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Logo Design Invoice Sample

Logo Design Bill Format

This sample in Excel spreadsheet format could give you some creative invoice ideas. You can use it directly, or use it as a starting point of design your own layout. To make sure your sheet works with Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software), follow the rules defined the customizing a template document. You can also modify the form slightly to create a logo design quote or proposal.

Blank Service Invoice with Logo Picture Illustration

Blank Service Invoice Layout with Logo Picture Illustration

Before doing any layout customizations to the blank service invoice template, make sure you have backed it up. This ensure you have a working copy if something goes wrong during the customizations. Although we are providing all the Excel invoice templates and PDF invoice templates for free on, it is a good practice to back up the template before modifying it. To make a backup, simply copy the invoice template workbook file in Windows Explorer.

Proforma (2nd Sample of Customization)

Proforma Invoicing Form

Now right-click the InvoicingTemplates logo image and choose Properties from the shortcut menu. The Properties box appears. Look for the Picture property, and click the button on that line. Excel shows you a dialog box that allows you to browse to and specify your own logo image. Depending on your Excel version, the supported image file formats may vary, but JPG, PNG and GIF formats are good choices for storing your logo image that are likely supported by your Excel.

Lightweight Sales Invoice Template

Lightweight Sales Billing Form

The lightweight Sales Invoice Template does not include a default logo image, and the column borders on the invoice detail section are also removed to simplify the invoice layout.

Consultant VAT Invoice for U.K. Limited Company

Consultant VAT Invoice Format for UK Limited Company

Basically a grayscale styled invoice template for U.K. consultant businesses. The only colorful thing on the printable form is the logo image placeholder. The template comply with the requirements stated at "VAT record keeping" by GOV.UK.

ABN Tax Invoice

ABN Tax Invoice Format

This template is a revised version of our original designs, Australian GST Invoice Template and Australian GST Invoice Template (2). With this new template, we move the ABN# field to the top of the invoice form, and also modify the layout of the form to make it looks better and works more smoothly with the latest version of Invoice Manager for Excel (namely Uniform Invoice Software).

Australian GST Invoice Template

Australian GST Billing Form

Note: a revised version of this template could be found at ABN Tax Invoice Template.

As always Australian GST Invoice Template is offered in Excel spreadsheet format.

South Africa Tax Invoice Template (Sales)

South Africa Tax Invoice Template (Sales)

In order to comply with VAT regulations, for any sale of more than R50, you have to issue a tax invoice, with the word "tax invoice" printed on it. This is the most important document in the VAT system. The VAT Act prescribes that a tax invoice must contain certain details about the taxable supply as well as the parties to the transaction. This includes:

Labor Invoice with Gradient Border

Labor Service Invoice with Gradient Border

In order to implement the borders using Excel cells' fill effects, we'll need to first add four rows and four columns to the existing printable form that surround the exiting form - add 2 rows on top of existing printable area, add 2 rows below the bottom of the existing printable form; add 2 columns to the left edge of the existing printable form; and add 2 columns to the right edge of the existing printable form. We'll use the outer rows and columns to mimic the borders, and use the inner rows and columns to adjust the space (or margin) between the borders and actual invoice content. The detailed procedure is demonstrated in c5085 Standard Invoice Template with Double Border. In this tutorial we'll not cover that details again, but start from how to create borders using fill effects of cells.