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Logo Design Invoice Sample

Logo Design Invoice Sample

For graphic designers who are specialized in logo designs, this logo design invoice template features a default logo image (as a placeholder) on the bottom of the form, and a designer cartoon image as a watermark that is printable and is shown on PDF invoices too.

Blank Service Invoice with Logo Picture Illustration

Blank Service Invoice with Logo Picture Illustration

Both Microsoft Word and Excel support ActiveX controls, and the Image control is one of those useful control, which provides a number of properties for adjust the behavior and effect of the image, for example, back color, back style, border color, border style, picture alignment, picture size mode, picture tiling, placement and special effect etc.

Proforma (2nd Sample of Customization)

Proforma Invoicing Form

Once the invoice spreadsheet is unprotected, it's straightforward to enter your own company information. Simply click a text label such as "Your Company Name", and then start typing in your own text. In the sample template that you can download here, we replace the placeholder text labels with our own company name.

Lightweight Sales Invoice Template

Lightweight Sales Billing Form

This template, Lightweight Sales Billing Form, does not uses custom fields, although you can easily add them with Invoice Manager for Excel. With Excel Invoice Manager, which is our first generation of invoicing software based on Microsoft Excel, where custom fields (i.e. user-defined fields) should be defined using a standalone tool, Invoice Manager for Excel integrates the "Custom Field Manager" into the main program itself and simplifies the use of custom field.

Swimming Pool Installation Service Invoice

Swimming Pool Installation Service Invoice

If you want to replace the default logo image so that you can use it for other service industries, simply click the "Replace Logo Image" button on the ribbon tab.

ABN Tax Invoice

ABN Tax Invoice

If all your items are taxable or not taxable, you may not want to include the "Taxable" controls on the form. Don't worry. You can easily move ActiveX controls or Excel / Office form controls by following the steps below.

Australian GST Invoice Template

Australian GST Billing Form

Australian GST Invoice Template is a sample of customization of the default sales invoice template. Australian GST Invoice Template implements the invoice layout and form according to Australian Government / Australian Taxation Office requirements.

South Africa Tax Invoice Template (Sales)

South Africa Tax Invoice Template (Sales)

In order to comply with VAT regulations, for any sale of more than R50, you have to issue a tax invoice, with the word "tax invoice" printed on it. This is the most important document in the VAT system. The VAT Act prescribes that a tax invoice must contain certain details about the taxable supply as well as the parties to the transaction. This includes:

Labor Invoice with Gradient Border

Labor Service Invoice with Gradient Border

Assuming the printable form has 10 rows and we choose to fill the left-border column with gradient colors, each of the 10 cells on the left-border column will be filled with a separate gradient effect. This isn't what we want because we want the whole left-border, from top to bottom, be filled with only one gradient effect.