply move the shipping fields back into the printable area, including Shipping Name, Shipping Address, Shipping City State Zip, Shipping Country and Shipping Contact. The controls, such as the text labels of the shipping fields, the "select a shipping address" icon button, the "Same As Bill To" button should also be move into the printable area. Moving an ActiveX control on an Excel spreadsheet is easy if you know the trick - before you can move a control, first switch to design mode. In design mode, even if you have Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software) installed, it won't response to your click event. If you browse our invoice template gallery, you may see many of the invoice template samples are created by moving the fields in or out of the print area.

Simple 2-Column Sales Invoice Sample

Simple 2-Column Sales Invoice Form

The default template has 5 columns within the printable invoice body - product#, description, quantity, unit price, line total. This simple 2-column sales invoicing form, designed for general invoicing purpose, moved the product#, quantity, and unit price columns out of the printable area. The description and amount columns left inside the printable area are all manually editable, making it suitable for general invoicing needs.

Invoice Sample with Partial Payment and Payment History

Invoice Format with Partial Payment and Progress Billing

This customization makes the form cannot be fit into one single A4 paper (most of the templates here on are designed for 8 1/2 inch X 11 inch letter paper, or A4 paper). To fix this, we can hide some rows on the invoice detail section.

Invoice Design for Personal Trainer or Fitness Instructor

Billing Format for Personal Trainer or Fitness Instructor

This free invoicing template designed for dancing school, personal trainer or fitness/yoga instructor includes 4 columns, much like a general hours and rate based template. It differs from other form designs in that it includes a personal trainer woman picture as the background.

Consultant Template Sample - New Company Name Field

Consultant Template Sample - New Company Name Field

This free sample template for the consulting service business demonstrates how to add a new field "Company Name" to an existing template.

Blank Sales Invoicing Sample (Two-tax, Long Description)

Blank Sales Billing Sample (Two-tax, Long Description)

In order to create this template from the base layout c2020 Blank Sales Invoice Layout (Two-tax), we first hide the last 6 lines on the invoice body (detail) section. To do this, you have to first unprotect the sheet.

Past Due Invoice Template

Past Due Invoice Template

If you need a sample of how to word your past due letter, you can find it at Friendly Collection Letter, or at First Collection Letter - A Friendly Reminder of a Past Due and Second Collection Letter: Turning Up the Heat. Writing a friendly collection letter is a good way to remind your customers that they are late on their invoices. Another way to give the message is just adding the current account balance due to the new invoice. This is what we do in this past due invoice template.

Bill Format for Integrated Security Service

Bill Format for Integrated Security Service

If you are providing integrated security service to your clients, whether it is physical / electronic security services, special event security service, access control solutions, consulting Services, this invoice template could help you create professional bills with easy and quick.