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4-Column without Tax

4-Column Invoice Template

This is a variant of the invoice template with 4 columns. The template is set with no tax and shipping address.

ABN Tax Invoice

ABN Tax Invoice Format

According to Australian Taxation Office, tax invoices for sales of $1,000 or more need to show the buyer's identity or ABN. These invoices are also called ABN tax invoices. This ABN tax invoice template include space for you to detail the ABN codes for your business.

Jamaica Tax Invoice Template

Jamaica Tax Billing Format

According to Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ), all Registered Taxpayers must issue a Tax Invoice to all other Registered Taxpayers to whom taxable goods or services are supplied. Here we provide you with a ready-to-use Excel template that could simplify the invoice creations.

UK Tax Invoice Template

UK Tax Billing Form

This template might be ideal for UK (United Kingdom) based stores or limited companies. The template shows postcode on a separate line, and an extra column was added for discounting.

Recipient Created Tax Invoices Form

Template for Purchaser Created Tax Invoices

At we've already published a serial of Excel invoice templates according to Australian Taxation Office requirements, including ABN Tax Invoice Template, Australian GST Invoice Template and Australian GST Invoice Template (2). Unlike the samples provided by Australian Taxation Office, our invoice templates are provided in both Excel and PDF formats. And of course, the Excel versions works with Uniform Invoice Software, which is our Excel-based invoicing software app that combines the power of Microsoft Excel with the back end databases in either Access or SQL Server format, providing features that could hardly be found or implemented with pure Excel templates. Uniform Invoice Software was originally named Excel Invoice Manager, and the first version was released on August 1, 2005. Our continuous improvements based on the requirements from our users make Uniform Invoice Software an easy to use, powerful and unique invoicing tool.

Blank Sales Invoice Layout (Two-tax)

Blank Sales Invoice Sample (Two-tax)

The default sales invoice template shipped with Uniform Invoice Software also has two taxes set by default, which are named GST and PST.

Mixed Tax Rates (5 Columns)

Mixed Tax Rates in an Invoicing Form (5 Columns)

Mixed Tax Rates in an Invoice here is a sales invoicing sample, which means it includes shipping information on the form.

Basic Blank Service Format (No-tax)

Basic Blank Service Layout (No-tax)

Basic Blank Service Format (No-tax), or Basic Blank Service Layout (No-tax), provides a simple yet professional and beautiful invoicing form for general service businesses. It contains no fields for specific service business, has two editable columns, no tax.

Simple Sample - Separate City State ZIP

Simple Invoice Template - Separate City State ZIP

We'll take the sample invoice template crated in c4072 Simple Sample - Splitting City State ZIP as the base template, and then implement separate fields for "City", "State" and "Zip".

Contractor Invoices with Remittance-slip

Contractor Invoices with Remittance-slip

This contractor invoice does not include fields for shipping goods. For more billing samples for contractors, visit contractor invoices.

The duplicate "Bill To" section is created simply using Excel formula. For example, "Client Name" ($F$39) is filled with the Excel formula "=oknWhoName", where "oknWhoName" is the cell name / range name for a cell inside the "Bill To" section; similarly, "Address" ($F$40) is filled with the Excel formula "=oknWhoAddress", where "oknWhoAddress" is also the name of a cell inside the "Bill To" section. All these fields within the remittance slip section are filled automatically whenever you pick up a client manually, or with the on-sheet picker button, or by entering the client# into the "Customer#" field directly.

Book Store Invoice Template

Book Store Billing Form

Note: This billing format was originally published on as C7-003.

Field nameField typeNote
DiscDecimal (8,6) Discount, a percentage value shown on invoice body. This custom field is also added to Product database table so that you can define default discount for each product which is loaded whenever you pick up a product.
UnitCostDecimal (15,6) The applied price for the customer.

On invoice body, the invoice template uses the following formula to calculate UnitCost:

=oknPrice_? * (1-oknDisc_?)

Where "?" is a line number, ranging from 1 to 30.

ExtRetailDecimal (15,6) ExtRetail is calculated using the following formula:


Backorder Invoice Template (Landscape)

Backorder Billing Form (Landscape)

Backorder Invoice Template (Landscape) is a variant and customization sample of c7002 Backorder Invoice Template. This Excel invoice template has the similar form layout and design as the original version, but is customized for being printable on standard A4 paper with landscape paper orientation.

Bill Format with Change Calculation

Invoice Template with Change Calculation

This template was originally published on as c5-021. We revisited it here on to make it work well with the latest version of Uniform Invoice Software. The following description from Uniform Invoice Software could help you get a better understanding of the billing format with change calculation. For more business invoice samples and templates visit business invoice template.

Child Care Billing Template

Child Care Invoicing Form

This invoice template is for the companies or organizations who offer parenting services. As compared to the default/standard invoice template, the "Ship To" section is removed, and a new field, Date Of Birth, is added to the Bill To section, with witch you can record the birth date of a child. There are also a number of custom fields for the other customer-related information, such as Mother's Name, Mother's Profession, Mother's Mobile, etc., are added outside the Print_Area. On the invoice body section, Quantity and Price are moved out of the Print_Area, and two new columns, date and Fee, are added.

Five Price Levels (Service, Amount)

Five Price Levels (Service, Amount)

Once you moved the cells and controls out of the printable area, and done all the other formatting jobs, such as setting colors and background patterns, setting up borders, you need to restore the invoice template to its working state - that is to exit design mode and protect the sheet.

Television Service

Television Service

On the bottom of the detail section, an Excel text box, namely "oknWidget_msg1" is added, which shows text " * NOTICE: By signing below you are confirming that the installation was done to your satisfaction. You also acknowledge all cabling that was installed now belongs to you and is not the responsibility of our company either now or in the future." Another text box underneath it is a placeholder for your "TERMS OF AGREEMENT", which you should fill in before creating your own invoices.

UIS V5.11 Standard Invoice Template and Shortcut Keys

Standard Invoice Format and Shortcut Keys for UIS Version 5.11

The default or standard invoice template shipped with Uniform Invoice Software version 3 or earlier contains buttons on the worksheets, which are implemented using ActiveX controls. With version 4, a contextual task pane is added to each worksheet, which contains commands available to each sheet, and the ActiveX command buttons were removed from the default template shipped with UIS - however command buttons implemented with ActiveX technique are still supported.

Backorder Invoice Template

Backorder Billing Form

In the original sales invoice template that is shipped with Uniform Invoice Software setup program, there is only on quantity column on the invoice detail section. This quantity refers to the quantity that the customer ordered, and it is also the quantity that was shipped to fulfill the order. If the quantity ordered is partially fulfilled, you may like to detail all these numbers - quantity ordered, quantity shipped, and quantity backordered. offers you this Backorder Invoice Template, which is in Microsoft Excel format, to meet the requirements of these businesses.