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Invoice Manager for Excel is not a billing software built solely for legal service billing / time billing, but it is able to help you create beautiful and professional legal service / time billing invoices with easy and quick. No professional accounting knowledge is required because you'll work with a what-you-see-is-what-you-get Excel form, just like work on a paper form. It is especially suitable for small law firms, sole practitioners and attorneys.

One of the advantages of Invoice Manager for Excel is that the invoice form is very flexible. There are hundreds originally designed templates here on now. All of them work with Invoice Manager for Excel well.

Want to add your law office logo to your bills? No problem. Want to detail the date and time your services are performed? No problem. Want to calculate taxes and discounts for your legal service? No problem.

We have ready-to-use templates built for you to download for free. You can use the templates without installing Invoice Manager for Excel(see how to use our templates without installing UIS). In this case, you can print beautiful bills or generate PDF invoices using the pure Excel forms.

If you want more, then download and install Invoice Manager for Excel. All buttons on the Excel template will be activated, so that you can easily manage you clients, account payables, statements. By installing UIS, a pure Excel template becomes a powerful, yet easy to use attorney billing program.

There are many professional and expensive legal / time billing software available on the market, such as Sage Timeslips. However for simple legal billing, time keeping / time tracking, try Invoice Manager for Excel and any templates listed below, or try our excel legal invoice templates or the topic at legal billing statements.

Here are our templates closely related to Billing Software Legal Sole Practitioner.

Attorney Invoice Template (South Africa Currency)

Attorney Billing Statement (South Africa Currency)

There is also one custom column, "Date", added to invoice detail section.

Attorney Billing Form

legal billing statement

Like in the original version, the "Date" column, and the "Case#" and "Case Reference" fields, are not defined in the default template shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel.

Software Development Invoice Sample

Software Development Invoice Sample

Designed for computer programming freelancers, development teams and small businesses, this software development invoice template in Excel spreadsheet format helps you create invoices and bills that are not only professional, but also cool.

Billing Summary Template

Billing Summary Template

The usual "Bill To" section is now renamed to "Agency". The labels in this section include "Account Number", "Name", "Department", "Contact or Operator", "Vehicle Number" - the later 3 fields are custom fields that are not defined in the default Access database file shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel.

Drywall Invoice Example

Drywall Invoice Example

This template features a carton image that shows a carpenter holds a plasterboard or sheetrock. If you are offering services related to construction, wallcovering, dry wall, plywood, this design may be ideal for you.

Caregiver Billing Form

Home Health Care Invoice Sample

Designed for private caregiver and independent healthcare providers, this free home healthcare invoice template is a direct successor of cn003 Service Invoice Template in Excel. You can also install Invoice Manager for Excel (UIS) to make it a fully featured home care invoicing system.

Masonry Invoice Sample

Masonry Billing Form

This template is based on c5039 Sample Service Invoice Template: Using Handwriting Signature that demonstrates how to add a signature image to the form. In this new template, we kept the original signature image. You can delete it completely or replace it with your own signature image. It is added as an Excel "Picture" object. Remember, in order to keep it on the PDF masonry invoice generated with Invoice Manager for Excel, you need to name it with "oknWidget" prefix, such as "oknWidget_signature". Otherwise, Invoice Manager for Excel will remove it, just remove other button objects like "oknCmdExtract", " oknCmdCustomer" etc. The customization rule is described in the Customizing Invoice Template document.

Appraisal Invoice Template

Appraiser Billing Form

This is a project-based contractor invoice Template. It does not calculate totals but offers a manually editable "Total" field on the bottom of the printable sheet. There are also fields for "Amount Received" and "Total Due". This makes the form suitable for progress and partial payment. If you have Invoice Manager for Excel installed, our invoicing software automatically tracking payments and invoices, so that you'll never need to do that manually.

Architect Invoicing Sample

Architect Invoicing Sample

With simple projects you may not need to use the change order feature that is implemented Engineering Invoicing Template by using Excel formulas.

Thich is the formula used by the default sales invoicing template shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel setup program.

Creative Invoice Sample

Creative Invoice Sample

Like the other watermark-enabled templates available here on, the watermark shows only printed invoices and PDF invoices. You can find more samples like this at designer invoice templates. While Microsoft Excel itself does not produce beautiful images and photos, by using the result of Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, it is possible to create eye-catching designs using Excel. On the other hand, with Excel you can easily do calculations using formulas, not to mention other powerful features offered by Invoice Manager for Excel, such as automatic invoice numbering.

South Africa Tax Invoice Template (Sales)

South Africa Tax Invoice Template (Sales)

In order to comply with VAT regulations, for any sale of more than R50, you have to issue a tax invoice, with the word "tax invoice" printed on it. This is the most important document in the VAT system. The VAT Act prescribes that a tax invoice must contain certain details about the taxable supply as well as the parties to the transaction. This includes: