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Freelance Invoice Template

Freelance Invoice Template

If you are a freelancer and or running a small business, doing writing, designing or as a consultant or carpenter, a professional looking invoicing template helps you get paid fast. Download Freelance Invoice Template now and start creating invoices in seconds.

Web-hosting Invoicing Template

Web-hosting Billing Form

The template has two columns, a description column and an amount column. The amount column is manually editable, as it is not calculated from something like Quantity and Price, or Hourly and Rate. This makes the template suitable for general service businesses. With the "Description" column you can enter the service performed, such as the hosting plan a client purchased from you.

Freelance Writer Invoice

Freelance Writer Billing Template

When creating an invoice, be sure to include your contact information. Put your name, address, phone number, email address, and even your website at the top of the invoice. If you are USA-based charge over $600 over the course of the year, you'll probably need to give your client your business's Federal Tax ID number (so they can send you a 1099-MISC, see Form 1099-MISC, Miscellaneous Income -, or Form 1099-MISC - Wikipedia).

Professional Freelance Bill

Professional Freelance Billing Format

You may find many invoicing templates available here on meet the above criterion, including Freelance Invoice Template, Invoice Template Hourly Rate, or visit our service invoice template category. Every business is different. You may like your invoices not only including all the required information, but also looks professional and special to your business. That is why we at create this new freelance invoice template and offer you for free, Professional Freelance Bill / Professional Freelance Billing Format.

Website Development Invoicing Sample

Website Development Billing Format

Now let's take a look at this template c2024 Website Development Invoicing Sample (also named Website Development Billing Format) itself. As stated early, this template was created based on c4029. On designing this template, we moved the two existing columns, Quantity and Unit Price (or Hours and Hourly Rate) out of the printable form. Also, we removed the formulas of the Line totals cells so that it accept values that are manually filled in.

Itemized Graphic Design Invoice

Itemized Graphic Design Format

Itemized Graphic Design Invoice or Itemized Graphic Design Format, is an Excel spreadsheet template designed for freelancers, artists, writers, photographers that charges for the services performed based on hours and hourly rate.

Logo Design Invoice Sample

Logo Design Bill Format

For graphic designers who are specialized in logo designs, this logo design invoice template features a default logo image (as a placeholder) on the bottom of the form, and a designer cartoon image as a watermark that is printable and is shown on PDF invoices too.

Bill Format with Modern Design

Invoicing Template with Modern Design

Creating invoices is also much easier with Invoice Manager for Excel installed. To create an invoice (see movie tutorial), you first click the "Clear & New" button, this clear the form - i.e. make all the fillable fields blank, some fields will have default value populated - for example, the "Invoice Date" and "Sales Rep. Name" fields will populated with their default values. You then pick up an existing customer by either using the "On-Sheet Picker" button (again, you can use the search bar on the "Customers" data list window), or enter the customer# into the correct cell to retrieve all the customer information. The "On-Sheet Picker" also works for the lined items section too.

Spare Parts Sales Invoice

Spare Parts Sales Invoice Template

The file# on the top of the form, and the "Discount" column on the detail table, are all custom fields that are not defined the standard database shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel.

Plumbing Contractor Invoice Template (Landscape)

Plumbing Contractor Billing Template (Landscape)

To make the invoice form still being printable on single page, 6 lines were removed / hide from the invoice detail section.

Billing Invoice Template

Billing Invoice Template

This design applied the "Depth" Office theme. The "P.O.#" field (i.e. Purchase Order# field) is moved to the top of the form, to leave more space for the other fields on the line -- i.e. "Sales Rep. Name", "Shipp Date", "Ship Method", "Payment Term" and "Due Date".

Canadian Invoice Template with HST

Canadian Invoice Template with HST

Like the default sales invoice template shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel setup program, the price on this template excludes tax. Unlike the default invoice template, this template details the tax amount for each invoicing item. This is done by using Excel formulas.

Simple Sample - Splitting City State ZIP

Simple Sample - Splitting City State ZIP

The disadvantages of this approach is that, as detailed on the top of this simple invoice template, the user must always enter the "city, state zip" text in this format, or the Excel formulas may not be able to split the city, state and zip code properly.

New Zealand Tax Invoice Template

New Zealand Tax Billing Form

If you don't need the shipping address section to appear on invoice form, it is easy to move the entire shipping address section out of the print area.

3-Page Invoice Template

3-Page Invoice Template

Custom fields (also called user-defined fields) are a powerful feature implemented by Invoice Manager for Excel since many years ago - at that time, our desktop invoicing software is named Excel Invoice Manager. Custom fields could be added to all the main tables defined by Unifomr Invoice Software, including Customer, Product, Invoice Header and Invoice Body. And by using Excel formulas, you can easily create (define) the relationship between fields. For example in this template, the Labour Total value is calculated using the formula "=ROUND(J83*I83,2".